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Freedom Party

The Freedom Party

"Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose." - Lyndon B. Johnson

The Freedom party fights for personal freedoms, regional activity and regional stability. We will work to make a brighter future for The Democratic Republic. We will fight for our region until we take our rightful place as one of the greatest regions of NationStates. Our party has a large and friendly community of nations, and we would love to see you join! Check out the Freedom Party Charter. Remember to join our LinkDiscord server.

I. Domestic Policy
  • The Freedom Party stands for making the Regional Government more efficient and responsive to the People. Making more public votes and holding more hearings in the Senate.

  • The Freedom Party supports fighting corruption and greed in the Regional Government.

  • The Freedom Party supports and champions the checks and balances in the Constitution.

  • The Freedom Party supports the independent administrating of the regional RolePlay, so that it is free from Regional Government interference. This will allow the RolePlay community to create the rules that fits them.

  • The Freedom Party supports fighting for new nations within The Democratic Republic. The Party further supports a strong recruitment effort of new members, as well as their integration into the region.

  • The Freedom Party Seeks to empower those not within the Senate, and to do the utmost to represent their opinions, as well as to help guide the region towards a more sustainable future.

  • The Freedom Party believes in Conserving the core values of The Democratic Republic. Those values being evident in the Rights of Citizens. That every nation, member or Citizen, deserves a right to free speech, expression, protest and to RolePlay freely.

II. Foreign Policy
  • The Freedom Party supports setting up foreign relations and actively cooperating with foreign regions to advance our common goals.

  • The Freedom Party supports a strong regional World Assembly military. Ready in a moments notice to defend The Democratic Republic and it's interests.

  • The Freedom Party is against mergers and unions with other foreign regions that do not match what this Party supports and that is made without the consultation of the RolePlay community.

  • The Freedom Party objects to foreign interference in our domestic regional politics.

Party Logo

Party in Regional Government

Legislative- 4/7 in Senate
Executive- N/A
Judicial- 1/3 seats

Party Leadership

President: Timjoa
General Manager: FireFox15
Party Spokesman: OoferGangz
Party Strategist: America JB
Party Recruiter: Capital AL

Party Members

"Freedom is our mission"