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by The Lenlyvitian Colony of Terra Voltera. . 763 reads.

THTHI Embassy Policy

1. All embassy regions are preferred to be active, with a sign of activity such as New nations arriving, RMB posts, or NS forum RP.

2. Only embassies from Role Playing regions will be excepted, all others will be denied.

3. Embassy regions must have a role play tag, exceptions made at the founders discretion.

4. Embassy regions cannot have the tag invader, and if they have a past invading other regions the founder will put that embassy request on hold.

5. Its preferable for regions wishing to have an embassy to have at least 25 nations, exceptions to be made at the founders discretion.

6. As of 8-29-18 only embassies from regions that fill out an Embassy Request form will be accepted. Most embassies will now be closed, pending embassy applications. Please telegram Terra Voltera for acceptance. No embassy collector regions will be accepted.

The Lenlyvitian Colony of Terra Voltera