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Infrastructures Project 2017-2022

2018-2022 Eustrastan Project's

Funded and supported by:
- Eustrastan Company
- Agrialo Environment and Renewable Co
- Susanti Education Center
- Susanti Tech Development Company
- Eustrastan Investama Co
- Guilden Construction
- Loans
- Emergency budget
- National budget 2018 and 2019
- Bank Negara Eustrastan
- Karoghustan Investment Bank
- Effety
- Alfa
- Eustrastan Urban Development Company
- Pertamina Petro Company
- Eustroil Company
- Steels and Iron Co
- Kingdom Oil & Gas Ltd
- Gemedia Construction

Total Funds:70+ Billion NSD



Darmian New International Airport
49 Billion NSD
With the goal about serving about 150 Million People capacity in 2020

Darmian-Schilly Economic Corridor
2,3 Billion NSD

Darmian Metrofinance district
7,8 Billion NSD

The Asheroo Canal
8,2 Billion NSD
39 Kilometers from the gulf of estranta and to Port of Deluxe

The Eustrastan High Speed Rail System
45 Billion NSD
Added 10,000 Kilo more to eustrastan HRL system

Prof Zallera Utu Motorway Project
6.7 Km
Is a 6 lane highway

Trans Eustrastan Natural Gas Pipeline
1,2 Billion NSD

Ghe Murar Refiners
5,6 Billion NSD

Defense Industries Cluster
7 Billion NSD
To increase the production of aerospace industries and exports to the international market

Satelite Launch System Project
5 Billion
Targets launching 5-12 Satelites in 2020

King Nurrahman Bridge
1,3 Billion NSD

Salem Diplomacy Island
1,4 Billion NSD

Eustrastan Urban Renewal Project
50 + Billion

Eustrastan Solar Power Plant
900 Million NSD

Petro paulo refiners
980 Million NSD


Golden Canal
1,27 Billion NSD

Asghari Mabutz Rice Field
345 Million NSD

Ashgari Luanta Lithium Mine
788 Million NSD

Ashgari Magenta Afritz Tin Mine
672 Million NSD

Sierra Dezt Geothermal Power Plant
1,38 Billion NSD

Hanbal Irrigation Canal
491 Million NSD

Juara-Dade Monorail Train
550 Million NSD


Mualama Fish Industry
455 Million NSD

Axel Silver Mine
912 Million NSD

South West Cardionna Energy Plan
1,78 Billion NSD

Dimne Financial District
2,1 Billion NSD


Akunn Highway Part II
783 Million NSD

Spenicle Culture Center
900 Million NSD

Zeno Natural Gas Bloc
1,1 Billion NSD

Alquantra Coal Mine
781 Million NSD

Fiona Bengali Protection Park IV
323 Million NSD