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The Compendium: The Nationstates History Book

Table of Contents
I. About The Compendium
II. Preliminary Notes
III. The History of Nationstates
IV. Feeders
1. The Pacific
2. The North Pacific
3. The South Pacific
4. The East Pacific
5. The West Pacific
V. Sinkers
1. Lazarus
2. Balder
3. Osiris
4. The Rejected Realms
VI. Invaders
1. DEN
2. The Black Riders
3. The Black Hawks
4. Hydra
5. Firehelm
6. Lone Wolves United
7. The Invaders
8. The Farkers
9. The Skeleton Army
10. The Brotherhood of Malice
VII. Defenders
1. United Defender League
2. The Order of The Grey Wardens
5. FRA
6. RRA
VIII. Illuminati
IX. Exodus

[Note: This shall become the first page of an expansive history book. At this time, I am currently researching DEN and TBR. However, I do wish to dwelve into the histories of the regions above. Because of the size of this project, and due to each region having expansive histories, this table of contents may very well change dramatically, however, I am merely listing these as regions which I wish to cover in the future for the preservation of history in a central location. TL;DR: This is by no means the final version of the table of contents.]

The Persona of Lavenza