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Cobalt Network - Important Documents

Important Documents

This is a collection of all the important documents that are being used in the Cobalt Network to fulfil a number of different purposes. These documents are mostly created by staff to help organise certain aspects of how the Cobalt Network functions, some being records and some being brainstorming. These documents should supply you with all the necessary information about the Cobalt Network that you need. If you think there are any documents that should be added to this list, or you think that there are documents that should be created to supply the citizenry with unavailable information, please contact one of the staff and they will try and make it happen for you.

LinkCobalt Network - Criminal Record

The purpose of this document is to keep a record of all criminal violations of rules within any part of the Cobalt Network, including both the discord and the NationStates browser. Your criminal record may affect how you could be seen as ready for office, although there is yet to be an established process in regards to that. Any tampering of this document without permission is punishable.

LinkCobalt Network - Artwork Collection

The purpose of this document is to store a collection of numerous artworks done by members of the Cobalt Network, many of which are done by our brilliant minister of defence Tuwaedion. These artworks are sometimes legitimate worldbuilding displays, and sometimes they are simply for a little bit of fun. We have many notable artists in the Network, and we see it only fit to display their amazing works to the rest of the Network and the greater Nationstates Community, and this document serves that purpose well.

LinkCobalt Network - Pacific Workshops

Welcome to the Pacific Workshops, a hub for designing flags, emblems, maps, headers, and other various online artworks. This is mostly linked with the Cobalt Network, a region in the NationStates online simulator. In the Cobalt Network, I have been commonly requested to make an assortment of different flags and other items, which led me to create this, a method of organising it. So, the way that this needs to be done is through suggestions, as it would make sure that this document remains orderly.