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Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army (Sign-Up here)

Hey there!

Did you sign up for NationStates and become disappointed because it didn't have war? Well, don't worry! We have this thing called R/D, or Raiding/Defending. I guess it's like war.

The East Pacific has its own army, like the rest of the other GCRs (game-created regions), called the East Pacific Sovereign Army, or EPSA. While we are cooperating with TWPAF or The West Pacific Armed Forces (we're really good friends), it would certainly be nice to have new recruits.

Save this Military flag:

If you weren't convinced yet, here's a link to a great dispatch about EPSA created by Xoriet:

If you do want to, apply to EPSA [url=h]here[/url]

However, you have to become a citizen Linkhere before you become part of it.

Here's the discord server for EPSA: Link

Here's the discord server for the joint EPSA/TWPAF server: Link

~Written by The Atlae Isles & Cynthia