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Alliance | Joint Emergency Response Force

DISCLAIMER - Most of this work is not the original works of Noronica but the works of Franco Albion/Gudao/Albion Invicta. The original creator, due to his absence in the region, wishes to continue these creations and has given me license to transfer them into the regional canon under my name. I, under no circumstances, pretend that this is all my original work but I have edited it to fit with my dispatch style and regional canon.

The Noronnican-led
Joint Emergency Response Force




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Anti-Piracy measures
Disaster Relief
Humanitarian Aid


July 2017

The Joint Emergency Response Force (JERF) is the Overlordship of Noronica-led emergency response force which consists of, as necessary, its member states.

The creation of the JERF was announced in July 2017 by the Secretary for Defence, Martyn Greyhound.

The Noronnican element of the JERF consists of personnel and equipment from the Noronnican Navy, United Noronnican Army, Noronnican Air Force and several Auxiliary Forces equipment, and is designed to provide greater levels of integration than previously achieved especially when combined with other nations' armed forces.

The multinational JERF was publicly launched as a C6-based initiative at the September 2014 Gwynon Summit, subsumed under the new “Framework Nations Concept” rubric. The Noronica-led agreement was formed to act as framework nations for groups of Allies coming together to work multi-nationally for the joint response to various humanitarian crises all over the Isles.

In July the Noronnican Secretary for Defence Martyn Greyhound also announced the signature of a Letter of Intent between the participating nations, to establish the JERF so that it is fully operational before the end of 2017.


The aim of the JERF is to create a Noronnican military emergency-response framework, focused around its existing high readiness capabilities, that its partners can join up with. While it is Noronica’s intention to fully integrate its JERF partners’ contributions before 2018, the JERF could deploy immediately if required. It is designed with the following requirements in mind:

  • To act jointly and with partners, but able to act alone.

  • To be well equipped, but not tied to platforms.

  • To adapt as the environment changes.


The JERF is intended as a pool of high readiness, adaptable forces that is designed to enhance Noronica’s ability to respond to international humanitarian crises rapidly, anywhere in the world, with like-minded allies, or on behalf of international organisations such as the C6 or RTEA.

Speaking before the Noronnican Cabinet, Martyn Greyhound and the Secretary for International Development, Lord Finely Phillips, outlined the specific applications that the capabilities of the Joint Emergency Response Force will allow:

"With the capability to act swift so as to ensure we can act before the increase of casualties or so as to punch hard into and end piracy operations."

"JERF will be capable of projecting humanitarian aid with regional effect and influence. Nowhere is more important to us in the Isles as it is our duty to defend and aid those in dire need, no matter their creed, race, religion or ethnicity. Every soul in the Isles shall have a voice."


Since its formation, the JERF has been deployed on the following campaigns:

Xrevaro (August - October 2017) : Operation Peregrine

  • JERF C-5/10 Albantroch and C-6/12 Peliachn aircraft deployed on a fire-fighting and humanitarian mission.

  • JERF leads redevelopment projects to aid repair of infrastructure.

South Mesder Sea (September 2017 - ) : Operation Poseidon

  • Noronica deploys Àdnachd class frigates in anti-piracy operations.

  • Verona beach deploys task force, including an amphibious assault ship