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by The ထာဝရပျော်ရွှင် ကြောင်ကမ္ဘာ of Valentine Z. . 96 reads.

Some other songs of Valentine Z - The miscellaneous songs that does not fit into the military theme, as well as the supposed effects on the populace.

These songs below don't fit the military theme, but they sure as heck are catchy or something else entirely!

Got the inspiration from Greater south, but this one is not for other nations.

Seriously, some of them doesn't fit the military theme. So, here they are for your listening pleasure!

- General Valentijn Maxwell "De Sierlijke Valkyrie" Angelus Delta Weston Samantha Tracer Constantine

OOC Disclaimer: Some songs with explicit lyrics.

LinkAlbino Black Sheep - Witch Doctor
- Increases Attack Speed by 2000%, but decreases Weapon Accuracy by 90%.

LinkAmon Amarth - Death In Fire
- Increases Fire Damage Resistance by 200%, Damage Output by 150%. Attacks have a draining fire damage.

LinkAmon Amarth - Twlight of The Thunder Gods
- Increases Damage Output by 1600% (2500% at the chorus).

LinkAndrew Huang - Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing On Rainbows!
- Increases Base HP by 5000%, Movement Speed by 800%, Health Regeneration by 4000%. Damage of both allies and enemies reduced by 100%. Note: Clarissa's favorite song.

LinkDavidson - All I Wanna Do
- Increases Movement Speed by 80%, Reduces Allies' and Enemies' Damage Output by 100%.

LinkHolder / AncientReality - Major League Can Can
- Increases Damage Output by 1337%, Accuracy increased by 420%.

LinkMission Impossible - Theme Song
- Increases Spy Production Rate by 100%. Vice Foresittend Jolyn receives 200% Health, Craft, Damage.

LinkMLP / Hasbro - MLP: Equestria Girls - Cafeteria Song
- Nuclear Armaggedon shifted back by 5, Diplomacy is 100% successful for 24 hours. Cooldown Time: 7 days.

LinkNCH Productions - I Live in Singapura (SG50 Version)!
- Reduces Pollution Index by 50%. Build and Upgrade Times decreased by 50%.

LinkNCH Productions - I Live in Singapura!
- Reduces Pollution Index by 20%. Build and Upgrade Times decreased by 25%.

LinkSonia Slany - Japanese Geisha Main
- Decreases Enemies' Movement Speed to 9%, Attack Speed to 5%.

Linksuperfunky59 - Series of Tubes (Music Video)
- Grants Immunity to Hacks and Infiltrations. Lasts 400 seconds. Cooldown time: 6000 seconds.

LinkTerrorizer - Fear of Napalm
- Increases Attack Speed and Damage by 400%.

LinkUnknown - Do You Know The Muffin Man?
- Increases Attack and Movement Speed by 500%, but drains 5% of Max. HP / sec. WARNING: Will cause brain meltdowns!

LinkWeebl's Stuff - Battlefield 1 Anthem (BF1 vs COD)
- Increases Melee Damage by 65536%, Reduces Ranged Damage to 0%, Forces Attack Speed to 128 BPM.

LinkWeebl's Stuff - Burrito Kitty
- Increases Health Regeneration by 50%, Damage Output by 333%.

LinkWeebl's Stuff - Call Of Duty WWII : Everybody Get Your Jetpack
- Increases Damage Output by 419%, Unit Production Rate to 3 units / sec. Increases Unit Costs by 300%.

LinkWeebl's Stuff - Fat Labrador
- Increases Damage Output by 600%, but decreases Movement Speed by 88%.

LinkWeebl's Stuff - Magical Trevor
- Increases Craft / Magic Regeneration Rate by 300%.

LinkWeebl's Stuff - They Shall Not Pass : A Battlefield 1 song
- Increase Defense by 2000%.

LinkWeen - Ocean Man
- Increases Naval Production by 500%.

Valentijn and Clarissa's Song

0:00 Words cannot describe how perfect you are, Clarissa, my sweet dear!
0:05 Oh, how much I love you and your sweet, sweet, sweet character!
0:10 Always loving, always smiling, always happy! Ta-da-da!
0:15 I have fallen, fallen, fallen for you, Love!

0:19 That dimension is a Fate! Fate for the both of us!
0:24 A perfect gift for me - a lovely robot like you!
0:30 Shining little eyes, with the most advanced technology!
0:34 Along with the purest soul, to... match your happy little face!

0:41 When I first came to this dimension,
0:45 I was so lost and alone!
0:50 Everyone was so scared of me and pointing guns!
0:54 That is until you de-escalated and gazed into my heart!

One more time, now!

1:00 Oh Valentijn, what relief of you to come to my rescue!
1:05 How can I just give up such a technological wonder?
1:09 We will stand alongside each other until the end of time!
1:14 A radioactive giant and a state-of-the-art robot?

1:19 Oh what odd couple... we really really are!
1:23 We will make eternities bend to our love!
1:28 You have onboard computers! They are my second home!
1:32 We will sing the song of love... forever and ever!