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The Ahnslen Air Force (AHNAF) (WIP)

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[floatright][box][center][b]The Ahnslen Air Force (AHNAF)[/b]


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[b]Founded in: [/b]1873
[b]Part of: [/b] The Combined Ahnslen Defence Force
[b]Headquarters:[/b] Arnton


[*]15,255 personnel (11,855 Active, 3,400 Active Reserve)
[*]___________ aircraft

[*][b]Prime Minister[/b] Andrew Kenzai, Commander-in-Chief
[*][b]Commanding General[/b] Aaron Drennan, Chief of Combined Forces
[*][b]Marshal[/b] Oscar Bryan, Air Force Oversight Officer[/list]

[size=170][b]The Ahnslen Air Force[/b][/size]

The Ahnslen Air Force (AHNAF) is the aerial branch of the Combined Ahnslen Defence Force. The Ahnslen Air Force consists of _________ aircraft and 15,255 personnel. The current Air Force Oversight Officer (equivalent of a Chief) is Marshal Oscar Bryan. 

[size=150][b]Command Structure[/b][/size]
AHNAF is commanded through Air Command (ACAF) in Arnton and the professional head is the Air Force Oversight Officer who holds the rank of Marshal. HQAF is responsible for coordinating the practicalities of decisions made by the Ministry of National Security and oversees tactical and operational issues.

There are two lower commands, known as:[LIST]

[*]Main Command, which is led by the Overseer of Domestic Operations (ODO) who is responsible for the assets assigned to him for usage in Ainslie’s surrounds. 

[*]Regional Command, which is led by the Overseer of Regional Operations (ORO), who is responsible for the assets assigned to him for usage in areas outside of Ainslie’s surrounds. [/LIST]

As of January 2018, AHNAF’s aerial strength consisted of _________ aircraft. The air force has three major bases:[list]
[*]AHNAF Base Esere in Port Blaxland,
[*]AHNAF Base Fedara in Arnton
[*]AHNAF Base Moore in Mandara

[size=150][b]Current Aircraft[/b][/size]
AHNAF currently operates _________ aircraft, exhibiting a range of aircraft including those with transport and combat capabilities. They are the following:

[size=150][b]Current Operations[/b][/size]
AHNAF currently has force deployed on ________ major operations:

[*]Junior Airman
[*]Flying Sergeant
[*]Warrant Officer
[*]Warrant Officer of the Air Force
[*]Flight Lieutenant
[*]Squadron Commander
[*]Wing Commander
[*]Air Vice Marshal
[*]Commanding Marshal[/list]


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