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The Elparia Herald Issue I

Roleplay News

The Novi Romani Imperii Conflict
Reported By The cavian state

Trekan naval vessel off the coast of NRI
The First Annual Elparian Summit kicked off Sunday, November 26th in Theed, Holocron of Revan, with one topic on the minds of all delegates- war. Since the Imperialist Trekan invasion of Novi romani imperii, tension has filled the nations inhabiting Elparia.
This was clearly visible on the face of the Trekan delegate, Kaiser Carl Volksburg the VII. In his speech however, he is unwavering in defending his nation. “Our nation was deliberately threatened by Novi romani imperii, the land they own used to be Trekan [but] what we are angry about… is Chuukango [being] attacked.” he stated the following day of the conference. He also stressed his military policy of quick response, saying “If you disarm us, no matter what, we will fight for our rights.” Chuckling, he continued. “And if you attack us, you’ve got another thing coming.” On the condemnation of many nations such as Pyongsu, Cavia, and Aquias, among others, he stated that “To watch soldiers die unprovoked at the hands of artillery fire only to be ignored by their own commander-in-chief, that’s crazy.” And on his future plans? “In conclusion, though war is horrible, I will not cease my invasion plans for Novi romani imperii.”
Although Chuukango, another nation deliberately attacked by Novi romani imperii is a close Imperialist Trekan ally, their government decided to take an anti-war stance. “Clearly my refusal to take military action against this new ‘empire’ isn’t one that is understood, so let me clear somethings up.” President Sebastian LeFer began. “...I see no need to risk lives by putting boots on the ground. If you feel otherwise then you are free to do so since, as you said, the land they occupy belonged to you.” The President finished after making remark on the Pyongsu terrorist attack and Concordaia's Prime Minister’s assassination.
Other nations took a relatively neutral stance, but did not condemn Imperialist Treka. Aquias Magistrate Alexander Hedegaard stated that Aquias “hereby [deems] that we shall not interfere with the invasion… Taking into account that they have reacted to such attacks… I seek no disarmament of Treka, as long as this invasion stays within the boundaries of either nation.”
Cavia’s James Lee accompanied with Prince Thomas made an appearance, with Lee stating that “We strongly support, and will host or defend any scheduled peace talks between the two nations… our military and policy however, will be neutral… we condemn Treka but we do not support Novi [Roman Imperii].” However, as part of The cavian state's delegation, gaining insight into Minister Lee’s thoughts was more than easy. “I strongly condemned Treka due to their violations of peace-time treaties and failure to alert the international community on their decided course of action.” Lee said in a private interview with the Cavian SBM News. “Although their reasons are half-justified, we still have no solid evidence of Novi Romani Imperii aggresion, although personally I believe the Trekan claims.”
And agreeing with the Cavians, to round off the session on November 28th, the hosts rose to speak. Revanian Padme Amidala stated that “here, in this room, is the chance to establish peace and friendship… Our people have always held a medium of peace and justice, and I recommend the rest of Elparia to follow suit on such matters.”
As of now the official war has had no engagements, with a total of zero shots fired from both sides. Both Imperialist Treka and Novi romani imperii have begun troop and supply movements, but the world is yet to see the first fights of this new war.

Elparia has been rattled as two weeks ago, the Concordaian Prime Minister and a large portion of his cabinet were assassinated by four unknown parachutists.
One eyewitness from outside the building stated, “there was a flash of black, like a cloth, against the sky, before quickly dissipating behind the tower”.
Once the four assailants were inside the building, they ran through rooms, killing everyone they saw, until finally reaching the Prime Minister’s chambers, where he was discussing something with a few cabinet members. They murdered each and every one of them in cold blood, and lept out of the window to a waiting helicopter just as backup was arriving. Although the Concordaian air forces made a chase of the helicopter, they quickly lost them in the nearby mountains.
The Concordaian Minister of War commented, “[The assassins] operated with such precision and alertness … [that] one would think they had been plotting this for months … [the building] was designed in order to be a maze of orderly rooms and conference halls, it’s literally impossible that they did not have some sort of inside [information]”
A coroner investigation revealed some startling facts. All weapons, as evidenced by the bullets and camera footage, appeared to have been sourced from Imperialist Trekan weapons manufacturers, and the assailants themselves held a small Trekan insignia on their shoulders.
This has led to some violence and protests against Trekan-Concordaians living in the New Luminan, as on Monday, a crowd of people surrounded a Trekan-majority neighborhood and let no one exit until police dispersed the mob.
The Trekan Chancellor has vehemently denied any involvement with the murder, stating “I can assure you I have no intentions of destroying the relations between our two nations … I [look forward] to when the criminals are brought to justice and given Concordaia’s highest sentence”
An investigator pointed out, “[The assassins] had the resources to somehow figure out the exact location of the Prime Minister and evade all attempts at getting caught or killed. Would it really be that hard for them to sew on a flag?”
The international response has been mixed, with citizens across the globe holding virgils for the charismatic leader, and offering support for their fellow Eplarians, while most governments have condemned the attack and have substantially raised security for their own important figures of state.
But for the Concordaians, they lost a beloved leader that day, and His Majesty King William I will have to lead his people out of the crisis.

Fascists Overrun PyeMcGowan
Reported By Volitopia

Wentenham's high-rises in flames
A mere seven days ago, right after the region was dealing with the shock of the murder of the Concordaian Prime Minister, disaster struck in the United Federation. Massive riots broke out among the citizens of Chittenham Borough, leading to the breakdown of local authority, and the destruction of multiple towns in the surrounding area. Close allies of Pyemcgowan expressed concern and offered aid, but the rest of the region, including the PyeMcGowanian government, figured that the situation could easily be handled by the capable military forces of the state. We were all horribly wrong.
While troops and aid workers marched in on the flame-engulfed counties, the rest of the nation suddenly exploded in the same rage against the government, with anarchist mobs and armed militias storming Midtown, Wentenham, and advancing on the capital. The Federation forces fell back and a nationwide state of emergency was declared, but at this point it was too late. A mob of militiamen stormed the Parliament building and killed many, while those government officials who weren’t killed fled to a secure government bunker.
With the eyes of the world upon this appalling turn of events, the arisen militia general Hinden Bourgen made a speech on the destroyed capitol hill, “We came to this house of corruption and filth to cleanse our great nation of the stalling politicians and the foreign infiltrators who held a chokehold upon our ancestral lands for so long … no more! No more, I say! [We] will hold PyeMcGowan strong! We will restore it to its former glory, and [purify] the nation! Long Live the Revolution! Long Live the Glorious Empire of PyeMcGowan!”.
Immediately Elparia, and the remaining Federation forces saw the dawn of the new, and dark, time for Pyemcgowan. According to the new government, the people had risen up on that day to, “fulfill their heart’s aching duty to the fatherland and overthrow the lie of democracy and instill the eternal fascist empire of PyeMcGowan”.
The remnants of the old government have fled to their old ally The United Kingdom of Concordaia, who has also pledged to take in all asylum seekers from the former United Federation of PyeMcGowan.
The international response has been quite mixed. The Merchant Republic of Kuroria is the only nation to officially recognize the new government, and has pledged its military support in providing access to Kuroria’s lucrative arms industry. Concordaia condemned the overthrow of the government, sanctioned the Empire, and warned that any further attempts at the creation of conflicts would be met with swiftly and mercilessly. The Republic of Volitopia shared identical sentiments, and the two nations have been recently engaging in joint military exercises near the Pyemcgowan border.
“We are determined to contain this fascist proto-government and prevent it from destabilizing the peace and security of Elparia”, stated Volitopian Secretary of Defense Roy Varlaam in a press release this Tuesday. Most other nations, including Volitopian allies The cavian state and Holocron of Revan, have chosen to remain neutral and accept refugees. However even among neutral nations like Cavia and Votumnia, the military has been put on alert or had significant budget increases announced, respectively.
Currently no blood has been spilled outside of the Empire’s borders, but the cascading mutual defense pacts and rising tensions on both sides is bringing the region to the brink of international conflict.

Terrorist Attack in Pyongsu
Reported By Volitopia
Two weeks ago, at 7:54pm in Yangju Square, Yangsan, Pyongsu, a bomb went off, killing 78 innocent civilians, and leaving no survivors. The city was thrown into panic and sorrow for the victims, with the next day finding a crowd of people surrounding the remains of the square, mourning the deceased, “as brothers, as friends” as one mourner put it.
President Lu Yijun delivered a passionate and warning speech that morning, “[Pyongsu] has only had peace… but now we are forced into war. Any who try to harm us will be stopped. They may be hidden, but we will find [them]”.
The administration has declared greater vigilance and security measures against the possibility of terror attacks, and has pushed its allies to cooperate on international anti-terror organization. Currently, only the Federal Republic of Imperialist Treka has responded to calls for international discourse, although it has been brought up in passing during the Regional Summit. Few other nations perceive the recent events in Pyongsu as a serious international crisis, and so have done little to prevent the possibility of terrorism in their nations.

Gameplay News

About a week ago on the regional discord, New Ducklands proposed the elimination of CORO as a governing body. This was already going off of a small but steadily increasing demand for Elparian constitutional reform, as problems with constitutional inefficiencies voiced by the Prime Minister and a majority of the panel of Judges were growing louder. This was in part due to the problematic merging of the Constitutions of The Delegation of Gallifrey and Rossferry by Duckai.
Originally, all laws and customs of Gallifrey were to be transferred to the new merger region (as was defined by the starting agreements of the merger and reiterated multiple times). However, problems like who would hold the offices, would they all be needed, and whether or not such a system would work in the new region became apparent, so Ducky volunteered to merge the two Constitutions, and the new set of laws was agreed upon by the merger leaders.
But as we are seeing now, the final product was far from perfect, as rather than adapting each original constitution’s concepts to fit well with each other, the end result was just copy/pasted with excerpts from separate laws, causing such glaring contradictions as we see now.
Several of the problems include; (1) The inclusion of both a representative and direct democracy in the legislative process, without directly defining which supersedes the other, (2) The digression of the powers of the WA Delegate and that of the Prime Minister, which were agreed upon to be merged, (3) (I say this one as the person who makes the poll schedules for passing bills) The rather bureaucratic requirements for certain bills to go to the vote, and (4) The inclusion of amendments from the previous constitutions in a seperate section rather than integrated into the text, which serve only to create further mess.
And so, three days ago, New Ducklands called for the official creation of a new constitutional convention, which was approved unanimously by the Judicial Panel, and won a 21-1 approval victory, with 6 abstaining. As one of the members of the constitution rewrite, I hope to see a better, less bureaucratic and less divided Elparia arise from this ambitious project.

To the tune of his campaign promise of making Elparia a power in regional gameplay, Concordaia has successfully negotiated an entrance into the Treaty of Yukki, an “organization promoting peace, stability, and development”, as defined by its founding charter.
The Treaty of Yukki consists of mutual defense and cultural collaboration between the regions of Dawn, Union of Confederate Regions, KAISERREICH, and of course Elparia. Many of these regions number in the hundreds of nations, and have existed and impacted the game for a couple of years.
This alliance provides military support and protection for Elparia, and also gives it a seat on important interregional matters. Of course, the alliance is not only R/D; an alliance-wide map is in the works, and a Christmas-themed RP is up - The Hunt for Red December, where in true festive fashion, your nation’s most intrepid explorers strap on their winter wear and traverse through the ice and sleet to capture Santa’s sleigh.
In all, the Treaty of Yukki will provide a good environment for Elparia to grow strong culturally, militarily, and politically.

Mending Relations With The USUC
Reported By Volitopia
Rossferry has had quite a few not-so-good relations with a few NS groups, one of them being The United Soviet Union of Communism. The two regions have had quite an interesting history, with puppet fraud, war, and the like. However, with the creation of Elparia, people have been looking to a fresh start in relations.
One month ago, Imperialist Treka brokered a peace between Elparia and the USUC’s leader New russia the 3, and successfully opened embassy relations between the two regions. Treka's friend Galichovia (now a member of the European Coalition) delivered the message to the region for Treka, given Treka's RMB ban.
But the issue was that it was done without any government approval. Prime Minister Concordaia chided Galichovia for acting without authority, investigated the terms and approved the action of opening embassies. Happily, no other incidents of unapproved activity on behalf of the government have come about.
And on the side of the USUC? New Russia the 3 commented, “Galiogolach [a notable figure from Rossferry’s history] would be proud of the peace we have achieved!”
It is indeed Elparia’s pride that she has been able to heal old divisions and walk into this new age for the region without the blood of the past on her hands.


Look it up

The cavian state wrote:Ducklands-Webster Dictionary
Tea-sipper(pl. tea-sippers) or tea sipper noun
Def. -A derogatory term to refer to a former member of the region The Delegation of Gallifrey

World Assembly Woes
New Ducklands wrote:The World Assembly in a Nutshell:

- Terrorism? Later.
- Peace? Later.
- Remove corruption in World Assembly and Security Council? Later.
- Condemn what needs to be Condemned? Later.
- Liberate regions? Later.
- Commend important people who deserve it me? Later.


Neo-georgiria wrote:GIB OR NO GIB The Hottest New TV Show In All The Land

Democracy at Work
New Ducklands wrote:Velvo should vote for reforms or I'll reform his arse.

Welcome to Elparia
Wobbegong wrote:*When you incite a angry invasion because of bread*

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