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Current + Former Positions and Awards (wip)

USSD Founder
USSD Deputy Supreme Commissar
USSF Fleet Admiral / PRG Supreme Commander
Olgea Military Advisor / Lieutenant
Coalition of Sovereign Nations Regional Guardian
LCRUA Councillor
LCRUA Member
Travelling Region Member

USSD Supreme Commissar (x3)
Invaders General
Chaos Brigade General
Exodus Field Commander
Exodus Curia Member
CTSN Secretary of Defence
CTSN Secretary of Internal Affairs
Dawn Minister of Defence
Dawn Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs
Union of Proletarian States Minister of Defence
Red Fleet Squadron Admiral
Carolingia Royal Advisor
PRC Unua Inpresso
TIA Major
KGB Divisional Commander
KGB Brigadier
HYDRA Lieutenant
HYDRA Recruiter
TRE Decurion
Firehelm Centurion
Mafia Sergente
LKE Corporal
LKE Minister of Culture
DEN Private First Class
TBR Private First Class
NPO Revolutionary Guard
First Order Trooper
Fire Nation Infantryman

DEN - DEN ribbon, St Abbaddon, Portugal, Yorkshire, and California.

HYDRA - The Place That Has No Big Banks, Japan, Russia, Dank Memes, and the last one i forget..

The Invaders - California, Zentari, Sweden, Social Liberal Union, Singapore, World Alliance, Russia, Eternal Scholars, and South Pacific.

The Land of Kings and Emperors - The Order of Superbus, awarded by the emperor for significant cultural achievements.

Member of the Imperial Society

The Red Fleet - Operations: Silent J, Soviet East Japan Says Hello (Libertatem), Silent Entry (The United Right Wing States), Play With Fire (New Republica), Action This Day, Renaissance Reich, Hero of the USSD, Red Dragon (Glorious Nations of Iwaku), Ragequit, and The Greater German Reich. The bottom three ribbons count number of operations in general, those pointed, and those triggered for. In total I cannot recall the exact number of missions we went on, as there were many unnamed operations.

Operation "We Came and Took it" The Communist Internationale
Other participated operations: All you Fascists are Bound to Lose (The Imperialist Coalition), Alliance of Fascist States, Crumbling Castle (Greece), Der Untergang (League of Northern European Nations), Euphrates Volcano (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria), Mint-Berry Crunch (The Union of Communist States), Museum (UCR), Took A While (Ceirien), Spreading Disease (Hayek Islands)

The Pacific (NPO) - Gold Nazi Smasher Ribbon (from the NPO) - Communist Americas, Super Reich I and Villa bunicken de florentine.
unknown but i know i have it :c

Miscellaneous - Anyone who knows any of the ribbons I don't have named here, please contact me.
Femdom Empire
Femdom Nation

The Dear Leader of Vetelo