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2 February, 1950

"Security Police Deploys Artillery Against Demonstrators"

Unorganized and illegal protests have broken out across The Black Party in the previous weeks leading up to Incident 32; Incident 32 being the designation of when the Security Police of The Black Party authorized the use of Mortar Strikes to disperse protesters within the national borders.

Demonstrators claimed to have gathered to protest the gradual restriction of freedoms being implemented by the Federal Legislative Council over the course of the decade, including increased restrictions to free press, use of tobacco, and an outright banning of demonstrations hosted by the Center State Vice political faction, although the latter seemed to only encourage the opposite effect.

Security Policeman of The Black Party set up a defensive fighting position in anticipation of retaliation.

Protests demonstrations have been ongoing since last August, despite being declared illegal by the Security Police in December. Unrelenting demonstrations through the Christmas season till today, without pause, has paralyzed The Black Party economically, and overworked Security Policemen have stressed their manpower through the limits, with Policemen working holidays at doubled hours to quell protesters.

The breaking point came when State Security authorized the use of Mortar and Artillery strikes within their own national borders to disperse the demonstrators.

The use of miitary-grade weaponry by State Security was unexpected. It was common knowledge that the Security Police held military-grade weaponry, but up until this point, Security Police have primarily used non-lethal means of coercing demonstrators.

Security Police retake cities lost in the day-long uprising with military-grade weapons and armour, putting a halt to the semi-year long demonstrations.

When the first Mortar strikes hit, the first instinct of the demonstrators was outright rebellion, but after consistent shelling of their own cities, followed by armed intervention and self-occupation, the Security Police managed to quell any armed insurgency. Active rebellion only lasted for less then a day, before militarized policemen retook lost cities in droves.

All illegal protests, strikes, and armed insurgency have ceased after three days of constant shelling, and the Security Police of The Black Party have taken pride in restoring law and order within their borders, but to say that the rebellious instinct has completely died within The Black Party is nothing short of nonsensical, as the aura of an uprising continues to grow.

Written With Cooperation of State Security Police Correspondents.

23 January, ####

"Ministry of Foreign Affairs Supports Madagasikyara, Condemns Carolingia France"

In a press conference held early Tuesday of January, Staff Officer Veissa Ludavin with The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reaffirmed suspicions that The black party will be backing up The Jewish Republic of Madagasikyara in their fight against French Catholic Insurgents within their borders. With this comes a reaffirmation that the Security Police of The Black Party has agreed with Madagasikyaran Secret Intelligence in accusing Carolingia France as the perpetrators behind the attack, although the Office for the Central Commission issued no statement on the matter.

Left: Staff Officer Veissa Ludavin (Far Right) declares that The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will back Madagasikyara
Right: Flag of Madagasikyara

According to Madagasikyaran State Press, "[a] French Catholic coup d'etat which took place over the past week, led by Charlene André Yusuf Mary de Gaulle with French Catholic and Malagasy militants... the rebels requested help from Carolingia France to prop up their government, [but] the rebels were crushed by the Madagasikyaran military within a day." Multiple issues of the publicly available document is present in the Royal City Library, and free for Partizani viewing with Passport Identification.

The violent rebellions have forced the Senate to install new legislation, increasing the power of the Jewish House of Rabbanim and Kohein, banning all non-Orthodox Jews from the House and reducing state funding for non-Orthodox Jewish religious organizations. Along with this, churches are to banned from the capital province and other religions are to be made illegal under the punishment of death. Some have accused President Hod Gottesman of being a tyrant, but to any "real" Madagasikyaran, and any "real" Partizani, this is blatantly false.

These crackdowns on violent organizations and insurgents is, according to the Federal Police, a responsibility of man to take up arms against those who disturb the peace of our time.


"Security Police Looks To Expand Jurisdiction"

14 September, ####

"SSP Looks To Expand Jurisdiction"

Following recent police statistics unveiled by the Ministry of Propaganda, petty crime rates and public infringements are at an all time low since 1959, thanks to valiant efforts to promote public safety and good citizenship by the Secret State Police, who celebrated the statistical improvements with a state mandated police parade, but not all officers were celebrating after the logical assumption was made that budget cuts and downsizing's may soon come the SSP's way due to these "over-achievements", leaving many constables wondering if they would be left with a job after the year's end. The 6th Police Division, "Administration", which handles State Police management, reassured working constables that they would continue to perform their duties until retirement, citing that the good performance would not negatively affect police divisions across The Black Party, since it is redundant to their cause. But that leaves the question, where are officers going to perform their duties if they have no crime to combat?

Secret State Police Officers Arrest A Social Recusant From The 1954 Aryan Motorkorp Riots

One controversial solution proposed by the Ministry of Propaganda was to dispatch divisions of the SSP to foreign nations to assist the local police forces, which was quickly rebutted by the social lesion officer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stating that this is an infraction on neighbouring nations sovereignty. The Ministry of Propaganda continued with the proposal by bringing it to the Council of State, which still is awaiting official condones.

If this legislature does pass, this wouldn't be the first time Partizani Police Officers saw foreign soil. In ####, and ####, foreign battalions were sent to the LinkGerman Democratic Republic and Great Britain respectively, and plans to send divisions to The Federation of The greater nordic liege were recognised but never put into effect.

Coming the end of this year, the Ministry of Propaganda addressed the state, that efforts to see recognized SSP battalions in crime-ridden neighbouring nations by the likes of Grand Duchy of The Poland-Lithuania Commonwealth and The Frievolker Empire will be made to the ministerial extent of power, in the hopes of effectively creating a crime-free world, led by a crime-free Black Party.

The Secret State Police have yet to address the issue publicly.

In Cooperation With The Associated Press, The Ministry of Propaganda.

"Ministry of Foreign Affairs Condemns St Scarlett"

8 November, ####

"Ministry of Foreign Affairs Confronts The Northern Matriarchy"

In a press conference held early Wednesday of November, Staff Officer Thomas Rotmistrz with The Ministry of Foreign Affairs slandered the Haugen Matriarchy of St Scarlett, calling the small Nordic nation an "affront to the democratic system" and a "corporate total-state" alluding to the writing of Carl Scmitt, who wrote the total-state as being an all-powerful, dictatorial entity over the people of the state. The press conference which was being broadcasted live in Royal City sparked a small protest in the residential zone, where supporters of the Nordic micro-nation surrounded Rotmistrz personal home, before it was seized by Secret State Police under the orders of protecting the residence. After the press conference concluded, Rotmistrz was taken into custody by State Police.

Left: Staff Officer Rotmistrz is taken into protective custody by State Police.
Right: Secret State Police forcibly seize the residence of Rotmistrz, evicting protesters and non-locals.

In State Police custody, while being interrogated by Corrections Officers, Rotmistrz used the time to explain his views on the Nordic Matriarchy in detail, criticising the anti-Norwegian sentiment of Grand Matriarch Erin Redmond, and that the pro-Norwegian Reunification Party (NGP) in St Scarlett was being forcibly silenced and heavily policed. Rotmistrz made further claims that joint Skarlagen-Laverian
(Laver Island) paramilitary forces threatened The Mongol Plain with war unless The Mongol Plain agreed to give up military sovereignty and, against it's peoples will, capitulate to the terms of the Act of Rubin, citing that "Article I-B is no better then military occupation."

These claims brought onto Rotmistrz more criticism from international experts, as well as more trouble within the nation. Rotmistrz was later confirmed to be facing arrest, and will be trialled for two charges; One count of Disrupting Affairs against the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and one count of National Incitement.

If other Government Personnel are considering Rotmistrz claims, they are yet to come forward, and for now, Rotmistrz and his adjutants appear to be the only Partzani's questioning the peace-loving status of the Nordic Matriarchy.

"Suppression Squadrons In Full Effect"

12 October, ####

"Newly Formed 'Suppression Squadrons' Conduct Nationwide Raids"

On the 12th of October, The Partizani Ministry of Propaganda legally seized control of Federal Police Detachments local to the second capital and hub of The Black Party, Royal City, renaming Secret Police formations into "Suppression Squadrons", then using them to conduct a number of raids and book burnings across the country. Included in these raids was an organised sweep of our headquarters at The National Post.

Left: Newly formed Suppression Squadrons unload troops outside of the Royal City Library.
Right: A Suppression Squad dumps illegal texts and reports out of The National Post's reporting station in Royal City, The Black Party.

The Ministry of Propaganda, formed the Suppression Squads to remove illegal material that violated the new 'Access to Information' legislature passed last week, citing that "these works were detrimental to the progression of The Black Party, and it's international allies." The Minister of Propaganda went further to comment that this seizure of police control was only temporary, and supported by both The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the National Leader for the Police Forces in Capital City, although not all are convinced.

Political Factions, most notably the Left-Wing Aktion Front, have clashed with auxiliary Police Students to prevent legislature from being carried out, and to resist the new Suppression Squadrons, but to little avail, as the Ministry of Propaganda has reported that there was no hindrance in Suppression Squadron operations, before the uniformed police were able to put down resistance attempts. Other educators make the claim that the Ministry of Propaganda seized control of the Federal Police after they previously made claims that they look to expand their jurisdiction into neighbouring nations last month. Citing that this motion would destroy international relations of The Black Party, a key element of interest for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who as previously stated, have expressed devout support into the formation of Suppression Squadrons.

Left: Two Suppression Squadmen arrest an auxiliary police-student on the basis that said auxiliary was concealing illegal reports.
Right: A Suppression Squad standing by a book-burning of now illegal material.

Of the illegal material seized by the Suppression Squadrons, most of the texts consisted of far-left propaganda, documents in support of the Left-Wing Aktion Front, and documents that slandered international allies of the The Black Party. No injuries have been reported as a result of the Suppression Squadrons, but over 175 Partizani's have been arrested for resisting the efforts of the Squadrons.

The Federal Police released no official endorsement, nor condemnation to the actions of the Ministry of Propaganda, however, the National Cell Leader of the Capital City Police Regiment did show his personal support for the Squadrons.

In Cooperation With The Associated Press, The National Post.
This Segment Has Been Edited For Inaccuracies By The Ministry of Propaganda.

"Zitravgradian-Partizani Relations 'Better Then Ever' "

7 September, 2018

"Zitravgradian-Partizani Relations 'Better Then Ever' "

International Relations with The United Socialist States of Zitravgrad are said to have drastically improved when the 2nd oversees Diplomatic Missionary of The Black Party was established on Zitravgradian soil. Staff Workmen at The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Black Party) are calling the embassy program a success for "All those wanting to see The Black Party's imprint on the international stage." The lucky foreign ambassador to Zitravgrad is Thomas Rotmistrz, notable for graduating from the Shock Students as Class Honour of year ####. Rotmistrz was reported to be ecstatic to be representing The Black Party on the international stage, but was dissatisfied due to his dissatisfaction with Zitravgradian coffee. Rotmistrz was set to departure to the embassy with four SSP Constables.

Crest of The Zitravgradian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

As always, the decision to establish a foreign embassy with a country known for socialist leanings was a talk of controversy amongst the Council of State, in which the Minister of Interior expressed his full opinions on the matter. Overall, the legislature passed with a 76% approval rating in the State Assembly. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Black Party) celebrated the ministerial success, hoping to see The Black Party continue to usher in a new era of international peace, a whole 'nother challenge for the nation-state.

Although the Ministry of Foreign Affairs made their intentions clear on the matter, Rotmistrz was reluctant to comment on the further spreading of Partizani influence while problems arise in the homeland. Rotmistrz gave a statement of reluctance with proposing relations with Weissenberg, a topic yet to be discussed in detail.

In Cooperation With The Administration of USSZ, The Ministry of Propaganda.

"A Final Solution To The Red Threat"

16 August ####

"A Final Solution To The Red Threat"

Achilles Poirier, Minister of Interior, is facing national condemnation after a frankly unregulated and uncalled for rant at the Council of State.

Ministers from across the country met today to discuss the ever-growing threat of the popular radical group, Left-Wing Aktion. Divided on all outcomes,
the Council of State quickly devolved into an unregulated quarrel between political left and right. Poirier took the opportunity to deliver his
art of fiery speaking in a 7 minute long rant, accompanied by the protests of the other Ministers. Poirier targeted The Minister of Foreign Affairs,
declaring that he was "selling out" The Black Party to those of foreign interests and communists, with total disregard of his own homeland.
Poirier regularly sparked public disdain through his fiery yet controversial speeches, as well as his devout anti-communist alignment, and today was no exception.

The real controversy started when Poirier declared the necessity of a "Final Solution to the Red Threat", which sparked outrage on the scale of the State Police being forced to shutdown the summit. Ministers were escorted out the building by blackshirts, and separated in the parking lot.

Left-Wing Aktion representatives responded to the statement by hosting a demonstration outside of the Ministry of Interior. The demonstration was
quelled by the presence of the Secret State Police, and no violent conduct was recorded.

Displayed on the right, The Minister of Interior during his accusation against the Minister of Foreign Affairs

In Cooperation With The Associated Press, The Ministry of Propaganda.

"Breakout At EFFL Matchday I"

20 July ####

"Breakout At EFFL Matchday I"

Fighting took to the streets today on the outbreak of Matchday One in the European Federation Football League. The international matuchup between The Auktoritet Reich of Omnum and The Independent Armed Republic of Cospus saw outrage in the stadium at a nearly uncontrollable rate. The match was reportedly horrific in nature, causing a Linkfield invasion which called the match off early. Policemen were unloaded at the stadium by the truckloads to separate the two nations, as well as the supporters. In addition to the conflict, member's of the far-left radical group, "Left-Wing Aktion" fueled the fighting, targeting Omnan players and fans with organized miscellaneous weaponry. The opposing teams were escorted into armored vehicles at either end of the Stadium, while police lines were slowly reinforced between supporters, and the roadways leading to the stadium.

"It was one of the biggest flash operations to date" stated the Sector Police Leader, Liece Gorring.
"We knew that fighting would break out, but not to this scale."

It wasn't long before Military Police arrived at the location to assist local and state law-enforcement.

"What made this challenging was not the weapons used, but the sheer number of people attending." adds Thomas Year,
Military Officer at the scene.
"It was difficult to protect the passive viewers of the sport because they were indifferent apart from L.W.A."

As clean-up teams asses the damage, the numbers grow at the same pace. A reported 4 people have been killed,
incomparable to the 34 injured, and rising. Astoundingly, none of the injured or killed were apart of the official
sporting nations or staff.

In addition to the bodily harm, one first responded is being being held on trial for an incident that occurred during
the riot. Apart of the Capital City Police, the officer who's name is being withheld is faced with charges of
Misconduct in Enforcement, as well as two counts of Murder in the First Degree. Charges arose when journalists
captured footage of the officer in question in the motion of throwing a brick that hit two protesters, result in the deaths
of both of them. Although the trial is currently on-going, state attorneys have disclosed that the officer pleads Not-Guilty
to all charges.

National Police has given their swearing to be better prepared with higher expectations for the matches to come.

Reporting for The National Post, Levone Osvelt & Lewis Klear.
In Cooperation With The Associated Press.

"National Guard Sees Budget Cuts"

09 September 1958

"National Guard Sees Budget Cuts"

Last week, the Minister of Interior publicly proposed the idea for legislature to defund a number of military programs, including the Youth-Academy and the Reserve Guard, and have those funds re-routed towards improving public education standards, increasing the age region of free schooling, growing the environmental protection act's region of protected land, and a number of other factors that will positively affect Healthcare, Education, and Environmental aspects of The Black Party, at the expense of the ever-important Military.

Only the Minister of Conflict was willing to give a public opinion on the matter as of December 20th, stating,

"The Black Party is already renowned for our near-obsession with education and environmental aspects. Rerouting funds from our military will cripple our economy as poor as it already is. Our soldiers need those funds to safeguard our nation from those who wish to poison our students and destroy our environment anyways."

Experts from the Secret State Police's Black Service Organisation, (The Police-funded organisation dedicated to scientific and medicine advancement), estimated that this legislation will reduce Government expenditure on the Armed Guard by up to 5.8%, and increase spending on education, environment, and healthcare by 4.5%, 4%, and 2.1% respectively. This may not sound like a lot, but this drastic decrease may force whole battalions of the armed guard into unemployment, and a military background may not be enough for an ex-soldier to be re-employed in the one month span of legal unemployment for adults before being sent to labour camps.

We asked citizens on the street of Neu-Berlin for their thoughts on the matter.

"Yeah, well, it just doesn't make sense. Just because the ESTO war finished recently, The Council thinks that all conflict is over. Get this, it's not."

"I just think that our Environment is protected far too much. We already spend millions on the forests, I'd prefer to see that go towards the well-being of our churches and our soldiers."

"I'm all for the home-guard, but I'm glad this legislation is being brought forward. Our soldiers don't need to be pampered as much as they are. Just last month they hosted an officer's ball, and that s*** was luxurious."

In the end, The Council gave a premature go-ahead for this legislation with a 5/6 majority vote, and they've came under fire recently because of this. Criticism for the abilities of The Council to protect the nation are increasing, and the SSP had to step in and disperse civil unrest multiple times.

The legislation is currently being reviewed by The Council, but admittedly, they stated that an overturn in decision is unlikely.

Reporting for The National Post from Neu-Berlin, Joseph Paraguize.

The black party