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Ricano Cultural Quirks

Los Ricos... a nation of many cultures, of many peoples, you're bound to get some... cultural quirks from us...

There are many things that can define other nations... from an accent, to certain words, to the way the people hold their heads up. Los Ricos has some of these "defining features" even known as "quirks." Here is a small list of just a few of these cultural differences.


- The Novodoman word for Earth is Tjerra. Ricanos substitute the English name "Earth" for "Tɾ̣erra." As a result, in plain English, Ricanos use "planet Tjerra" instead of "planet Earth." Sometimes, Ricanos even use the word "Tɾ̣errans" (literally "Earth-people") to describe "Humans." Despite being firmly human, Ricanos have never substituted the word "Tɾ̣erra" for "Earth." The word "earth" is reserved to describe soil and dirt.

- Most Ricanos know a minimum of two languages, Spanish and Novodoman. Novodoman, being an autochthonus, or indigenous, language, is mostly used inside the country. Although it is one of the nation's three official languages, it is not known anywhere else in the world. Rarely, a friend from Los Ricos might start speaking Novodoman in the middle of a Spanish or English conversation without realizing. This is very uncommon, however, as most Ricanos do understand that others might not know the language.

- Ricanos have developed the ability to detect slight intonation changes in music. This ability is still, even today, not understood by audiologists. As a result, to see a Ricano acquaintance look mildly upset when you're playing music is considered normal.

- Ricanos are like Filipinos in the way that most Anglo, and to a degree, even some Hispanic countries, don't know whether to label La Paz De Los Ricos a Hispanic nation or a new category, a Novodoman nation. Paraguay, Honduras, and Guatemala are these Hispanic nations who describe Los Ricos as a Novodoman nation.

- Ricanos are a very outgoing people. It has been shown in case studies that most Ricanos gravitate towards outgoing, happy people to be friends with.


This list will grow, of course, due to the entire culture of Los Ricos being still largely unknown to most outsiders. There are many cultures in Los Ricos, each with their own distinct traditions and dialects. This list is meant to be reflective of Ricanos' singular national identity.