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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

_____/ .'o'. \
____\. o . ' ./
__ \. ' . ' o . ' ./
_ \o ' . o . ' . o ./
\. ' . '
o . ' . ' . o ./
_______| |

🎁 🛍 🎁 🛍 🎁

But whose are the presents under the tree?

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Ho ho ho and a bottle of rum!

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To keep you warm on those long cold nights!

And some others who help make NationStates a wonderful place!

45 r p m

Thank you for the music!


Keep those games going!

Bearistotle and hebert

For spreading mimosas and hugs!


Keep those printing presses rolling!


Keep those debates topical!


Keep causing mischief!

Lake of fur

For your frequent wardrobe changes!


Because we know Miso is your favourite thing!

Marilyn manson freaks

In case you run out of warpaint!


For your dedication!

Mount Seymour

For your beard...


Keep it fresh!

Please understand

Thanks for making NS such a colorful place!


Looking forward to your next feature!

The queendom of myself

Thanks for the muffins!

The Stalker

Thought you might have empathy with this!

There are many more people deserving of presents too. Sorry I can't fit you all in. I hope you all get everything you wish for this Christmas!

The Little bobsled of Little St Nick