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General Intelligence Directorate

General Intelligence Directorate

Formed: 1974
2001 (current form)

Jurisdiction: Government of Sahuria

Headquarters: al-Qaitabh, Sahuria

Role: Foreign Intelligence, Domestic Intelligence, Signals Intelligence

Agency Executive: Sabri al-Hafiz

Parent Agency: Ministry of Interior

The General Intelligence Directorate, generally referred to as the "Mukhabarat", is the most important intelligence service of Sahuria and plays an important role in quelling internal dissent. It acts as both the foreign and domestic intelligence service, and handles signals intelligence as well. After the end of the Civil War in 2000, Afsharid Persia has thoroughly assisted the Islamic Republic in the creation of the General Intelligence Directorate, and the nation maintains a heavy influence on the agency.


The General Intelligence Directorate is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Interior. It is divided into three branches:

  • Domestic Intelligence Branch

  • Foreign Intelligence Branch

  • Signals Intelligence Corps

The domestic intelligence branch is responsible for the internal surveillance and security of the population, the foreign intelligence branch is responsible for foreign intelligence work, and the signals intelligence is responsible for monitoring and intercepting radio, radar, and other electronic signals. The General Intelligence Directorate is also presumed to have a cyber warfare branch.


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