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Regional Map [CK]

Last updated on Wednesday July 25th, 2018. If you find this dispatch helpful, please upvote.


This page contains the regional map, which is maintained by Cartographer Auraxia, and assisted by Seachia. Instructions for submitting a claim can be found below.


Map Update of Conch Kingdom as of July 25th, 2018 03:00 CST

Update includes:
Addition of: N/A
Deletion of: N/A
Expansions in: Union of Saint Lyon
Relocation in: Seachia

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Size of claim will be weighed against time in the region and your influence in the region. Claim cannot exceed 663,000 square miles unless you give a detailed explanation of why your country gets to be that large.

For Initial Claims, write a Factbook containing this exact format:
"Category:Meta ---> Gameplay

[b]Nation Name:[/b]
[b]Time Spent in the Conch Kingdom?:[/b]
[b]What spot/area are you claiming?:[/b]
[b]Nation with WA Status:[/b]
[b]Detailed location of capital city:[/b] (optional)

When claiming a spot on the map it is asked that you provide an active WA nation of yours (If you have one) in Conch Kingdom.

When you are done, post the link to the Map Claim Dispatch to the Map Claim topic on the off-site forum.(LinkHere.) Anything not posted on the appropriate topic will not be accepted.
One claim per user, if your nation is a coalition of countries, they map be mapped as such, but the claim limit will still apply.

If you wish to expand your existing claim, please post this in the same topic.

"Category:Meta ---> Gameplay
Title: Map Claim Expansion

[b]Nation Name:[/b]
[b]Time Spent in the Conch Kingdom?:[/b]
[b]Where are you trying to expand your claim to?:[/b]
[b]For what reason do you wish to expand your claim?[/b]

Expansions may be given out under special circumstances (such as the result of a war, land trade, or if you are well under the maximum limit for a claim.)
If you are at the maximum limit for a claim, please provide a very good reason as to why you should be allowed to expand your claim.

Relocating a Claim

If you wish to relocate your claim, please TG Auraxia.

Fun fact: If you are placed on the map, and you get ejected/banjected, CTE, or leave, you shall be removed from the map promptly.

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Information about planets will start to appear under this section in the next few updates. Hope y'all like!

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