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New Government of Tzorsland

(Eyesore Palace) Rumors and conspiracy theories continue to pour in without substantiation about the recent change of leadership in Tzorsland. The only thing for certain is that there is a new leader in this massive nation of under 30 million sapient beings.

According to eyewitness accounts, Ambassador Missy was seen shooting The Master and was attempting to drag his wounded body away when The Master Shot Ambassador Missy and left her for dead. The Master retreated to a safe space away from public view.

A few hours later it was said that Ambassador Missy emerged from the safe space. She was, apparently unaware that she was the ambassador or even her own name. Officers initially arrested her on charge of assassination of The Master, but a search could not locate The Master’s body and without a body, she was simply placed under house arrest until everything could be sorted out.

Meanwhile, her assistant, Ambassador Class Lucifer, had upgraded himself to a Leader Class. The lack of a head of state was brought up to the attention of the non organic leadership known as the “City Fathers.” Missy insisted that she was the proper head of Tzorsland although she offered up no explanation for why. The City Fathers decided instead to select Leader Class Lucifer as the Imperial Leader of Tzorsland.

Missy, for her part, was allowed to return to the government “safe space.” Upon entering that space, the space mysteriously vanished. Police later found the body of Missy, missing a brain.