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Holly “De Stralend en Wonderbaarlijk Licht Koningin” Starlight [REVAMPED]


[size=200][i][b]Name: [color=#69B4FF]Holly Aceline “De Stralend en Wonderbaarlijk Licht Koningin Van Haar Mooie Universum” Aurora Symantha Vreugde Astrid Lavender Lexis Lilac Harmony Tsi. Marlie Nova Radiant Lapia Starlight[/color][/b][/i][/size][hr]
Height (Constant): 1014.31 centimeters (10.1431 meters / 33 ft 3 1/3 in).
Height (Variable): 10[sup]-10000[/sup] meters to 10[sup]500,000[/sup] meters
Weight: 0 kg to 10[sup]300,000[/sup] kilograms

Hello there, my little friends! A pleasure to meet you in this wonderful garden home of mine! I hope that this is not that forbidden cold for you; I have done the pleasure of increasing the temperatures a little just for you! That aside, please don't be afraid! I am not here to hurt you! To put it first and foremost, yes, you are indeed talking to a being made out of energy. I am made out of lights, specifically ones that are blue and light blue! I am an avid lover of nature, as you can see around here. There is usually nothing but trees and forest upon forest, along with the gardens and flowers. I feel at peace in my own home, and I usually do not leave my home because of this. I like it here! Hmm, you might also notice the lack of people, then. I suppose it was because of the temperature, but if people are willing to come in, they would have done so while trying to brave the temperatures one way or another. However, I simply did not let them. My friends, you are here because I really do trust you with all my heart, and I hope that you will not take advantage of me! I am indeed cool-tempered and patient with people when I have to interact with them, but at the same time, I am a paranoid being. There is nothing against you, of course! I have just been cooped up to myself for longer than I thought. Hmm, would you like to hear my story? I do hope that you will find it fascinating, given my nature and all.

As many would have told and thought about me, I do exist outside of the thing that is called space and time. I am not affected by the passage of time, nor by the constraints of space. This dimension exists outside of the conventional universes, the latter part being a bit more important. I am perhaps an epitome of magic existing naturally and peacefully with itself. I was born into this world approximately- hmm, by my count, maybe 80 eternities ago. In numbers that you people use, I am approximately 2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 years old (2 x 10[sup]24[/sup] years). Those are a lot of zeros, sorry about that! Anyway, I was born into this world and universe as a happenstance - there is no one else before or after me. I was a strand of light at first, but eventually, I grasped hold of this place after exploring around a little bit more. Needless to say, this was the first time I realised the magic of this place, and thus I created and manifested myself as strands of light. I know nothing of the other worlds that exist, and I certainly took a lot of time with it!

Eventually, I was able to master the techniques of my magic a little bit more, and I started gathering and creating more energy in this place. I know - energy cannot be created or destroyed. In my realm, the physics did not exactly follow, but we will get to that later! I created more energy, and I was able to practice and hone in the ability to peek and take a look at the other worlds around, materializing as streaks of light. I have observed otherworldly beings... along with this Earth; there definitely were a lot more before me! As a result of these observations, I realised that I was drawn in towards the natural part of your worlds - trees, flowers, cute little animals. I want them all! I thought I could create them, which I did in a matter of years, and thus the places that you are seeing around you right now. It was all thanks to the observations I have made! I don't mind the more sapient creatures, but they unfortunately were quite troublesome. Oh, I did not interact with them, no no. I observed them as light particles and I would have to say, I am not a big fan of your kinds, no offense. Death and destruction follows everywhere these sapient creatures go. Not just "humans", other sapient beings like I said.

Still, even then, I started to look and wander around these worlds, passively looking at them through the mirrors that I have created in my world, while making sure that no one can enter it. I tend to avoid the science labs, because their instruments can detect me and it is a little problematic. I observed, and looked through even more, and a few times, the actions of these sapient beings were a little disturbing. If greed and desire can corrupt and overthrow many things, I can imagine that it will go awful for me if they found out about me. That was the fear I have. As they evolve and have better technology even amongst the commoners, that was when I decided to shut myself off and never making contact again for 60 eternities. Eventually, being along in here can be a little boring. Yes, I can create non-sapient versions of myself to talk to, and there are a lot of things to see and look in other worlds. I still am missing that particular experience, if I am to be honest. Sapient beings, in general, are destructive. This I am so sorry to say. However, even from this, I realised that there were a lot of good things coming out of it, and it was perhaps my misjudgment that I shut off for 60 eternities without giving them a second chance.

And so I peaked once again, after so long. When I did, what these humans called the nuclear bombs fell onto the ground that I was observing from. That was quite a welcome, I thought. Hmph. Luckily, I am a being made out of light, so that did not bother me. It was a very awful sight - to see all the death and destruction once again. Did I make the wrong choice again? No, this cannot be all that bad, I thought. I looked around and surely enough, that was when I met [nation]Valentine Z[/nation]. It was a little awful that they could not save everyone or even prevent it in the first place, but it was an impossible task, as I was told. They were so bent on burning everything that their judgments were clouded and thus, only choice being to save a handful from this fate. As it turns out, the nuclear bombs that they (the people in this pre-Valentian Era) dropped also widened the rift that I have opened to observe, which then made a larger portal in Burma. I was trying to close it, but there was something about these Valentians, along with the people they interact with. People from other nations - [nation]S i t k a[/nation], [nation]Bloodshade[/nation], [nation]Zitravgrad[/nation], [nation]Stanier[/nation], [nation]Karamiko[/nation], [nation]The Albali Republic[/nation], and many more others I might be missing... They have proved to me that there are more to these sapient creatures than just death and destruction. For this, I would in turn like to apologise everyone in the past for my misjudgment of them, many universes that I have missed out on just because I thought they were all evil. No one is fully good or evil, after all, hm hm!

To celebrate this, and to welcome the Valentians and the others around me, I decided to give myself a presentable look. I can turn into whatever form I desire, after all! I can be a little kitten, a puppy, a winged mythological bird that is the height of several floors. Hmm, no, in the end, I have decided to present myself in one form. It was of someone, and something, I guess, that reflects the hope, innocence, and curiosity I am starting to have on the world around me, and to start exploring a little bit more. There is only one true form of me, and that is, my dear friends, is how I am here right now.

A capture of Licht Koningin Holly, after she grants Clarissa permission to take a photo. After further development of the rest of the NEF photos (including a portrait photo), Clarissa comments that Holly’s face simply cannot be captured from any angle.
Credit: Artist: Nanfe, but this piece is from her preliminary sketch, not the final product.

The Eye of Holly Starlight. Used with permission, and Credit: [nation]The Sherpa Empire[/nation].

Another stylised portrait of Holly. Credit: [url=]Pegbarians, Florian Walraven, Thijs Koole, Martijn Calkhoven[/url][/spoiler][/center]

Picture of Holly with her face visible. This was the best possible shot of her face to date, and also the closest. Source: Sims 4.

Annoyed Holly, after Clarissa took a photo of her. In a rather instantaneous manner, she changed from her true form and into the form of a typical human woman in a fairy costume. Source:

Please do take care of yourself, and thank you for listening to me throughout this long story. I really do hope you enjoy it, and perhaps pick a few facts about me. I would be really grateful if you keep it to yourself, though you are free to tell the others about me too, if you want to. Do note that I have the right to not let anyone in if I deem them as suspicious or danger towards me or my home.

Have a great day, hm hm!