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Structure of the Ministry of Regional Affairs


Ministry of Regional Affairs

The Ministry of Regional Affairs has a fairly straightforward structure with the following basic hierarchy:

Decides the general direction of the ministry and gets things moving.

(Deputy Minister)
May be appointed by the Minister to share their workload or cover periods of absence.

Advisory Council
Serves as a sounding board and sense check for the Minister.

Project Leads
Temporarily take charge of individual projects, as assigned to them by the Minister.

Serve the Ministry by working on projects under a Project Lead.

The Ministry is divided horizontally by the nature of the projects undertaken. Fellows may be assigned to any number of these subdivisions, but will always have the freedom to take part in projects in other departments too.

There are six subdivisions in all:


Reaches out to new players and older, less-involved players and helps to introduce them to all that region offers. Welcome produces guides, mentors and encourages.

Produces written content reporting on news and events and offers opinion. Journalism produces two main publications, the Southern Journal and the Treasure Island Report.

Produces streams and podcasts, offering news, opinion, music and entertainment.

Runs events and interregional festivals to encourage players to have fun and get to know one another. Festival showcases the talents of the other subdivisions.

Produces visual, auditory and written artworks to make the region look and sound at its best.

Looks for ways to expand, improve and encourage roleplaying in the region.

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