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My Political Views


Personally, I would describe myself as centre-left. I support the nationalization of Education, Healthcare, Justice and the Emergency Services, with Transport, Energy and Agriculture having private and public ownership. I'm fine with the full privatization of industries such as retail. As you may be able to tell, I support a strong welfare state, with the lowest possible taxes to support it. Ideally, the rich would pay a lot more, with a high income tax on anything earned over 100,000.

I'm a supporter of mostly free trade, though I do think some regulations should be put in place to avoid outsourcing to countries that permit child labour and other horrific working conditions. Free trade is proven time and time again to improve the living standards of everyone. (Will expand later CBA rn)

[size=130][b][u]Social Issues[/u][/b][/size]

I would describe myself as a social conservative. I strongly support the prohibition of alcohol, tobacco and pornography, and I oppose same-sex marriage on the grounds that man and woman is the union that god intended, and same-sex activity on the ground that it is unnatural. I strongly oppose abortion unless the mother's life is in danger, and I find it disgusting to think one would have sex, get pregnant and think "eh, I'll just kill it." I hold a few liberal ideas however, I am a proponent of unrestricted free speech, and moderately regulated gun ownership. I support racial equality and an overhaul of the justice system, as well as an investigation into police brutality on ethnic minorities in the US and Europe. I also advocate strong justice reform, as I find it despicable that the US police routinely kill unarmed black teens for the sole reason that they're black. 

One of my most controversial beliefs is my opposition to pornography. Despite scientific studies proving it's bad for you (sexually. mentally, physically, emotionally), many still defend it on the grounds that I don't have the "rights" to stop them from viewing it. Porn is a new, modern drug, and is equally as dangerous as alcohol and drug use. 
Another controversial viewpoint I hold is about the death penalty. I'm a strong believer in the death penalty for many crimes - Murdering multiple people, terrorism, treason, drug dealing, and sexual activity with a minor. I don't think their death should be painless ever, they should feel something before they die so they don't go out peacefully. I think we should bring back the firing squad perhaps.

[size=130][b][u]Foreign Policy[/u][/b][/size]

I'm mostly a non-interventionist, and only support the foreign deployment of troops in peacekeeping missions or in anti-terrorism missions in coordination with foreign bodies. I despite US imperialism and find it hard to support any wars except for popular revolt. Interventionism has caused millions to die and destabilized entire regions and needs to be ended quickly. Daesh exist only because of US imperialism, and many MENA Christians, Druze and Jews have been put at risk because of American imperialism. Violence must be ended and we must work towards peace and stability.