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GOV.ALT // Military

Air, Land and Naval Force Information

Monitored and maintained by the Alteran Council for National Statistics,
and the Council for Defense, this section of the GOV.ALT site gives quick,
easy access to information and services relating to defense spending,
structure and equipment within Altera.

Strategos Albinus Rector

Annual Spending
Ͼ32.2 Billion ACr ($38.7 Billion USD)

Army Personnel
75,000 Active // 100,000 Reserve

Navy Personnel*
32,000 Active // 5,000 Reserve

Air Force Personnel
32,000 Active // 10,000 Reserve

Minimum Service
4 Years Full-Time // 7 Years Part-time

*Including 7,000 Alteran Marines

Space Defence Force

Merito non pareret. | By merit, not birth.

GOV.ALT service is designed and maintained by HORIZON Inc.
on behalf of the Alteran Council of Information, Altera.