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Cobalt Network - Constitution

Official Constitution of the Cobalt Network

Authors: Vice-President Pacificora and Founder Atrilan

Drafted from October 21st to November 14th

During the time of the Third Cabinet of the Cobalt Network

The purpose of the constitution is to protect the rights and values of all members of the Cobalt Network, outline and define the purpose and function of the Cobalt Network, and put forth restrictions that remain for the continual protection of all Cobaltian Citizens under the law. The Cobaltian Constitution is the primary piece of legislation that determines the method with which the entire region follows, and how the region generally functions.
The executive officers do establish this Constitution for the Cobalt Network.

Article I: Name and Purpose

Section 1 - Name
- In all official senses, the name of this region and anything associated with said region shall be known as the Cobalt
- The shortened version Cobaltia is appropriate in all senses aside from official documents that require the use of the
Cobalt Network.
- The term ‘Cobaltian’ is a completely acceptable term that refers to anything that is of any kind of ownership by the
Cobalt Network, is the official denomination for members of the Cobalt Network, and is acceptable for use in official
documents when referring to something that belongs to the Cobalt Network.
- The abbreviation CN is an accepted shorthand for the Cobalt Network when needed, but can also not be used in an
official sense.

Section 2 - Purpose
- The purpose of the Cobalt Network is to provide a community in which its members can converse and discuss with others of similar interests.
- It exists for the purpose of providing a secure and communal area for Nationstates Players.
- It exists as a safe space and haven for those who are involved, in which every member is part of a greater movement or
network to help their fellow Cobaltian.

Article II: Citizenship Requirements and Rights

Section 1 - Prerequisites
- To be considered for any kind of citizenship within the Cobalt Network, it is of the utmost importance that the following
be true:
A. You have a Nationstates account in which you are active and participating with on a regular basis.
B. You are being truthful in all information that you provide to any member of the Cobalt Network during the application
C. You are respectful and accepting of any changes that may occur to you or to others during the application process as a
consequence of decisions made within the Network.
- If a change is made in regards to the Recruitment Policy of the Cobalt Network, the prerequisites may change and are
open to such changes.

Section 2 - Responsibilities of Being a Citizen
- Being a citizen of the Cobalt Network means you have the responsibility to follow the constitutional papers, any
amendments made to such papers, and any laws instituted by a democratically elected executive council.
- In the case that a raiding force from outside or inside of the Cobalt Network takes power, the remanence of the
democratically elected government shall become the de-facto government until the situation is deemed as stable enough
to hold elections for office.
- As a citizen, you have the responsibility to take ownership of any actions you may undertake or any words that you have
said, the failure to abide by these rules fundamentally destroying the foundations of Cobaltian Citizenship.
- You have the responsibility to respect others and their opinions, regardless of the situation at hand.
- You have the responsibility to not withhold information that may directly affect the Cobalt Network or any of its
members, the failure to comply with making you vulnerable to claims of treason or other misdeeds.
- You have the responsibility to not actively work against the Cobalt Network and any of its members. This includes
affiliating yourself with other entities that are hostile towards the Cobalt Network.

Section 3 - Rights of Being a Citizen
- As a Citizen of the Cobalt Network, you have the right to your own opinion, and to vocalise those opinions in any means
that does not directly bait or hurt others, which can be decided by an impartial judge of the situation.
- You have the right to question the authority of executive officers, if respect is held on both sides.
- You have the right to suggest and vocalise any changes to legislation that you believe are necessary, and to the
constitutional papers, although the ability to legislate and enforce such amendments is fully in the power of the executive
- You have the right to have control over your own account, and any subsequent accounts that are in your ownership. Any
actions taken to remove said right is deemed as unconstitutional and a crime that could lead to an eventual ban.
- You have the full right to anonymity in a purely personal sense, as in withholding information such as your country of
residence, gender, or any information that is purely and personally relevant to you.
- You have the right to run for any office in the executive council as any general member of the Cobalt Network, with the
exception of President, that requires having previously held a position in the executive council in the past two terms. The
discovery of disloyalty or other crimes may inhibit your rights to run for office for a temporary period dependent on the
seriousness of the offence.

Article III: Minister Roles

Section 1 - Founder
- The Founder of the Cobalt Network is, for all intents and purposes, equal to the President
- The Founder must consult Ministers and Executives regarding significant changes to the region or regional policy

Section 2 - Executive
- The President of the Cobalt Network, a role shared with the World Assembly Delegate, is obligated to vote in the World Assembly regularly
- Both the President and Vice President are tasked with supporting various Ministers with their responsibilities
- The Vice President is the immediate heir of succession to the Presidency in the case of Presidential impeachment, absence, or illness

Section 3 - Ministers
- Assignments given to Ministers by Executives or Founders are official and are wholly considered a part of your greater responsibilities.
- The Minister of Information is tasked with the recruitment of roleplayers which fit the prerequisites stated in Article II, Section 1
- The Minister of Information is responsible for keeping peace and order on various communications channels
- The Minister of Defense is responsible for securing the region and performing background checks on applicants and assuring citizens maintain loyalty towards Cobaltia
- The Minister of Internal Affairs is responsible for upkeeping various regional dispatches, pages, and wikis
- The Minister of Internal Affairs is responsible for gauging regional opinions and statuses by means of polls established on the regional page
- The Minister of Foreign Affairs is responsible for establishing and terminating embassies when necessary and upkeeping relationships with regions

Section 4 - Term Limits
- The President of Cobaltia is restricted to an electoral term limit, where the boundary of victory is continuously raised on each consecutive term as follows:
A. Primary election of an officer is mandated to win by a 50% of greater margin
B. First reelection of an officer is mandated to win by a 50% of greater margin
C. Second reelection of an officer is mandated to win by a 60% of greater margin
D. Third reelection of an officer is mandated to win by a 70% of greater margin
E. Fourth reelection of an officer is mandated to win by a 80% of greater margin
F. Any further consecutive reelection is mandated to win by a margin of 80% of greater
G. For each term in which the President in question remains out of Presidential office, the margin of victory will decrease by a single level

Section 5 - Impeachment
- For a President of the Cobalt Network to be impeached, it must be clear that they are not fit or not in the state to be the primary vestige of the public opinion in the executive council, with responsibility over almost all levels and elements of government.
- With the main advocates of impeachment releasing a formal statement to the executive council, a majority of at least four out of the seven council members must be reached in favour of impeachment.
- In the event that this majority is reached, approval from the Founder must be apprehended for the next few stages to go forth smoothly.
- Once this has been achieved, a regional telegram and a number of other announcements on various platforms will be made that will include the formal statement made by the advocates of the impeachment, any additional information they would like to add, and a short statement from the defendant President.
- After a full day, a poll will be released in the Cobalt Network Regional Page that will ask the full community the question of impeachment for the current president. A majority of votes must be reached.
- In the event that this all occurs, the current President will be forced to resign in the name of the Cobaltian Democracy.
- Failure to do so will lead to the Founder evicting you of your position, and the rejection to relinquish power be put on your permanent record that may further inhibit your ability to run for any office in the future.
- The Vice-President of the Cobalt Network will be sworn in as temporary President, completing the President’s term before him before the upcoming elections.

Article IV: Electionary Process

Section 1 - Electoral Period
- Elections in the Cobalt Network are to be carried out once every hundred days.
- Elections will begin on the ninety-eighth, and will carry out until midnight on the hundredth.
- Ministers are to be sworn into office on the hundredth day of the previous minister’s term.

Section 2 - Electoral System
- The election of ministers within the Cobalt Network is too be decided via a publicly held, open election, with no restrictions of who and who is not allowed to vote, with elections being open to all members of the Cobalt Network.
- Every citizen receives a single for each position, any failure to comply with this and attempting to vote more than once to try and swing the election in your direction is deemed as an unconstitutional act that is subject to harsh punishment.

Article V: Border Control and Recruitment

Section 1 - Border Control
- The Cobalt Network at any point in time is considered to fall under one of three border and citizenship policies.
A. Open Recruitment - In which we are open to accepting or rejecting any applications made on the recruitment forum, and accept personal recommendations or new members.
B. Closed Recruitment - In which we are only accepting new members that have been personally analysed and invited by members of staff.
C. Deadlock - In which the region is closed off to any new recruits generally due to a security threat.
- Changed between Closed and Open Recruitment policies are subject to public opinion via a poll.
- If there is a viewed security threat to the region or any of its members, there should be no consideration of Closed Recruitment, and the region put into immediate Deadlock.
- A state of Deadlock can only be called if a majority of the staff agree that is needed, and approval from either the Founder or the President.

Section 2 - Recruitment
- The Communications Officer has the central responsibility in the area of recruitment and expanding the membership and citizenship of the Cobalt Network.
- This includes operating all forms and methods of recruitment, and administering the expansion of the Cobalt Network.

Article VI: Roleplaying

Section 1 - Sponsorship Requirements
- Roleplays seeking sponsorship must insert the banner provided on the “Roleplays of the Cobalt Network” dispatch in both the OOC and IC forums
- Roleplays must display [Sponsored by the Cobalt Network] or other appropriate abbreviations of the region name on the names of both the OOC and IC forums
- Below the links to the IC/OOC, links to both the Cobalt Network and the sign-up forum must be displayed on both roleplay forums
- Must follow the basic set of rules required in all Cobalt Network roleplays
A. No Out Of Character in the In Character forum
B. No godmodding
C. No using multiple accounts
D. Word of OPs are law, unless there is good reason to debate in a civil manner
E. You will be kicked after [time period] of IC inactivity
F. Don’t be toxic

Section 2 - Sponsorship Benefits
- Sponsored Roleplays are posted on the list of Cobalt Network roleplays
- Members are permitted to advertise sponsored roleplays on various communication platforms
- Utilizes the Cobalt Network’s reputation to validate a roleplay as legitimate and genuine

Article VII: Amendments to the Constitution

- Any minister or seven members of the citizenship have the ability to propose a legitimate and considered amendment to the constitution that shall be reviewed by the executive branch.
- For an amendment to be ratified and considered an integral part of the Cobaltian constitution, it needs to have a majority support within the executive sector.
- Any reversal of a constitutional amendment needs to fulfill the requirements that any general amendment would require.
- Any amendments made to the constitution shall be seen as an integral part of the constitution and shall be treated as such unless revoked.

Done in unanimous agreement by the Third Cabinet of Officers of the Cobalt Network between the twenty-first of October, year of twenty seventeen to the fourteenth of November, year of twenty seventeen.