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The winner of the 2017 Consiliaro Primus elections are finally out! read this for the candidates info:
With the elections for Aureumterra’s new Consiliaro Primus (Prime Minister) coming up, here’s the scoop on the basic ideals of each candidate and their actions if elected.

Pictured above is the candidate for the Populationist Party, Simon Glenn.

Glenn and the Populationist Party believe that a large, strong population is the key to the success of the nation. The last Prime Minister from this party was David Jeffrey, who helped the economy prosper, but caused the carbon footprint to grow. The Populationist Party is willing to raise taxes if it means helping the population grow, and funds lots of money into medical research. Glenn also believes that the illegal immigrants from our neighbor, Boooiii should be given special permits to stay and work on hard labor jobs, something that has caused a lot of controversy with the opposing Aurreumterra Authority party. The Populationist Party has a history of environmental damage, as David Jeffrey passed acts to deforest large portions of the Serm Valley rainforests. (To the right is the emblem of the Populationist Party).

The next candidate (pictured above) is Bradley Anderson of the Aureumterra Authority party.

This candidate and his party strongly believe that the government should have more power over individual citizens lives. He also believes that His Majesty the Emperor should have some political power rather than just being the head of state. Anderson also believes that the illegal immigrants from Boooiii should be deported, and wants to set up a deportation police force that will go around making sure that all residents are documented. The Aureumterra Authority party has had the most Prime Ministers of any party, at a total of 9. The last one being Michael J. Requer. Anderson wants to allow the government to search someone’s property at any time with or without a warrant, something that has sparked mass protests among the citizens. (To the right is the emblem of the Party).

The final candidate is representing the Constitution Party is Gerald Jacobson. (pictured above)

The constitution party, the most conservative party of them all, is based on the Aureumterrese constitution. They believe in gun rights, free speech, and less government involvement in personal lives. Jacobson wants to destroy the remaining portion of the Serm Valley rainforest to mine the valuable resources underneath. He is very religious, and believes that Serms, the national animal, should be sacrificed in the name of God. The whole idea has caused controversy, and he is the least popular candidate.(The emblem is pictured here).

The election is on November 20th, who do YOU think will win?

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The State results are out

at 4 AM: Belge: 60% Simon Glenn 20% Gerald Jacobson 20%Bradley Anderson

at 6 AM: Gronh: 30% Glenn 50% Jacobson 20% Anderson; Aliquam: 80% Glenn 14% Anderson 6% Jacobson

at 10 AM: Potens: 90% Glenn 9% Anderson 1% Jacobson

at 1 PM: Imper: 20% Glenn 60% Anderson 20% Jacobson

at 5 PM UFA: 57% Glenn 36% Anderson 13% Jacobson

Here’s the total ballot count average:

Simon Glenn has won by a landslide victory never before seen. The inauguration will be broadcast next!
Here’s glenn’s campaign logo:

Here’s a picture of our new prime minister:

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