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Structure of the Ministry of Regional Affairs


Ministry of Regional Affairs

The Ministry of Regional Affairs follows a basic, hierarchical structure:

Ranks in the Ministry
The rank structure of the Ministry is fairly straightforward, and follow a hierarchical pattern. :

Everyone starts here, where you help with the specifics of projects and how they go from idea to execution. Some Fellows can be asked to lead specific projects, if they have experience and show that they are capable and responsible.

Senior Fellow
Each of our three departments is led by a Senior Fellow, an experienced member who is appointed by the Minister. Seniors coordinate the agenda for their department, assign Fellows and help them ensure that projects are successful.

Deputy Minister
A Fellow who has been appointed by the Minister to be their second in command, and to help them coordinate the term agenda. The Minister has full discretion as to how many Deputy Ministers, if at all, they may appoint.

The Minister is elected by legislators for a four-month term to lead the Ministry, set the overall agenda, ensure its smooth operation and representing the Ministry's interests before the Cabinet.


Departments in the Ministry
There are four main departments that compose the Ministry:

Our Media Department handles all projects related to our regional magazine, news publication, podcasts, interviews and more.

Event Planning
Our Event Planning Department handles the organisation of games and tournaments, festivals and celebrations, including events with allies and other regions.

Our Integration Department handles all projects related to the information and involvement of citizens in regional life, including welcoming new citizens, promoting regional projects, preparing information guides and running the Dispatch Information System.

Our Roleplay Department represents the interests of Treasure Island's roleplayers, handles the publication of Treasure Island Reports, and the organisation of some inter-regional events and intra-regional promotion.

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