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Principal-in-Chief Safiya Nazari

Principal-in-Chief Incumbent


Safiya Nazari

Campaign Portait of Ms. Nazari

Principal-in-Chief of the Indian Oceanic Provinces
Assumed Office

January 22, 2018


Alice Crawford


Martin Saori

Minister Chief

Thomas Lutz

Preceded by

Position established

Indian Oceanic Parliamentary Adjutant
In office
August 8, 2014 - January 22, 2018

Preceded by

Lionel Johannes

Succeeded by

Marcus Reed

Indian Oceanic Parliamentary Chair
In office
January 22, 2012 - January 22, 2018

Preceded by

Tobias Hartford

Succeeded by

Mary-June Criscillia

Personal Details

June 18, 1971
-Potthar, Igbus Isle Province
-Safiya Lubab Kouri

Height: 5' 11" (181 centimeters)
Weight: 157.2 pounds (71.3 kilograms)

Spouse: Sulaiman Nazari (m. 1991)
Children: 3

Residence: Executive Mansion, I.O.P. Capital

Alma Mater: Uniservice College (Masters in Mil. Sci.)


Inaugural Speech

Speaking on the behalf of the Provincial Union

General Information

Safiya Lubab Kouri Nazari (born June 18, 1971) is an Indian-Pacifican politician who currently serves as the 1st Principal-in-Chief of the Indian Oceanic Provinces since January 22, 2018.

Nazari was born on June 18, 1971 in Potthar, Igbus Isle. She graduated from Uniservice College in the South Pacific Ocean in 1995 with a Masters in Military Sciences.

Nazari was a major women's rights activist in the Indian Oceanic Provinces.

Early Life

Safiya Lubab Kouri was born on June 18, 1971 at Mahatma Gandhi Dedicatory Clinic in Potthar, a township in the Igbus Isle Province. She was born to Ebrahim and Khalisah Kouri and was the only child to the pair. Nazari was late to start schooling due to local instability which was postponing most students' education in the area. Nazari encountered segregation by school authorities due to the local culture requiring males and females to be separate, this led to her activism for women's rights in the Indian Ocean. Since the age of 13 Nazari had been speaking at public events in her home town to counter the inequality among men and women. Nazari was also one of the leading factors to end the local laws prohibiting women from advancing past age 17 in the public education system. However in 1989, Nazari was challenged by many former members of the local Traditional Party, which had been forcefully disbanded by National Legislation years prior. Members of the party had barricaded Nazari in her home and in 1991 assault her mother while she returned from a festival celebrating peace, Nazari was quoted as saying "that was the coincidence that pushed too far", she immediately pleaded to the Provincial and Regional Governments to no avail until she filed to the National Government in the claim that the individuals were formed as a political party. In 1992 her request was acknowledged and National Government Legislative Inspectors investigated the local laws and groups and charged the members of the party with illegal congregation and conspiracy by National Law. Nazari received critical retaliation by locals claiming she had went 'too far' in her schooling she was no longer able to continue schooling and in 1997 withdrew from schooling in the South Pacific to help her family who were threatened by the locals.

Nazari attended local schools however finished collegiate education in Uniservice College in the South Pacific Ocean.

Personal Life

While tending with parents to her home garden, Sulaiman Nazari was introduced to her in 1987. The two married in October of 1991 in order to fit a 'colour scheme' and abide by the Regional Laws against underaged marriage. The pair married primarily as a tactic by Kouri and Nazari's parents to help her fight the local law as she would not be heard had she remained independent as a woman. Nazari, in 1998 stated that the legal system in the North-West Indian Oceanic Provinces was "sexist and extremely frightening" as shown by the shocking ratio of incarcerated women to men(13:1) a majority of which were for violated respect laws towards men. Nazari stated she was "envious" of the rest of the nation in its equality between genders and races, so much so that she had attempted to relocate to the capital, however was denied departure at her local airport due to being "unaccompanied" by a male. Nazari stated she believed it to be a sign she needed to stay and help repair at home. In 2000 following the Spire Terrorist Attack on July 5, Nazari had been visiting the IOP capital and was later stranded for days until an Ocean Liner was able to take her to her Province where she was threatened at the entry port, thankfully another passenger, from a province near Australia, onboard the ship prior to its departure had helped her through the protest, she stated that she "had never realised the power of a white man" as most individuals had immediately moved away as the passenger approached.

Nazari had always traveled with a Regional Government Official or 'white' businessman in order to assist her voice being heard. In 2005, this strategy was noted by National Government Officials who investigated the province for Civil Rights violations, a National Law that Nazari claimed she had "forgotten exists", following the investigation it was found that her manipulation of fear through white individuals was not illegal, however the provincial segregation of women was. In 2007 the provincial law had changed to protect all individuals from segregation in her area, including women.

Political Career

In 2008 and 2010 Nazari ran for Parliament in the Indian Ocean, however was unsuccessful until 2012 when she had caught National attention and was commended by then President, Robert Freeman, who stated in a public dinner that she had "made waves that echoed across the country" and he stated in 2018 that she was the reason he paid more attention to provinces and regions. She continued advocating for equal rights to all citizens in the Indian Ocean which caught attention from citizens in the East Indian Ocean as well. In 2014, Nazari was nominated by a Parliamentary Chair from the East Indian Ocean for Parliamentary Adjutant, the third highest rank in the IOP Parliament, and the votes in Parliament shockingly showed overwhelming support from the East Indian Ocean and unfortunate opposition from the West Indian Ocean. From 2014 until becoming Principal-in-Chief in 2018, Nazari had strongly advocated for civil rights in the West Indian Ocean, and in 2017 she was nominated to run for Principal-in-Chief and in January, 2018 she was revealed as the winner of the election.


Domestic Policy

Economic Policy
Nazari has stated that the Provincial Economy is the foundation to the National Economy and that it should be prioritised as well.

Education and health
During her campaign, Nazari has promised to increase the effectiveness of education in the northern and rural areas of the Indian Oceanic Provinces. She has also stated that she is in full support of boosting the Healthcare system.

Social services
While having advocated against social services in the past, Nazari has not shown any confident position on the subject.

Environmental policies
Nazari has stated that she believes the environment and ecosystem should show first and foremost in everything.

Energy policies
Nazari has shown herself in strong support of hydroelectric production methods

Nazari has before praised the National Government for its closure of the borders in order to protect the 'sanctity' of the nation

Foreign Policy

War on Terror
Nazari has not made any statement on regards to the War on Terror at this time.

Nazari has commended the National Government on its 'creative use' of cameras to insure the best median between naturally privacy rights and national surveillance rights.

Cultural and political image

Not much has been observed yet on Nazari's public image.

Foreign perceptions
The election of Nazari has had an immediate result in international relations causing foreign world leaders to commend the Middle East on civil rights.

Public Appearances
Nazari has not yet made any major public appearances with the exception of her Inauguration in January.

Nazari was awarded the IOP-Political News and Media title as Person of the Year of 2017. She was also awarded the Golden Cross by the Indian Oceanic Government in 2018.


-King’s Note

“I consider the work of Principal Nazari to be incredible in every way and that her approval should not be an immediate opinion basis for initial impressions. Her character and work have been exemplary in every way that can be expected of someone who has major opposition in her Parliament just for not being of the majority traits. Her continued attempts at protecting and securing the Indian Oceanic Provinces have been met with great support from the National Government but little to no support from her Oceanic Authority Legislature, lack of support from her Parliament has been considered a 'crippling back-blow' and is effective in only one thing, preventing anything from getting done. Her actions have spoken loudly of her character and her character has proven to be of remarkable quality. I consider Principal Nazari's tenure to be one of uniquity and quality. I look forward to continued work with Principal Nazari, assuming her Parliament is capable of putting aside their opposition to her and assist her in every way they can”.
-President’s Note
ㅤ-2 Sep, 2019