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Moderator Candidates December 2017



I have only been here for the past few months, but I have remained active on the RMB and if elected will remain so. I have also learned that Iveagh is all about encouraging a positive experience and I will work to continue to do just that.

Future Ideas:

I will establish a foreign policy about embassy's. I will also establish policy's ensuring the WA Representative votes as the regions opinion, not their opinion.

Why should people vote for you:

If elected I will...
1.Telegram any nations who require assistance and help them out.
2. I will run polls to inform the president on the regions views, opinions, and suggestions for events in the future.
3. I will establish a foreign policy explaining exactly what the WA is and what an embassy does.
4. I will let Iveagh help establish embassy's by voting based on their opinions on the other region included in the potential embassy.
5. I will ensure the WA representative votes with the majority on WA proposals and resolutions by creating polls, as when you become a WA representative you give up your right to vote based on your opinion because you no longer just represent your nation but you represent your region.
6. I will maintain a presence on the message board.

Campaign Motto:

Vote for the people, vote Humilem




I have been a moderator in the past.

Future Ideas:

RP War Requirements, Discord Management Act

Why should people vote for you:

I want to make the region more friendly.

Campaign Motto:

Letís Move Forward!