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Regional History Project of The Leftist Assembly: Episode #3

The Leftist Assembly Regional History Project
Episode #3
The Final Horsemanís Coup
Introduction and Background:
The fall of Socathei led to a direct improvement in relations between The Communist Region and the Democratic Socialist Union. Formal diplomatic relations were re-established when USSRs, the new Delegate of TCR, offered an olive branch that was accepted by DSUís voters. It was a divisive vote initially, with many in the region still bitter about the expulsion of Atealia and wary of the regionís new leadership, as New CSSR was still Founder (albeit only sporadically active). Nonetheless, relations between the two thawed, and later on grew substantially warmer when a formal military alliance was signed when TCRís latest Delegate, The Final Horseman, offered an alliance to DSU.
TFH made a number of reforms to try and reinvigorate the ailing TCR, but his proposals drew criticism from hardliners in the region. Ultimately, the day of reckoning came, Horseman reacted to some particularly virulent criticism by suspending the Constitution, ejecting enemies, and proclaiming himself dictator. Caught off-guard by this sudden self-coup, The Communist Region reeled at the treachery of its Delegate.
DSU was also wrong-footed by events. Defence Minister Cedoria advocated a swift strike by DSUís military to remove the usurper from power, and, as time went on and the situation deteriorated, finally ordered the military into defend the natives and restore their region. Horsemanís coup promptly collapsed and he left the region with little attempt to fight back. DSU forces remained to stabilise the situation and support an interim government while the community of TCR elected a new government.
For a long time now it has been a mystery to many why the coup happened, or what exactly prompted Horsemanís apparent treachery. Now, after having spent many months in discussion with leading members of both communities who were involved, including Horseman himself (now a regional member of TLA, in good standing), I can reveal all.

Exclusive recollections of all the key players reveal the explosive details of the conspiracy behind Horsemanís actions in TCR, their intentions, and why the secrecy of the plot ultimately brought it undone, albeit unintentionally. Read onward.

The Final Horsemanís Recollections:
The road leading to what I ended up doing in The Communist Region is a long one. Iíve seen many nations come and go, along with many regions which I thought were built to last. My journey on Nationstates began on December 6th 2013, thatís when I arrived in TCR with my very first nation Skydiveria. Unknown to me at the time was that that decision to move to TCR was the spark that would light the everburning fuse of my ďcareerĒ on NS. That decision would lead to my involvement in debates, elections, arguments, and disagreements. The culmination of all these things occuring in a relatively short amount of time lead to the foundation of The Communist Bloc on December 28th 2013 as depicted oh so accurately by Socathei entitled "How Socathei and Visegrad became racists & birth of The Communist Bloc"(

TCB was where I considered home to be on NS for quite a long time. I served as WA delegate of TCB from May 11th 2014 - October 24th 2014, towards the end of those 5 months the nation Zenya was actively serving as delegate after I had stepped down. However, Zenya and I both agreed that it would be easier for me to stay in the regional position of WA delegate as she was also active in military gameplay on NS which required her to be free with her use of the WA. This meant I was obligated to vote for policy as the WA delegate based on what Zenya wished to do rather than what I wanted. The way I felt at the time was that I was some glorified advisor that wasnít being listened to, I felt like a puppet. When a vote came up in the Security Council to condemn the region North Korea I knew that voting in favor of this resolution would greatly damage TCBís relations with the rest of the NS leftist community. Zenny didnít see it that way and had me vote in favor of it anyway.

There were other factors that led to me feeling like nothing more than a puppet, but that was what really pushed me to leave TCB bringing an end to my time as delegate on October 24th 2014. I left rather ungracefully, not even bothering to leave a post on the RMB telling anybody why I was leaving, I just up and left.

I donít really remember the time after leaving TCB very well. I know I spent some time in The Leftist Union, and I know that even though I was no longer living in TCB I was still trying to preserve its image as a leftist region because I still considered it home because I was there for such a long time. I do remember that it was during my time in TLU that I mended ties with Zenya for just up and leaving TCB.

All I clearly remember of TLU was its absolute disdain for TCB and its chaotic downfall. The region had multiple nations in control of the founderís account, Godless Monkey, Bloodia, and Lipno if I remember correctly. The nation Lipno broke some rules which resulted in all of their nations being deleted which included the TLU founder. After the deletion of the founder the regionís leaders were attempting to get everyone to move to a new region which was going to be called The Revolutionary Union, but multiple nations felt that Bloodia and Godless Monkey were not handling the transition very well and were seeking out more members of TLU who would support a ďcoupĒ as they put it. It wasnít long before Godless Monkey and Bloodia found out about the plans and just decided to shut everything down in terms of transitioning to TRU. In retrospect I donít believe TLU ever stood a chance at succeeding as an influential region within the NS left community. Even if Lipno hadnít gotten deleted there would have just been another problem that
would have led to the destruction of the region.

After it was all over I sent a telegram to Godless Monkey which read as follows ( to which he replied by saying this ( I think that Godless Monkeyís response speaks to the fundamental flaw of TLU which was trust, or a lack thereof. There were just to many people in the leadership and the citizenry who didnít have trust in one another. Godless Monkey sums up the entire TLU experience very clearly by simply saying that its creation was a mistake from the beginning, and I donít think I could agree more.

After TLU I believe I moved my nation Skydiveria either back to TCB, despite its continued falling out with the NS left, or the Democratic Socialist Union.

I know I spent time in DSU with Skydiveria I just donít know when I first arrived. I remember the reason for why I targeted TCR for infiltration in the first place. It was while I was still using Skydiveria as my main nation I was checking TCBís RMB one day and saw that another group of individuals had been banjected/left TCR and were temporarily seeking refuge in TCB which must have been on September 20th 2014. These individuals were the nations who would go on to found the Democratic Socialist Union. This was the event that peaked my interest and got me looking into TCR. Looking back, my only issue with TCR before I began my infiltration was its leadership. It was my belief that Socathei and CSSR were the biggest reasons for why so many new regions were popping up and were thus the cause of lots of infighting and division among the smaller leftist regions on NS. I honestly didnít have a plan when going into infiltrate TCR beyond climbing through the ranks to eventually become WA delegate. I just had a feeling that I had to do something because TCR just seemed so underdeveloped when compared to the regions that were splintering off of it. I made my first attempt at infiltration on December 14th 2014 with the nation Papa Christmas, and it was rather unsuccessful.

After Iíd spent a fair amount of time in the region I decided to make an attempt at running for Minister of Internal Affairs but I failed to be elected to the position. I felt that I had taken the wrong approach in my communication and overall demeanor with the citizens of TCR and deemed that infiltration attempt a failure. My second attempt at infiltration of TCR was done with the nation The Final Horseman and with this attempt I didnít go in as hostile as I had previously with my other puppet. It was because of this change in how I approached the citizens of TCR that I grew to genuinely enjoy their company and affirm to myself that really the only issue I had with the region was Socathei and CSSR as its leaders. Again when elections in the region rolled around I decided to run for Minister of Internal Affairs. This time with a nation which was responding well with the community, I felt I had a good chance at being elected to the position, and I was. The final tally for the election of Minister of Internal Affairs was New cssr :3: Rodessia :2: The Final Horseman :5: after not only winning the election, but beating CSSR as well I felt that the regionís citizens were ready for a change away from the leadership they had been so used to under CSSR and Socathei. I served on as the Minister of Internal Affairs, and it was during this time that I was contacted by Napania who was the WA delegate of the Democratic Socialist Union at the time.

He told me that he had heard of me through a friend and contacted me through my nation Skydiveria. He thought I could help him by becoming his advisor based on my background in TCB (

I accepted his proposal to become his advisor thinking I could do some good for DSU in such a position. Almost immediately after accepting the position Napania asked me to infiltrate TCR with a puppet (

At this point he had no idea that I had already gained the position of MoIA in TCR. We discussed the operation a bit and I made clear that I wasnít going to be acting as his subordinate in TCR, rather that the actions I was going to take were going to be my own and not orders given to me to be carried out. We talked a bit longer and I eventually felt that I could trust Napania enough to let him know that I held a position in government already, to which he had this to say to me (

I went on believing that I was going to be getting support from Napania and his group in order to swing the election my way for the WA delegate position. Napania kept assuring me that more infiltrators were going to be coming from DSU but they never came. At the time I wished Napania had not fallen through on his promise of fellow infiltrators to help elect me as WA delegate, but looking back I am glad that nobody helped me do it. Itís not that Iím proud of what I did in TCR, but rather Iím happy it was only my reputation was the one to be slandered by the whole ordeal.

Suddenly an opportunity that I had no idea I had been waiting for arrived. The deletion of Socathei on May/31/2015 was sudden and unexpected to everybody in TCR even though tension had been building for quite some time within the region ( It created the perfect atmosphere for me to take the WA delegate position even sooner than I had initially expected. I and British Accia were very quick to act in getting emergency elections setup in TCR, and I will admit that I was trying to rush the time candidates were able to volunteer in order to lessen the chsances of competition I had to deal with for the election (, even without my help though the elections were very rushed.

I donít recall by how many votes I won by in the election, but I donít feel like it was by a shattering majority or anything like that. The election was completely legitimate too as Napania wasnít able to move any more infiltrators into TCR like he had promised me, as far as I know at least. It made me feel good when I won the election legitimately, I felt glad that in such a short time the people of the region trusted me enough to serve out the remainder of Socatheiís term as delegate. It was when I finally reached the WA delegate position that I realized what I know now, which is that Socathei and CSSR were the biggest problems facing TCR, but with CSSR constantly absent and Socathei now deleted I had a change of heart regarding TCR as a whole. I no longer wanted to destabilize it or ďend it allĒ but rather fix it and make it the stable region I knew it could be ( On June 8th 2015 I officially became the WA delegate of TCR, and began trying to fix the region as best I could with the help of my newly formed cabinet ( The goal I wanted to complete most of all with my new found status as WA delegate was to mend the ties between TCR and DSU, and I feel that Napania was of some help in accomplishing what we were able to do diplomatically. We were able to have ambassadors sent between our regions and a treaty written that was signed by both our regionís leaders ( My term was very short on time though as I took over at about halfway, or even a bit later, through Socatheiís, so when elections were once again about to start I began to worry that I wouldnít be re-elected and that all the progress made with DSU would be lost or at least slowed to a crawl with the next administration.

I wanted to secure a solid alliance between TCR and DSU that could not be easily broken before I left office, thatís what my goal was for basically my whole term as delegate, and I knew that if I wasnít elected there was a good chance at that not happening. A great way to bring any two sets of people together is when they have a common enemy, and this thought began playing over and over in my head. It started to sound like my only option the more I thought about it, destroy everything else Iíve worked on as delegate in order to ensure an alliance that I knew would payoff in the long run, so thatís what I did, I became that common enemy that was needed to unite two regions that otherwise were hesitant to do so.

Even though it all worked out in the end, nations were lost along the way, good nations that trusted me, and I know that it is because of me that they are gone. A member of my cabinet Kitchenia was an incredible inspiration to me and displayed not only what a model government official should be on NS, but what a good person and friend can be on here as well. He was a very hardworking and loyal person and I truly miss him. I feel a very deep shame and regret in knowing that it is my fault for why they are no longer a part of this game or this community. My betrayal of Kitchenia was enough to drive him away from the game and I hate a part of myself for it.

The broken trust of all the citizens of TCR that I caused is another point of shame and guilt that I still feel today. As acquainted as I have become with the community again I am still profoundly sorry for what Iíve done, and I donít ever wish to have anybodyís full forgiveness because I honestly donít believe I deserve it. Reading back through everything I did and said fills me with happiness in some parts, but it is mostly sadness and regret that overcomes me when I go back and relive what I did. I said some terrible things, even if I was ďplaying the villainĒ and I just donít feel like the word sorry is enough to express how I feel. Even when everything has worked out so well here in TLA, I had no way of knowing a hundred percent if my gamble of destroying TCR would pay off, and it was really because of comrades like Cedoria, British Accia, and Atealia that the region we all call home exists today.

Cedoriaís Recollections:
With the benefit of hindsight, my own memories of this period provide only a very small glimpse of the broad scope of events. While I was a senior member of DSUís government at the time, I was not aware of a very large amount of what was really going on.

My own role in the actual coup was confined to leading a military force from DSU to support the natives to eject TFH from power. At the time, I believed him to be a usurper and dictator. I was unaware of the broader scope of his actions, or our own involvement in these events. In hindsight, I am glad I knew so little, for it wouldíve made me complicit in the shameful events that followed, but if I HAD known, I must admit I likely would not have reacted to it the way I did.

First, some context. I was initially very leery of re-establishing relations with TCR. I was still concerned about the threat of potential subversion even after Socathei fell, and at the time, I regarded it as a given that DSU would stand on its own indefinitely. While I was aware of other splits having occurred before and after our own from TCR, as far as I was concerned, our revolt was purely political, based on the desire for a democratic leftist and socialist region. As long as TCR did not meet these characteristics (which it didnít, so far as I was concerned), I was not happy with forming relations.

I canít recall which way I voted to the initial question of establishing an embassy (Iím pretty sure I was against it), but by the time the new delegate, Final Horseman, proposed an alliance, I was supportive of it. I liked TFH and what he seemed to be doing with TCR, as he seemed to be promoting vigorous reforms and appeared to be pro-DSU, both ticks in my book. In hindsight, I should have realised why both these things were the case when the coup was launched. But I confess I did not have the knowledge that some of my comrades possessed about his true objectives, nor was I complicit in them at any time. Ironically, HAD I been made aware, TFHís plan would probably have succeeded, with the cooperation of DSUís leadership. This failure to inform me of TFHís role and intentions doomed the plan to failure.

In hindsight, this was probably a good thing. My ordering of military forces into TCR from DSU brought the coup to a halt. TFH did not fight our coming, and simply resigned the delegacy and abandoned the region (a move which struck me as strange at the time, admittedly, but again, with the benefit of hindsight, and knowing what was behind the scenes, I understand completely).

Kitchenia was supported by DSUís forces as interim Delegate, who remained to stabilise the region until democratic elections could be held. In retrospect, this brought the two regions closer together, as DSUís military support ensured control was returned to TCRís natives and that Final Horsemanís plan was a failure. It led directly to future negotiations for reconciliation and reunification.

Had I been aware of the shape of TFHís intentions and objectives, I would likely NOT have acted this way. But in retrospect, Iím glad I did. The quixotic plot is not something I think I would have supported getting involved in, and it would have sullied DSU to have had it succeed.

Our regionís support for such a scheme was terminated, (albeit inadverdently), by my intervention. A fact for which I am extremely grateful. Knowing the truth from various participants in the events that I have been able to piece together over the last few months has improved my understanding and trust for all involved. Particularly The Final Horsemanís actions make much more sense to me now I know his reasonings.

Thoughts on others involved:

The Final Horseman: While I did not know Horseman was Skydiveria at the time, I donít recall having any issues with him back then. Since he returned to TLA as The Final Horseman he has proven himself a model member of our community, serving with distinction in several government positions. I consider Horseman a trusted friend and comrade, despite us being erstwhile enemies at one particular point. Realistically he had no reason to become my comrade given my responsibility for leading an army against him, but he has done so. I do believe he regrets his last action in TCR, despite the amount of good he did in forging better relations between the two communities of TCR and DSU. I do believe that he has been harshly and wrongly judged up to this point by those who did not know the full context and circumstances of his decisions. Part of my motivation for getting his recollection is to enable him to clear the air himself. With that in mind, I am proud to call him a comrade and a friend, and I think he will serve the region with distinction for a long time to come.

Atealia: While Atealia being somewhat involved in this plan does surprise me, in retrospect it really shouldnít. He was such an involved leader in DSU it wouldíve been difficult for him NOT to know. If he had brought this plan to me I wouldíve advised against DSU adopting it. However, in retrospect, Iím glad he didnít tell me, as it led directly to a joint operation for the two regions and spurred the negotiations for reunification. This is something I am very grateful for. I donít blame Atealia for what occurred, but I do believe he wasnít making the right call in this circumstance. He was far from the only person making those judgements however, and far less involved than most, so I donít think itís fair to lay the blame at his feet.

Napania/Losinia: While more famous in our region for not so great reasons more recently, this comrade has a long and successful history as part of TCR and DSU. It was he who first opened up about his involvement in TFHís coup of TCR to me and he who first set me on the path to gather the information needed to complete this episode of the History Project. Despite our disagreements and conflicts in more recent times, I wish Napania all the best on NS and elsewhere in future.

Napaniaís Recollections:
I still remember my time as the delegate of the Democratic Socialist Union (DSU). I began my career on Nationstates when I first joined The Communist Region (TCR) in the waning months of 2015. Young and idealistic, I quickly made a small name for myself, garnering several endorsements due to my broad yet often brash statements on various tenets of leftist values. TCR at this time was an incredible region, filled with hardworking individuals such as Atealia, Lipno, and Tireseos. I first joined the military at the time as a mere private, under the direct command of Lipno. During my first raid on a Fascist region, I was commended by Lipno and awarded the Red Star for courage. However, my military career would be cut short with the eruption of tensions due to Socathei's inept leadership, resulting in the fracturing of TCR and a mass exodus. It was then that the few of us who had not gone to join the DSU formed The Leftist Union(TLU). Being one of the founding members and author of several articles in TLU's constitution, I was immediately elected to the position of Foreign Minister and later as a Justice. During my time in TLU I assisted the great Lipno and Tireseos in growing the region from a minor refugee camp to a powerhouse with well over 100 members with a military renowned for being so young yet quite successful. For a time, I left for a minor bit after my term as Justice ended. When I returned, I found TLU in shambles with Lipno banned, Tireseos gone to the DSU, and several others fighting for control of what had been our most ambitious project up to that time. For a time, I planned on gathering what remained of our military and attempting a coup to re-establish some semblance of order and refill the collapsed cabinet, but I elected to abandon this operation as it would have likely labeled me as an usurper and tarnished my image. It was at this time that I finally made my way to the Democratic Socialist Union, the last bastion of that sort on NS at the time. From there, I became re-acquainted with Tireseos, Atealia, and Skydervia. I also came into contact with comrade Cedoria, who has been my close ally from the beginning. For a month or so, I remained in the DSU to acquire influence and notoriety so that I could run for public office as I had before. My first bid for Prime Minister was successful, resulting in me finally garnering the popularity to run for regional delegate. It was a tough election, as I recall, and I won by only a small margin of votes. However, I was victorious, and I established my cabinet in the following days. During my time as delegate, I maintained the military, added a few amendments to the constitution, and even oversaw one of the best regional RPs the DSU had seen yet on its forum. But, my greatest concern of my term was the matter of foreign policy. During that time, the Dark Riders were terrorizing the whole of NS, raiding regions at will and ransacking them. Even worse, tensions between the defunct TCR (still alive at that point), had flared to a near point of open conflict. Although I was aware that the military force of the DSU could be brought to bear against them, I instead listened to advice from a few close confidants and decided to begin a peaceful merger of our two regions. However, doing this was no small matter. The leadership of TCR, the very one I had served under during my time there, was mired in rivalry and dogmatic desires for control, and would never agree to any treaty offered. So, I turned to subversion. It was at that time that Skydervia, an old comrade and political ally of mine, came to me with a solution. He informed me that he had maintained a puppet within TCR known as "The Final Horseman" and that he would use this puppet to gain political office, seize control of the region, and then sign a treaty of merging the regions. So, I commissioned Skydervia to this task with my full support, informing only a few from my cabinet. Over time, the plan seemed to be advancing like clock work. Skydervia, masquerading as TFH was eventually elected to the position of Delegate following what could be described as a landslide. Seeing my plan as nearly realized, I ordered Skydervia to initiate talks of a merger. However, in that message, there was a clear miscommunication of orders, and instead, he set out destroying the region. Utilizing his massive influence, he banjected several members of the leadership, crippled their military, and was only ousted by a coup a few days later. The damage done to the already frail TCR was incalculable, with many of its members packing up and leaving for the DSU immediately, unaware that the delegate of the DSU was the one who unhinged the fabric of their region in the first place. Skydervia eventually disappeared, only making brief appearances as TFH. Thus, my term ended with a diplomatic disaster as TCR was nearly destroyed in the process and depleted of whoever remained there. As I left office and went off on my own trip through NS, the DSU and TCR eventually did merge peacefully, resulting in TLA that we see today. Following my absence, I returned to find the DSU obsolete and was redirected to TLA, where I once again rejoined politics as history tells.

Thoughts on Others

Atealia: Ah, perhaps my oldest friend on NS and a steadfast ally. Atealia has been with me from my inception in TCR when I was still only a minor player, and has followed me through my ascent to power ever since. He has always been a significant influence on my policy and a great adviser and mentor. Atealia played a role during my administration as delegate as my Prime Minister (if my memory serves me correctly). Although political disagreements have at time placed us at odds and he has reprimanded me for my often brash moves, I still look to him as a close friend and comrade.

Lipno: My first teacher and mentor on NS, Lipno was a force to be reckoned with. I first came into contact with him when he invited me to join TCR's military and serve under him as a private. Under his command, I assisted in several raids with him and was awarded for my merit by him. He and I, along with others, eventually left TCR to form TLU. With him at the lead, we flourished. It was an honor to serve under him and we regularly consulted one another on matters of policy. I was saddened and disheartened to hear of his ban, but he eventually communicated with us through e-mail and Chatzy. During my time as delegate of the DSU, I had asked him to return with some other puppet as the next incarnation of Lipno to assist us, but he reminded me that his IP had been tagged and it would have been impossible for him to come back. Thus, the great Lipno faded into oblivion as communication with him was lost. Wherever he is, I hope he is well.

Tireseos: For a time, this man was my best friend. Tireseos was a loyal ally and close confidant, serving under me as Delegate and beside me in numerous administrative capacity. His wit and tact for policy making as well as his powers of charisma were incredibly profound. He, along with many others, eventually faded as time went on and are now a mere whisper in the records of NS. But, his role in shaping the constitutions of 2 different regions and those around him cannot be understated.

Skydervia: A friend and political ally of mine. Skydervia was instrumental in my efforts to merge TCR with the DSU and very nearly achieved this feat in that respect. I do not know of what has happened to him since our last encounter, but I wish him well.

Atealiaís Recollections:
Going into this part I was under the impression I was largely uninvolved and only aware of it. While I can't confirm how far my involvement actually goes, based on telegrams I looked over from the time period I had blame to take than I thought.
I'm not certain what had set me off but from what I can tell I majorly pushed for the effort alongside Napania (AKA Losinia) and TFH. The exact details are limited to only what I can see of my own messages but the general outline of my involvement seems to have been.

1. Pushed for the effort directly and aggressively along with Losinia.

2. Became more involved with TCR at the time and reconsidered.

3. Backed off from my previous position and pulled away from involvement.

From what I can see the only four people were aware of the underlying setup but it could potentially have been more as I was not aware of its extent based on what Cedoria has told me. Regardless I do regret my involvement and I hope that getting this information finally revealed with help to apologize even if I don't believe it's enough.

Those involved:
Napania: I'm genuinely unsure if I spearheaded the effort initially or it was Napania who did so. Regardless Napania and I were from what I can remember of the same mind in the beginning. I don't blame him as TCR had not been kind after TLU. The entire situation was generally bad for everyone involved.

The Final Horseman: TFH and I didn't interact much aside from the event until he rejoined us in TLA. His actions were certainly the most devastating but I believe he deserves more forgiveness than Napania or I as he made an honest effort to apologise for his actions well before Napania or I did.

Tireseos: I don't know how much involvement Tireseos had based on the telegrams I dug up. The most I can tell is that he wasn't really in favour of it and was aware of the situation atleast halfway through. As such I don't think he's really to blame at all Atleast from what I can remember.