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The Beast

The Beast

Full name: Unknown
Also known as: The Thing Inside My Head (by Cheonsa),
The Other Me (by Cheonsa)
The Freaky Monster Thing (by Han Young Gi)

Nationality: None
Affiliation: None
Alignment: Chaotic neutral/chaotic evil

Status: Unknown, most likely dead or dormant
Species: Unknown, possibly demon or spirit
Date of birth: Unknown
Gender: Male
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Blood type: -
Mana colours: Black, red

Likes: Victory
Dislikes: Defeat
Hobby: Getting Cheonsa to follow his innermost desires

Theme song: LinkSkillet - Monster

The Beast is one of the beings who resided in Cheonsa's mind when he was young. He is powerful, manipulative, and selfish. Unlike The Devil, The Beast does not desire world domination or destruction, and merely seeks revenge and to acquire as much wealth and as many women as possible, whatever the means.


Seeing a bullying victim desperate for acceptance, The Beast entered Cheonsa's room on one stormy night, sometime between 2010-2014. There, as a smaller, silhouette version of itself, he expressed sympathy towards the crying boy, sitting with him on his bed and listening to the latter's troubles. He then said that he would be his friend and will accompany him whenever he needed someone, before introducing himself as the embodiment of Darkness, the thing that accepts lonely and rejected souls with open arms and empowers them. He offered to provide power and guidance enough to destroy his enemies. Doubting the creature's words, Cheonsa asks if The Beast is sure his pyrokinesis isn't enough, to which he replied "Flames are only the beginning of your path of conquest".

He resided in Cheonsa's mind ever since, waiting for him to weaken his mental defenses to let him through and lend him his powers. He occasionally suggested things to Cheonsa via telepathy, ranging from something as small as voyeurism to something as cruel as mass murder. He also gives him nightmares once in a while, most of them involving torture and murder.

During the time he was in Cheonsa's mind, he said to him that he needs love and the ultimate path to joy and salvation is marriage to four of the world's most perfect women. He warned him that if he didn't get married by 25, his repressed emotions would set him free and give full control to his body, allowing him cause widespread pain and destruction. As Cheonsa didn't want this to happen, he created an elaborate plan for his own future, extensively researching East Asian culture, politics and economy, female psychology, and the art of seduction, as well as keeping tabs in the East Asian entertainment industry.

When in Cheonsa's mind, The Beast lied dormant until he felt strong negative feelings, such as anxiety, rage or sadness. Depending on the intensity of those feelings, he will temporarily gain limited control of Cheonsa's body, granting the young superhero a set of powers known as "Destroyer Mode". This however, happens quite rarely, as over time, both Cheonsa's self-control and pyromancy improved, reducing the need for Destroyer Mode.

The Beast disappeared at the night of Cheonsa's first wedding after saying his goodbyes in a dream, never to appear again.


The Beast is usually manipulative, sadistic and self-centered, encouraging his host to commit heinous acts to those who wronged him, and several others who did nothing to help him. He is very lustful, hateful, and chaotic, saying that no laws matter as long as he is "fed" and taking offence whenever Cheonsa receives minor mistreatment, such as when a classmate made fun of his appearance. Despite this though, he seemed to genuinely care about Cheonsa to an extent, telling him that he just "wanted him to thrive and succeed" and "reach his full potential" in his last conversation with his host. Whether his last words to him are true or simply another trick to make him keep him in his mind, though, is unknown.


The Beast is a gargantuan being, towering over Cheonsa like a kaiju. He has seven heads; three on the right, three on the left, and one in the middle, each wearing a headgear and being twisted perversion of another creature. His leftmost head looks like a fish with filthy, deep-blue scales, several aquatic plants covering it and a Greek/Roman-style crown resting on it. Next to it is the head of a red leopard with a crown of bones. The other head on his left side is that of a white lion, with curved stripes on its fur and wearing a Zulu crown. In the middle, he has a head which is seemingly more humanoid in appearance. This "human" head has a pair of big, bulging eyes, long, unkept hair and sharp, rotting teeth. It also seems to have wounds appear occasionally, only to heal almost instantly. To its right is the head of a wolf wearing a crown of thorns, its golden eyes glowing in the dark.

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