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Tanabiku Guidebook

Welcome to the Official Guidebook of Tanabiku Galaxy. This is a dispatch that details this region's rules and regulations members are obligated to follow, as well as roleplaying recommendations for improving your RPing skills. If you are new to this region, please have a look at this in order to get started. If you have any questions, please telegram our official admin account (Tanabiku galaxy administrator) or any of the regional staff or contact us on our official Discord. We're happy to assist you.

An active player base is required for roleplaying regions such as Tanabiku Galaxy to function. Therefore we retain this through recruiting prospect players interested in the region and maintaining their interest with RPs. Recruitment is carried out using the following methods: firstly through telegrams sent by the Admin account or by any of Tanabiku Galaxy's members, secondly through the NS forums with a dedicated recruitment thread, and thirdly at the invitation of members through other means. Any interested users may join Tanabiku Galaxy regardless of their writing skill and style, provided they fulfill the following criteria:

  1. User must be thirteen (13) years old or above;

  2. User has basic proficiency and comprehension of the English language;

  3. User doesn't have a questionable record with NS Admins or Moderators, be it gameside or forumside;*

  4. User agrees to abide by the rules and regulations set by the region.

Suspension of membership in Tanabiku Galaxy is generally done by ejecting a member from the region. This may be done due to the following:

  1. User has repeatedly violated the region's rules and regulations;

  2. User has been proven to be disruptive;

  3. User has been proven to have harassed other players;

  4. User is part of a recruitment drive for other regions;

  5. User is part of a raider/defender group in the process of taking over the region.

Should a user be found to be sufficiently disruptive, a ban may be issued on him/her for an indefinite period of time. If he/she is found to have circumvented the ban with a puppet account, it will be banned as well.

Rules and Regulations
In order to function effectively as a community, Tanabiku Galaxy has rules and regulations set in place in order to ensure a healthy environment for players to be creative, collaborative, and maintain strong bonds with each other. Members are only granted three (3) strikes, which will be struck upon being found of violating any of the rules listed below, each with a greater degree of severity than the last. If the violator in question has committed his/her first offense or didn't know about this rule, a warning will be issued by the regional staff. After that point, repeated violations will earn strikes. The staff shall examine and decide an appropriate punishment that reflects the severity of the violation incurred.

Upon the issuance of the second strike, the offending member shall be placed under probation by the staff. This means that he/she will be observed for a set period of time, depending on the severity of the violation. Probation will be lifted or reduced if the member hasn't incurred any violations within that period; otherwise he/she will be issued his/her third strike.

Upon the issuance of the third strike, the offending member shall have his/her probation extended and be banned from posting on the Regional Message Board (RMB) between two to four weeks depending on the severity of the violation. Probation will be lifted or reduced if the member hasn't incurred any violations within that period; otherwise he/she will be subject to ejection and possible from the region.

If the violator in question is found to have committed another violation after the issuance of the third strike, the member is hereby labeled a repeating violator and will be ejected from the region. The offending member is free to return to Tanabiku Galaxy if he/she wants, provided no further offenses will be incurred. A ban may be considered if he/she has returned and committed another violation or if the severity of the violation warrants it.

General Rules
Many of these rules have been already defined by NationStates' administrators and moderators—thus it is recommended to view the One Stop Rules Shop or the NationStates FAQ for guidelines set by the site, gameside or forumside. The rules listed here are for ease of reference and for outlining the punishments that will be enacted on violators in this region.

  1. Excessive spam is strictly prohibited in the RMB and on the Discord server. Spam in this region shall be defined as posting the same message or image four times in a row, flooding messages and/or images in the RMB and/or on Discord, or posting intermittently in an attempt to circumvent this rule. Posts identified to be spam will be suppressed or deleted by the staff.

  2. Advertising is restricted in the RMB. While members may advertise their RP in the RMB or on Discord for interested players, advertising for real-world products and services, other websites, and even other regions are prohibited. Users found to have advertised the latter will be immediately ejected from the region and their offending posts suppressed or deleted by the staff.

  3. Posting obscene material on the RMB or on the Discord server (photos, videos, or messages with graphic blood and gore, violence, nudity, or sexual content) is strictly prohibited. Please keep it PG-13. Violators will be temporarily banned from posting for three days and offending posts will be suppressed or deleted. If you are unsure, please telegram the regional staff.

  4. Trolling, flaming, flamebaiting, and other disruptive behavior are prohibited. Offending posts will be suppressed or deleted by the staff and the player will be banned for 24 hours from posting in the RMB.

  5. Political, religious, ideological, and philosophical discussion in the RMB and on Discord are allowed, provided that the participants post in a calm and rational manner. Be civil or be gone. We recognize that these can be very divisive topics, and that some of your views aren't necessarily shared by others, so please respect each other. Should OOC drama be deemed too excessive, the topic of discussion will be held off until a later time.

Roleplaying Rules

  1. Godmodding (taking control of another user's characters or dictating the results of your character's actions against other characters), metagaming (playing with characters that are fully aware of the actions, plans, and thoughts of other characters), and powergaming (playing with the intention to "win" from an out-of-character standpoint) are not allowed. If you should use someone else's character or wonder how a certain plot is supposed to go, please ask his/her permission by telegram or through other means.

  2. Competitive roleplaying is allowed to a point. Don't play competitively if your intention is to powergame.

  3. Mature content should remain PG-13. Graphic violence, nudity, or sexual content are prohibited. Rape is taboo.

  4. If another nation/user refuses to participate in your RP, please don't harass him/her to join. Any reports of player harassment to the staff will be dealt with.

  5. Only IC issues with the greatest weight on the entire setting of the region will be deliberated on by the regional staff. Anything else must be reached through a compromise between the two disputing parties. This is because the staff, having real-world commitments and responsibilities like everyone else, aren't just going to be there to give the final say all the time.

Roleplaying Recommendations
These recommendations are given in pursuit of a consistent in-character theme that we seek to produce from writing stories together as a community. Members may choose to ignore these recommendations if they want, provided they have proven themselves to be trustworthy RPers in the past. Some of these recommendations may only apply to Tanabiku Galaxy or to similar settings, ideas, and concepts, so please don't apply everything here to other stuff that may be unrelated to the region's lore (e. g.: other FT regions or communities' canons).

  1. You don't need to have your nation be a Mary Sue. It may certainly feel good to write your nation as a perfect utopia where there is no sadness, conflict, or pain, where every subject is generously provided for by the government, and outside enemies that want the riches of your empire cannot ever invade because your armies outclass them in every aspect—but by trying to make a "perfect" nation it will create a setting and IC environment that seems detached from what actual nations are like: flawed and imperfect like the users behind it. Flaws help make conflict, and conflict is what makes settings, characters, and stories more interesting.

  2. When selecting your placement on the map, you should think first of who you want to play with. It is recommended you place your country next to the countries owned by other players so that your characters can interact more easily with their characters without having to worry about that pesky transgalactic logistics thing.

  3. Size will matter to how other players will see you as. If you are a newer player and you want to have a large nation, don't expect the rest of the community to take you seriously. To them, you are the new recruit to the football team. We recommend that you start with a small size and work your way from there, gaining the trust and confidence of other players to expand more and more as time goes on. You don't have to worry—an advantage of a small interstellar empire is that you can think up enough settings you can wrap your head around and not overload yourself with too much brain work. Unsure of how big you want your empire to be? Just take this simple tip: be reasonable.

  4. Realism is up to you. Since this is an FT region, and FT is often intertwined with many science fiction themes in general, many aspects of your nation will most likely be speculative. If you want your nation to operate within the laws of physics except for FTL, you may do so. If you adhere to the Rule of Cool, that's also fine as long as you don't break suspension of disbelief. Once again, take this simple tip: be reasonable.

  5. It is recommended that you learn to broaden if not rethink your IC perspectives as you develop your RPing skills here. While describing governments, societies, and cultures and controlling them as a collective may seem logical (it is called NationStates after all), it is encouraged of you to stop thinking of the country itself as your focus, for ultimately the nation that you have built with your mind is a mere setting for your characters to interact in.

  6. When worldbuilding your nation's lore or setting, one should consider what to create first. Two paths are generally taken by writers: building it from top-to-bottom (starting with the larger elements of your nation first; e.g., geography, economy, politics) or building from the bottom-up (starting with the smaller elements of your nation first; e.g., citizens, notable figures, customs and traditions, folklore). Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Secondly, one should weigh the ideas that he/she has and decide whether it is worth including or not. Remember, just because you think you should create a certain element of your lore doesn't mean you should.

  7. If your posts seem shorter than everyone else's, don't be intimidated. As long as the post presents its substance without focusing too much on minor details, it's a good post.

*Because of the nature of how players are recruited, their background check will be on a case-by-case basis.

Tanabiku galaxy administrator