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Roleplaying in the South Pacific: How to Get Involved.


Ministry of Regional Affairs

Roleplaying in the South Pacific:
How to Get Involved

So, you like roleplaying your nation, do you? Well, that's great! There are actually lots of ways to roleplay in NationStates in general and specifically within the South Pacific. Let's have a look at some:

  • Roleplaying on the NationStates forums
    There are lots of roleplaying communities across NationStates that use the main site forums for their RP activities, including a few for people in any region to participate in roleplaying alone or with each other. If that sounds like your kind of thing, then you should visit The National and International Roleplaying Forums
  • Roleplaying in Knowhere
    Knowhere is a region created by the government of the South Pacific and with which we maintain an embassy so that nations in the South Pacific can roleplay on its Regional Message Board. This was done to prevent the RMB of the South Pacific from becoming clogged up with RP discussions which can be fascinating, but rarely interest most players and tend to take up a lot of posts in a short space of time. You don't have to move to Knowhere, just visit its RMB and, so long as you have a nation in the South Pacific, you can post there!
  • Roleplaying on the South Pacific forums
    The South Pacific maintains a set of forums dedicated to the purpose of roleplaying. These are known as LinkTreasure Island and consist of:
    • LinkTortuga - Where players can hold out-of-character discussions about roleplaying and learn how to play.
    • LinkBantam Harbour - Where our canon RPs takes place. This also has three subforums:
      • LinkShipwreck Cove - Where nations hold international events and host their embassy threads.
      • LinkMessage in a Bottle - Where players can post news from their nations in the form of newspapers, websites, broadcasts and our flash news thread for one or two sentence news bulletins.
      • LinkThe Plank - Where players can post information about their nations.
      • LinkCharts Repository - Where players can post maps about their nations, participate in surveys and apply for a plot on the Linkregional map.

  • LinkKnowhere - Where players can roleplay anything outside of our canon RPs, including (but certainly not limited to) non-canon versions of the same world.

If your interest is in the NS forums or the region, Knowhere, then any further answers you seek will be found there. The rest of this dispatch will be dedicated to helping you join in with our canon RP in LinkBantam Harbour. Firstly, here are a few things you need to know about our canon RP:

  • It is a modern-tech nation RP. That means that your nation has to have a similar level of technology to existing nations in the world today - no fantasy magic or time travel or intergalactic spaceships, save those for RPs in the LinkKnowhere forum (and we're always happy to start more of those!).
  • Our players appreciate a high level of verisimilitude, where possible, so try to make your nation believable. For example, if you have a nation in the Antarctic circle, don't expect it to be highly populous with a booming agricultural industry.
  • Roleplaying in LinkBantam Harbour is primarily conducted through the following means:

  • Our activity levels can vary. A good RPer can drum up enthusiasm around an event, but also be patient to work with other's schedules.

Before you join in in LinkBantam Harbour, you will need to claim a plot on the LinkRegional Map. The map is currently updated monthly by our Cartographer, Sedunn (Qwert), but, so long as your nation is in the South Pacific and you haven't claimed someone else's plot, you can assume your request has been accepted and begin roleplaying your nation from that plot.

A good way to start RPing is to post a general overview or factbook of your nation as it stands in that plot. Consider believable population densities based on your nation's size (a list of the area of each plot Linkcan be found here.) Compare the area and topography with that of real nations (Linkon Wikipedia, for example) and you can come up with something believable pretty easily. You can also work out believable levels of resources and industry and a GDP to match, although it's fair to say that we tend to tweak our GDP's so they are always in the range of more developed nations.

It's also always a good idea to see what other regular RPers are up to. Take a look at the Plank for their factbooks and follow current events in Message in a Bottle. Don't be afraid to speak to other RPers, either in a forum thread in LinkTortuga, via forum PM, telegram or even Linkon Discord. We're all pretty easy to talk to most of the time!

Whatever you choose to do, though, make sure to have fun - it's not worth it if it's work and, in the end, we're all here to tell stories of one kind or another, so let's work together to tell a really good one!

The One-Winged Etymology Shark of Erinor