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Government Officials I: Leaders

From the Head of the nation to every state governor. Every state has its own sitting representative known officially as a "Governor" but with a unique title that is either carried over through traditions of the islands pre-unification or titles self applied upon regime changes. While maintaining a degree of autonomy each of the governors are subject to the Duchess and are bound in their powers constitutionally. With the exception of the Duchess, all belong to a political party.







Marcella Villa

Aurora Island


Marcella Villa is the current reigning duchess of AHSCA, from the Shino Nanao-Villa family line. She succeeded her mother upon her mother's retirement to become ruler of the UIS. Her mother is a native while her father is from Mokastana. More information can be read here.


Corona Island

National Islander Party

Pacifica is a veteran of AHSCA's old Militia forces on her home state of Corona, before the reorganization into the Police and United Island Defense Forces (UNIDF). Having served during the unification war she's seen the harshness of combat and knows what it means to serve her country. Offered both positions in military and police she decided instead to retire to pursue a family by raising her daughter, Valora. She sought the office of Congressional Lead upon the vacancy left with the retirement of Mikela Olaff and won successfully with the generous help of Merchant Guild of Leuda, Leuda, a guild based from The Selkie, specifically the help of Miss Ida Feic of the Tribe of Antrim. She serves as Head of Congress, Majority Leader and Speaker.


Corona Island

National Liberal Party

Born in the village of Vilaĝo de Ŝtormoj, she came from a family of rather influential political figures in Corona politics, with her mother and father both being Chiefs of their Village, her aunt an assistant to Corona Chief Ayla and her uncle a first term Senator in the First Session of the AHSCA Congress. As a child, Miela was known for her high spirit and energy and a desire to be just like her parents and aspiring to be the leader of her village someday just like her parents.

Before getting into Congress she worked as a village mediator to help in disputes and from her time as a Mediator she was encouraged by Ayla to run for office because of her sharp skills and strong skills as a thinker. read more here

Shinya Li
Ya-Xi Li

Hoshino Island

National Islander Party

Shinya is the last youngest son of the Hoshino family line, a line that the island of Hoshino is named for. His mother and father were both killed during a deadly hurricane that leveled much of their island leaving him in the care of his elder sister, Aya who had married. Aya had been disavowed by the family and had dropped her name and Shinya's name was dropped as well. He married Ya-Xi Li an immigrant from an unorganized island that was destroyed by a massive volcanic eruption. Ya-Xi was royalty on her home and was the last of her family thus Shinya took up her name in her honor. Together they make up the Viceroy and Vicerine positions though this is likely to change in the near future.

Zwei Sturnum

Stillstando Island

The Nationalism Pary*

General Sturnum is a veteran of the War of Unification and a native of the island. When rampant corruption began to affect the state's electoral process, Sturnum lead a breakaway sect that seized power of the state dissolving the office of The Elected and permanently suspending elections and the state's democratic process. Despite running the state like a military junta, he maintains loyalty to the UIS and the Crown.


Corona Island

National Liberal Party

Chief Ayla is one of the "founders" of the UIS and has been ruling as Chief since her husband was killed in the War for Unification. Ayla is often known as a staunch traditionalist in terms of AHSCA but has also said she has little interest in serving on the national stage.

Millhiore Firianno Biscotti

Animalpolis Island

Progressivism Party*

Going by Millhiore Firianno Biscotti or simply Millie or Milihi is a the Premier of Animalpolis Island she is often mistaken for nekomimi but she's Inumimi caniness-sapien. An orphan at a young age she was raised by the church and she picked out her own name feeling her normal name was to common and plain. She took the Premiership by winning the traditional duel the island had but also defied tradition by not killing the leader she was about to depose. Milli is married to a regular human, Cinque Izumi, a Corporal in the United Island Self Defense Forces.

*Unofficial party, not recognized on the national level.