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by The Torporine Kingdom of Finium. . 586 reads.

A Brief Introduction

The Completed Works of Arthur Bookman
Endorsed & Commissioned by the Imperial Ministry

Over the years spent creating the militarized expanse known today, the Empire has attracted many enemies who only too happily disgrace the good name of the Empire and her benevolent ruler with names such as "Fascist", "Oppressive", even "Evil". It is at such a time that the Imperial Ministry has commissioned me, Arthur Bookman, to correct these gross misconceptions. I will begin with the briefest account of Finian history I can muster, which directly ties to the Geography of Finium. The Culture will be examined in my third work, Politics followed logically by Vital Legislation, Religious Workings, Military Underpinnings, Economic Growth, International Affairs and a collection of facts that is designed for the edification of foreigners. This is to be the true and unquestioned extrapolation of all things Finian; I hope you enjoy.

- Arthur D. Bookman, Imperial Scribbler -