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The Inspector-General

The Inspector-General of Jeltronia

The Inspector-General is the national officer tasked to investigate and prosecute graft and corruption in the government of Jeltronia and recommend policies to cut red tape and waste in spending. It is an independent institution that reports directly to the King.

The Inspector-General has vast powers and exercises jurisdiction over the entire royal government, with the exception of the King. The Inspector-General has representatives and internal offices in the different agencies and instrumentalities of the government, including the many colonies.

The Inspector-General is assisted by four Deputies, one for each branch of the royal government (legislative, executive and judiciary and one for the armed forces).

The Inspector-General also exercises jurisdiction over local elected officials and can place any officer under preventive suspension for a period not to exceed 6 months. This power is generally not reviewable, except for the King, and the Supreme Court sitting as the King's Bench.

The current Inspector-General is George Bertrand Carreb who was appointed on November 19th 2017. Mr. Carreb held a number of positions in varied organizations before joining the Office of the Inspector-General. He was a Senior Director at the then Ministry for Public Works, where he was responsible for managing a national team of criminal forensic accountants. He served as the Resident Inspector of the Ministry for the Home Office prior to being named as the new Inspector-General. Mr. Carreb is happily married with two children.

Mr. George Bertrand Carreb

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