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The West Pacifican vol 9

Delegate's Discourse

by Davelands, Delegate of TWP

This month was a great one for The West Pacific! We concentrated on our internal events. The first round of elections were held under my leadership and went very well. We have a new Speaker of the Hall of Nations in Overthinkers, Badger was elected as Minister of Recruitment and Citizenry, and Laururana was chosen as TWPAF Sergeant-at-Arms. In addition to those new people, Rigel, States of Glory, and Atlae were re-elected as Minister of Internal Affairs, Minister of World Assembly Affairs, and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs respectively.

And I would be remiss if I did not mention that I chose Halo to replace me permenantly as the new Minister of Foreign Affairs!

Our Internal Affairs group has been rocking the region! Thanks to Bran Astor’s hard work, we now have a regional map with incredible detail. Nations are joining by the dozens and role playing on Discord. If you haven’t seen it yet, the latest link is Linkhere. In addition, they have created a regional cookbook which is being published soon! Rigel organized a writing contest and started a Secret Santa group which is going strong. And of course, Trivia Night and D&D are continuing as always!

We are working hard to create events that will continue to engage the region. And those efforts are paying off. I hope that you enjoy what we are doing and if you have suggestions, contact Rigels Light.

The New Speaker's Plans

by Overthinkers, TWP's Speaker of the Hall

Another election cycle has come to a close in TWP, and for whatever reason we decided to install me as the third Speaker of the Hall. Following in the footsteps of Drall and Halo is not going to be an easy task, but I am grateful for the overwhelming support that the Hall showed for me in the election.

While I feel that the Speaker's role, in addition to representing the Hall before the Guardians, should be simply that of an administrator—moderating discussion and opening and closing votes while other Hall members truly lead the charge by proposing legislation—there are a few things I intend to get done while in office. Item one is drink a lot of coffee. But the other items are just as important.

One of my highest priorities is to work with our new Minister of Recruitment & Citizenry, Badger, to get players to come to the forum and get involved. We've had a recent wave of new citizens, and I hope to keep that trend going. It's been the newer players that have driven TWP's recent progress, and not moving away from our traditions, but strengthening them. And there's plenty of room for the older players who have been too shy or too uninterested to get involved in the region until now. Further, once we get people involved, we need to keep them involved.
Another thing that stuck out to me while I was considering running for Speaker was Clause 4 of the Judicial section of the Manners: “A Criminal and Civil Code...shall be established by the Hall of Nations and approved by the Delegate to provide for laws for all properties owned, operated and recognized by the legal Delegate of The West Pacific.” Wait, we're supposed to have a criminal code? I thought. Surely we made one and I've forgotten. And yet a search of the Hall's archives revealed nothing. So the creation of such a code has become another goal of mine.

I'd like to point out that it is in my job description to represent you, the people, to the government. Please do reach out to me if you have any concerns or ideas, and continue to yell at me till stuff gets done, or until I provide you with valid reasoning for why it will not be done. This includes bringing up issues within the Hall—I really will not notice anything unless you bring it to my attention. Overthinkers is under-observant.

In closing, I'd like to congratulate all the other ministers and deputies elected this past month. I've worked with nearly all of them in the past, mostly through TWPAF, and am looking forward to what we can do to serve TWP these next few months. Again, I'm grateful for this opportunity, and I hope I do not disappoint. So let's raise our coffee mugs high, and continue to drive TWP forward together.

Pirate Parties Never Slow Down

by Altino, Captain of TWPAF

In the busy month of November, the dastardly pirates of TWPAF went nonstop. After an 18 day siege with our Legions of friends in Osiris, any other Crew would have been exhausted; but our pirates persevered.

We spent the first half of November in a hold which ended in a successful refound. Then with only 14 days left in the month, we took again to the seas and raided a grand total of 111 regions! Our friends in Lone Wolves United, Osiris, and The Shining Host hung around particularly often to conquer native lands with our Crew.

TWPAF also celebrated the birthday of The Iron Order, a fascist region that we frequently terrorize, to the point that they nearly break! Lovingly, we raided all of their raid-able allies and refounded a couple while we were at it. Here’s to hoping this will be the last birthday that they see. Pirates don’t appreciate Nazis.

This month saw a downsize in TWPAF ranks as Captain Altino saw inactive pirates walk the plank, but no loss of life.

Dedicated pirates were rewarded with the following promotions:

Wampummariut from Greenhorn to Striker
Tekonian from Greenhorn to Striker
Havenka from Greenhorn to Striker
Faramond from Greenhorn to Striker
Mine from Greenhorn to Striker
Impedric from Striker to Powder Monkey
Nowakbren from Striker to Powder Monkey
Laururana from Gunner to Sailing Master

Ambassadors … More Than Dispatch Delivery Boys

by Halo, TWP's Minister of Foreign Affairs

Although Davelands is “nearly” omnipresent and omniscient, he isn’t Max. The West Pacific’s Diplomatic Corps provides vital assistance to our Delegate in running such a large, active GCR. Forty-three regions maintain embassies on our Forum.

The most important duty of our ambassadors is to be the face of TWP to our allies. While some of our allied regions contain several active TWPers, others only interact with these diplomats. Our ambassadors must be active in their assigned region’s RMB, Forum, Discord and Skype and must always strive to be friendly and respectful. In many cases, how the region sees the ambassador is how they see TWP.

Next, we rely on our ambassadors to keep us informed on the latest happenings in their assigned regions. While Davelands and I frequently pop into our allied regions, by the time we get to a particular region, the information we see may be outdated. When important events occur, TWP needs to know sooner than later.

Our diplomatic corps is also one way our allies and TWP communicate… yes, those dispatches! It may be easier for our allies to get in touch with our ambassador than with me or our Delegate at times. At the very least, it provides an alternative.

Finally, while an ambassador may be involved in negotiating treaties, more often they work with our allies to plan and run inter-regional events, such as fairs, balls and contests. These are very important ways in which we strengthen our friendships.

So … HAIL TO THE TWP DIPLOMATIC CORPS! These hard-working, friendly, loyal citizens deserve our thanks and praise.

A Beggar's Trade

by Skymoot

One day a captain sailed to a harbor. He claimed he was the best fisherman ever and that night he boasted his skill and stories. Also at the harbor was a homeless man who begged for food. He heard of the captain and decided to visit him.

On the first week, the homeless man visited the captain, still docked as endless ships sailed around the harbor. "Look at all those fishermen. I’m sure today's a great day for fishing, and do you have some food to spare?"
The captain shrugged it off. "Nah. All those boats are scaring away the fish. I can always fish tomorrow. I'm sorry but I have nothing to give." The homeless man nodded and walked away, begging other fishermen for food and money.
On the second week, the homeless man returned to the captain, still docked as winds roared past the buildings. "The winds frolic to the sea. I’m sure today's a great day for fishing, and do you have some food to spare?”
The capitain shrugged it off. "Nah, these winds would kill a ship. I can always fish tomorrow. I'm sorry but I have nothing to give." The homeless man nodded and visited the other fishermen, who kindly gifted him fish from their voyages.

On the third week, the homeless man returned to the captain, still docked at the harbor while the sun beamed down on sleepy waves. "The sun blesses this day sir. I’m sure today's a great day for fishing, and do you have some food to spare?”

The captain shrugged it off. "Nah. See todays too good to fish. It should be spent resting. I can always fish tomorrow. I'm sorry but I have nothing to give." The homeless man nodded and greeted the other captains, who gifted him fish.
On months’ end, taxes were due. A harbormaster visited the captain. "You owe 200 gold coins." The captain panicked and looked for fish to pay off his debt. But he had no fish. "How could this happen!?" He yelled. "I'm the best captain ever!"

The homeless man visited and paid off the captain’s debt. "I'm shocked that even a homeless man has more fortune than you do. But that's what happens when we work our trades." He gifted the captain a fish and left, eating a cooked fish.

The end.

Liked the story? Want to read more? Contact me on my discord at “Fedora Dan – Skymoot#5645” or from my Minecraft username GearHead97. Thank you for reading my story, and hope to see you soon!

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