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I truly appreciate the positive feedback I've received thus far regarding this GOV.ALT project. I've been inundated [already!!] with requests for assistance with inspired nations. This site has, and will, continue to take many more hours of coding and maintenance to keep it growing and functioning. It's the brainchild of many, many hours of research, design and coding - and it is something not easily replicated. As such, unfortunately, I am unable to assist much.

This whole site is based on the real-world GOV.UK site designed and administrated by the UK government. I am in no way affiliated with that team, merely an admirer of their system's design and implementation. Web design is my passion and I am aiming to head into a career to suit this fetish of mine.

In regards to permissions: you may not use the raw code - including editing it and refining it - even if you cite me as a source. However, I do consider permissions on a case-by-case basis - please get in contact. I do not give permission to use or subtly alter the graphics. I know what some of you are like ...

Anyway, thank you for reading this little spoiler. I plan to add easter eggs to this site. If you find them, TG me and if you're right I'll add you to a special list!

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