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Chancery of Autropolis

Laws Ratified by the Planetary Council (Pre-2018 Restoration)

Law Ratified

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Defining an inactive nation as a nation in Autropolis that has not had activity in more than 15 days.

For Non-Government Nations:
1.) Day 14: There is a warning sent by the prime minister or delegate
2.) Day 16: Regional judges will vote on the fate of the nation
2a.) If 3 of the 5 judges vote to boot the nation the delegate or founder is required to boot the nation out of the region.
2b.) If a 3/5 margin is not met by the judges then on day 18 there is another vote.
2c.) If after day 18 and the judges can't vote to eject then the nation is allowed to die in the region.

For Government Nations:
1.) Day 9: A warning is sent by the prime minister or delegate.
2.) Day 11: Regional judges will vote on the fate of the nation:
2a.) If 3 out of 5 judges vote to boot the nation, the delegate or founder must boot the nation and set up and election or appoint a replacement for the vacant posistion.
2b.) If a 3/5 margin is not meet by day 13, another vote is held.
2c.) If the 3/5 still not meet, the nation may stay in the region but an impeachment vote may be set up by the delegate or prime minister for a full vote by the regional senate.

Nations may inform the government of their forthcoming status voiding any of the above.

January 13th, 2007


May 27th, 2007

1. No forcing nations to get new accounts and usernames.
2. Allow poll-voting only to accounts of senator rank or higher
3. Grant senator rank to every account recognized as the user's primary representative of that user's senatorial nation in Autropolis. Unless that user is already at a higher rank like moderator or admin.
4. Grant the individual user the responsibility to have one's account recognized as worthy of senatorial membership.
5. Have votes return to the polls.

February 5th, 2007


January 5th, 2018

Laws Ratified by the Interstellar Council

Law Ratified

Date Ratified

Date Amended

Date Repealed

Government Reform Act, A.L. 0001 (Autropolan Law 0001)

The Planetary Council will be renamed to the Interstellar Council. The acronym shall be ISC.

The Interstellar Council will have both elected positions and Permanent Members. Permanent Members must be named via a law such as this one. The first named Permanent Members of the Council are now so declared The Celestial Republic of Solariia, The Beacon Spire of Endolantron and The Commonwealth of Ellenburg.

Section Ia. Names of the Government Positions
The names of the following positions are to be changed:

Founder --> Supreme Chancellor
Delegate --> Secretary Chancellor
Interior Minister --> State Executive
Foreign Minister --> Secretary Executive
Justices --> Judiciaries
Chief Recruiter --> Chief Recruiter

Section Ib. Election of Government Positions
The following are how each position shall be filled:

Supreme Chancellor - Unelected, Regional Founder
Secretary Chancellor - Elected through majority vote of the entire region
State Executive - Appointed by agreement between Supreme Chancellor and Secretary Chancellor, should the Supreme Chancellor be absent for more than a period of 14 days, then the Secretary Chancellor may make the appointment singlehandedly.
Secretary Executive - Elected through majority vote of the entire region
Judiciaries - Appointed by all members of the Council, the number of judiciaries shall be one for every 25 nations, rounded up.
Chief Recruiter - Shall be elected by vote of the region. Will dedicate efforts to recruiting new nations to Autropolis.

November 8th, 2018

April 9th, 2020


Government Elections Act, A.L. 0002 (Autropolan Law 0002)

An act to institute regional elections and establish the duration of elected governments.

Section I. Establishment of Tri-Annual Terms
There shall be three terms per year for non-permanent elected and appointed seats within the government of Autropolis. The start and end dates of each term will be at midnight UTC. The dates of each terms' duration is hereby established:
∙ The first term of a year shall be from the start of January 1st to the end of May 1st.
∙ The second term shall be from the start of May 2nd to the end of August 31st.
∙ The third term shall be from the start of September 1st to the end of December 31st.

Hereby distinguishing terms to 122 days each except on leap years where the first term will contain 121 days.

January 26th, 2019



Space and Mass Act, A.L. 0003 (Autropolan Law 0003)

An act to designate regulations on national space and mass.

Autropolis, consisting of a sphere with a large, central black hole at its center and a myriad of surrounding star systems elsewhere, hereby establishes a set of regulations on the mass-energy and interior sphere of national boundaries and territories.

Section I. Astronomical Body Regulation
Each nation shall have access to a contained collection of one or more astronomical bodies consisting of matter and energy with an absolute value amounting to 1440^12*12 units of Planck mass worth of mass-energy; totaling roughly 10.44 solar masses. A nation's mass-energy may have less, but not more, than the given amount.

Section Ia. Sphere Regulation
Furthermore, a solitary nation's territory shall reside within a region of space that can fit within a sphere that is centered on the center of mass of the content of said territory with a radius of up to 1440^16 units of Planck length; approximately 0.5840 light years. A nation's sphere may have less, but not more, than the given amount.

Section II. Multi-National Agreements
If the owner or owners of multiple nations agree to do so, they may place their territories close enough together that their spheres overlap. Forbye, they may share a single sphere in which their nations reside. Such a sphere's interior would be equal to that of a solitary nation multiplied by the cube root of the number of nations sharing this sphere.
Further defining the regions' center, therein lies a black hole totaling 1440^13*120 units of Planck mass; roughly 150356 solar masses. No part of a nation's territorial sphere shall be placed within 1440^16 units of Planck length of that black holes singularity.

Section III. Maximum Radius of Autropolis
The radius of the region shall be the greater of 1440^17 units of Planck length, approximately 840.9 light years, multiplied by the square root of the number of nations in the region; or 1440^14 units of Planck length, roughly 2664000 kilometers, multiplied by the number of nations of the region. Unless the number of nations in Autropolis exceeds the crossing point of those two formulae of 1440^6, about 8.916 quintillion, the former formula ought to apply. No part of a nation's sphere may extend beyond this boundary.

January 29th, 2019