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Union and Progress - CLP Manifesto December 2017

Manifesto for the Parliamentary elections, December 2017, ratified at the Classical Liberal Convention of December 2017, on _______________________:



I. Renewal

WE PLEDGE to forge a path through the inactivity and passivity that plagues our community as a whole, making reviving recruitment and streamlining the Union’s government our priority.

For several months now the Union has suffered from an ever reducing population and an increasingly dysfunctional government. As the majority party since August, we must take responsibility for a large part of this crisis, and as a party we are taking measures to ensure all of our members act to their utmost to keep up activity. As the only party and grouping that has openly and fully acknowledged this crisis as such, and voted unanimously in Parliament for a Motion to Declare a State of Emergency, we firmly believe that we are the most qualified and organized organization to fight back against inactivity.

II. Consensus

WE PLEDGE, in keeping with a spirit of putting Union before party, to always work to build consensus in Parliament and government, finding ways to move forward together, united.

The Union has never functioned on a purely partisan basis – we have always come together to do what was best for the Union as a whole. This is why we will never seek to impose our program on the Union without due process and consultation with other actors on the Union political scene.

III. Freedom and Liberty

WE PLEDGE to forever defend the rights and freedoms of Union citizens, guaranteeing their free exercise in the Union.

The Classical Liberal Party believes that the Government and the Parliament must work proactively to guarantee the rights and protect the freedoms of the Citizens of the Union. It goes without saying that we are only a Union because we have agreed on founding principles of democracy, principles that ultimately derive from the unassailable rights of the citizen.

IV. People’s Voice

WE PLEDGE to always listen to our constituents’ ideas and concerns, and to promote the citizens’ expression of their views and projects on the Citizen’s Forum, never acting against the interests of the community.

We will attend to the needs and requests of the citizens of the Union, to whom we will always hold ourselves accountable. The Citizen's Forum must be revived to enable all the growth of citizen participation that is needed for the Union to survive as a viable entity.

V. Bright Future

WE PLEDGE to make sure the government does all in its power to restore activity and prosperity to the Union.
WE PLEDGE to advance the principals of democracy wherever possible within the Union, creating a just and equal platform for all citizens to launch their nation’s from.
WE PLEDGE to keep legislating for the people of the Union, putting rational and logical thought into the expression of the law – specifically to pursue the following policies:
- Conduct a complete overhaul of the Union’s government and other institutions, so as to streamline the processes by which our Union functions and to open our institutions back up, returning them to the people;
- Relaunch effective and consistent recruitment by reviving and reforming the Recruitment Council, while exploring other means of expanding the Union’s profile and appeal abroad;
- Continue to actively seek out further ways to bring the nations of our region together under a common identity, furthering in all our actions UNION and PROGRESS.

We continue to strongly believe in a bright, progressive, and dynamic future for our Union, a future which we never stop giving our utmost for.

The Classical Liberal Party is for the defense of our Union, and will not let YOU down.

The Free Republic of Abdoa