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The Jeltronian Army (WIP)

The Jeltronian Army

The Jeltronian Army is a branch of the Jeltronian Royal Armed Forces and performs land-based military operations. It's chief military officer, the Chief of the Army, is a member of the Royal General Staff.

Prior to the elevation of Jeltronia into a constituent Kingdom under the Nabetseican Empire, the Imperial Army recruited troops from the Jeltronian realm to exclusively serve in Jeltronian mainland. Their primary duty was to augment imperial forces and safeguard the colony. Aptly, the Jeltronian Militia, as it was called, comprised the bulk of the colony's soldiers. Notably, some regiments of the army can trace their lineage from the Constituency era. With the Emperor granting Jeltronia it's independence on January 20, 1867 the militia was transformed into the Jeltronian Army, the name it continues to bear to this day.

Army Formations

2nd Division (“Patriots”)

Commander: Major-Gen. Scott J. Rose
Headquarters: JFB Fort Camino, Jobe
2nd Mechanized Brigade
31st Infantry Brigade
32nd Infantry Brigade
33rd Infantry Brigade
1st Calvary Division Artillery
2nd Division Support Group
Combat Aviation Brigade, 2nd Division

3rd Division (Crown Prince’s Division)

Commander: Major-Gen. Antonio K. Dillard
Headquarters: JFB King Edward, Bolden
3rd Mechanized Brigade
4th Mechanized Brigade
34th Infantry Brigade
35th Infantry Brigade
3rd Division Support Group
16th Field Artillery Brigade
Combat Aviation Brigade, 3rd Division

4th Division (“Western Wardens”)

Commander: Major-Gen. Jason H. Main
Headquarters: JFB King Jaime, Sotherland
5th Mechanized Brigade
3rd Armored Calvary Brigade
43rd Infantry Brigade
44th Infantry Brigade
4th Division Support Group
3rd Cavalry Division Artillery
Combat Aviation Brigade, 4th Division

5th Division (“Mercury Division”)

Commander: Major-Gen. Victor L. Townsend
Headquarters: JFB Medici, Patriz
6th Mechanized Brigade
4rd Armored Calvary Brigade
45th Infantry Brigade
46th Infantry Brigade
5th Division Support Group
17th Field Artillery Brigade
Combat Aviation Brigade, 5th Division

6th Division (“Diamond Division”)

Commander: Major-Gen. Henry S. Javier
Headquarters: JFB Fort Clark, New Montana
5th Armored Calvary Brigade
6th Armored Calvary Brigade
50th Infantry Brigade
51st Infantry Brigade
6th Division Support Group
6th Infantry Division Artillery
Combat Aviation Brigade, 6th Division
120th Engineering Brigade

10th Division (“Flying Penguins”)

Commander: Major-Gen. Jimmy K. Shoffner
Headquarters: JFB Pendance, Orozette
55th Infantry Brigade
56th Infantry Brigade
57th Infantry Brigade
10th Division Support Group
10th Airbone Division Artillery
Combat Aviation Brigade, 10th Division