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Panama Coalition Economy

Economy of Panama Coalition

Currency: Balboa (B/.​)
Fiscal Year: March 1 - February 28
Trade Organizations: and others
Country group:
- Developed/Advanced
- High-income economy
Stock Exchange: Bolsa de Valores de Panama, S.A. (the “Panama Stock Exchange” or “PSE”)

GDP (nominal): $14 910 514 millons
GDP per capita: $85,968
Inflation (CPI): - 0.4%
Unemployment: 3.1%

Population below poverty line: 11.6% (INE)
Total population: 173 000 000.
Labor force: 86 270 996 persons.

A Strong and Prosperous Economy in Panama Coalition:

The economy in Panama Coalition is fast growing and shows signs of a bright future. Panama experienced economic prosperity under the Supreme Federal President William Rodriguez II (the second in the name). The William Rodriguez's Economic Plan called for a First World Panama Coalition, and under his direction Panama’s government worked aggressively to progress that agenda.

Panama Coalition is the most advanced nation in the region, the hub of the Americas, and one of the world’s biggest trading zones, thanks to geography and the Canal.

These are exciting times in Panama Coalition. The transformation in this country over the past three decade-plus has been remarkable. This Federal Republic has shown the world that she knows how to put her assets to good use, and, as a result, she stands today as the world’s most appealing overseas retirement and lifestyle haven.

Today, Panama Coalition is one of the region’s success stories. Despite ongoing global economic problems, Panama Coalition is a prosperous country that boasts continued stability and growth. This is a young and healthy democracy and a safe and peaceful nation.

International Hubs:

■ Exports and Imports:



United States of America II - 36%

Winterfeld - 14%

Le France - 13%

Paradisus Islands - 12%

European-Union - 11%

The Republic of Federativa do Brazil - 4%

Lyoneis - 2%

United States of America II - 36%

European-Union - 18%

The Peoples Republic of China - 15%

Le France - 12%

Winterfeld- 9%

Los Estados Unidos de Mexico - 6%

Paradisus Islands - 4%

Panama Stock Exchange or “PSE”

Bolsa de Valores de Panama, S.A. (the “Panama Stock Exchange” or “PSE”) began operations in 1990. It was created as an answer to the pressing need for alternative financing opportunities. The aim was to have a centralized trading system where securities supply and demand could operate freely. The PSE also promoted measures to modernize the local securities market and established a central securities depository called Central Latinoameri-cana de Valores, S.A. (“Latin Clear”). The two entities have a common holding company, Latinex Holdings Inc., which trades in the securities market, but are maintained as companies with separate operations and administrations.


The Panama Coalition currency is the Balboa (B/.)

Internationals Economic Relations

The Something Something of Zazumo:

Want a terminal in your nation? Just telegram our office!

Please Choose Your Terminal Style:
A Class: Airport
B Class: Seaport
X Class: Air-Sea Combination

Domestic Locations:
•Zazu City, ZA: Zazumo International Airport (ZIA) A Class
•Hudson Harbor, PT: Pourtoga Transit Center (PTC) X Class
•Republic City, RB: Republic City Transit Center (RTC) X Class
•Kerrig, VN: Kerrig International Airport (KIA) A Class
•Fosterdale, SE: Fosterdale Municipal Harbor B Class
•Lake Tahome, SM: New Mason International (NMI) A Class
•Hope, NM: Mason Municipal Airport (MMA) A Class
•Ivan Town, ZL: Ivan Town International Seaport B Class
•Circuit Beach, BP: Bartolo International Airport (BIA) A Class
•Juseu Canal, JS: Juseu National Transit Center (JNT) X Class

International Locations:

Imperal City: A Class
Portus Harmony: A Class

New Ducklands
•William II Memorial Airport, High Rosenferry: A-Class

Bourbon B-Class
Ibveeć A-Class
Luxemberg X-Class
New Kshovia X-Class

Timmy City
Key West A-Class
EPCOT River Terminal X-Class
Busan X-Class
Azores X-Class
Usahia X-Class

Panama Coalition
Panama DC X-Class

Port-Allanea B-Class
Buenos Aires B-Class
New Saransk B-Class

Engleberg X-Class
Schwaben X-Class

Yatzatz City A-Class
Spiray X-Class
Yel B-Class
Port Yatzatz B-Class
Del B-Class
Mem B-Class
Tampotz B-Class
Al-Jabr B-Class

Mauritau X-Class
Karashuk X-Class
Kyoshi X-Class
Greater Kettropia A-Class

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PRZ North Pacific Transit:

X Class terminal in Panama Coalition: Air-Sea Combination