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List of the Radiant's companies (please check the new Novus Lucidum version)

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Here is the full list of all Radiant's companies. Want a job in one of 'em? Let the owner know!

Welcome to the Social and Scientific Sciences University of the Radiant (SSSUR)

Main building
This university has been founded on October 11, 2017, right when the Radiant Republic's work program was created.
The current director is Shreminov
This is The Radiant's main institute for scientific studies (both about science and social sciences). A diploma's duration varies.
Want to study at this magnificent establishment? Let Shreminov know! Prices vary per course.
Subjects currently available in the SSSUR

In this course, we will discuss the basics of astronomy and discover more about our fascinating universe!
Course given by Shreminov


Studying the structure, physiology, development, and classification of animals from various continents in the world.
Course given by Odinburgh


The Study of Past, Modern, Possible, and NationStates.
Course given by Airol


Learn the ins and outs of leadership in the political arena from Dux Bradford John, in a lecture-style format with opportunities to explore your creativity through speech.
Course given by Bradfordsborough


In this course you shall be enlightened by developments of military tactics, technology and strategies throughout human history. Meet and study about the great military leaders of the past from Cyrus the Great to George S. Paton.
Course given by Zhukovian


Awaiting description!
Course given by Odinburgh

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Visa and Green Card Approved Work Places

Life Tree World Bank

Thunderbolt Studios

Odinburgh Comic-Con International

Inhuman Solutions

International Parcel Express

Viking Roaster Company

Yggdrasil Tropic Spa & Beach Resort

Go Ryders Network Transportation Company

Blue Streak Fuel---Commercial Aviation Fuel Service & Provider

Eclipse Interactive Studios

Black Raven Book Publishing Company

Ericson Voting Machines

Odinburgh Trading Center Exchange
Marketplace where nations can buy resources and goods that come from Odinburgh and from other nations.

Odinburgh Trading Center Exchange

Odinburgh History TV Network

Yggdrasil International Protection Services

Odinburgh University

Great Odin Islands Airport- Jordkir, Odinburgh

Odinburgh International Airport- Thorheim, Odinburgh

Commercial Banking

First Federation Bank Balderton National Association
Import-Export Commerce Bank
Thorheim Bank and Trust Company
War Industries Trust Company International
Bank of Achzoria
Odin's Cross Health Group
Trust Bank of Hoderham

Savings Institutions

Transgalactic Trade Finance
Prime Property of Vidarapal
Odinburgh Federation Savings & Loan Association

Credit Unions

Odinburgh Credit Union
Odinburgh Mint Federation Credit

Credit Card Issuing

Planetstate Bank Altaris
Odinburgh University Small Business Development Center
GalacticWide Pharmaceuticals Inc

Real Estate Credit

Mortgage & Nonmortgage Loan Brokers
Raven Mortgage Corporation


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As you walk trough the streets of Maslow-Rovskoy, you discover a night market. You ask what's the name to a local and they say it's called "The Black Market". So you're curious and decide to enter. You find many curiosities and other interesting goods, all at a reasonable price.
!!! IMPORTANT !!! This is not only a black market, it's a normal market! So you can open anything; legal or illegal (RP wise of course)!
If you're from another region, you can pay with anything that is accepeted by the owner.
Shreminov Military Surplus (Shreminov's official military surplus): LEGAL

Old Nuclear Warheads: $20 millions/each
AK-47 Submachine Gun (Pre-built): $800/each
AK-47 Submachine Gun (Parts): $500/per kit
ShKAS Machine Gun: $1000/each
VEPR 12: $1900/each
All Semi-automatic rifles: $500/each
Makarov: $350/each
AKS-74U: $950/each
Smoke Grenade: $25/each
Frag Grenade: $100/each
Tactical Knifes: $10 (older) - $15 (newer)/each
Need ammo? We got a lot of them in the back-store! Just ask which type! A mag is 15$/each.
More weapons available in the back store! Just ask!!
Kevlar Vests: $200/each
Tactical Helmets: 50$/each
Military Boots: $50/per pair
Military Pants: $15/each
Military Vest: $25/each
Multiple vehicles: 25 000 - $35 000/ each
More items in the back-store! Just ask!
SUPPLIER: Shreminov
The Outer Rim Outpost. We deal in future tech illegal arms: ILLEGAL

Blaster 1k: $15,000/each
Advanced Pistol:$25,000/each
MA12mm Assault Rifle: $45,000/each
Pulse Rifle: $ 20,000/each
Ranger Pulse Rifle: $65,000/each
Render 38 Heavy Blaster: $115,000/each
Rail Gun: $10,000/each
Sorta Mauser: $6,500/each
Tech Pistol: $500/each
Shoulder Cannon: $1,500/each
SUPPLIER: Odinburgh
Shreminovian Delicacies: Bringing shreminovian food to you! LEGAL

Kompot: 5$/ per glass
Sbiten: 5$/ per glass
Medovukha: 5$/ per glass
Kvass: 5$/ per glass
Beef Stroganoff: 12$/ per plate
Bliny: 10$/ for 2 pancakes
Chicken Kiev: 12$/ per plate
Golubtsy: 5$/ each
Pelmeni: 2$/ each
Ukha: 10$/ per bowl
Vinegret: 8$/ per plate
Kissel: 5$/ per bowl
Pirog: 3$/ per slice
Shreminovian Hitman Servies: ILLEGAL

Shreminov is offering hitman services straight from their secret police force. You want somebody dead? You came to the right person.
Normal person: Starting price - 500$
Somewhat-known person: Starting - 1000$
Known person: Starting price - 15000$
Political figure: Starting price - 1 million $
We also offer spy services. Contact Shreminov if you're interested.
SUPPLIER: Shreminov
Want a stand? Let Shreminov know!
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