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Eterna-Argean Friendship Accords

In order to promote our common noble goals, we, the nations of the Eterna and Argean Seas, hereby craft these Accords, wishing for continued friendship, trust, and goodwill for all of our peoples:

Section A - Weather and Aircraft Monitoring

There shall be established a centralized weather monitoring and aircraft control center in Hauton, Ainslie for the purpose of coordinating and supervising flight-paths and alerting surrounding nations of impending inclement weather.

Section B - Humanitarian and Rescue Collaboration

There shall be established a joint humanitarian and rescue organization, headquartered in Zenrolo, Xrevaro, commissioned the Humanitarian Eterna-Argean Response Team (HEART), which shall commit itself to rapidly responding to natural disaster crises, epidemics, famine, disease outbreaks, rescue operations, and other related events.

Section C - Respect for the Seas

There shall be established a civil and responsible code of conduct for our shared seas, so that they shall not be over-fished, nor shall any nation participate in whaling, blast fishing, irresponsible deep sea drilling, or other harmful or destructive practices.

Section D - Respect for the Land

There shall be established a civil and responsible code of conduct for our lands, so that in the occurrence of an adverse natural or human-created event that has the possibility of not being contained to the nation of origin, all reasonable efforts should be made to contain the adverse event to the nation of origin by such nation, and efforts to mitigate or lessen the causes or effects of the event by signatory nations shall be encouraged.

Section E - Ecological Preservation

There shall be established a zoological and ecological society that shall be tasked with documenting and specifying discovered species, providing an updated categorization of vulnerable and threatened species, coordinating with zoos and wildlife sanctuaries with the goal of curbing species extinction or endangerment, and promoting sustainable and beneficial wildlife diversity.

Section F - Annual Regional Fair

There shall be established an annual Regional Fair, which shall include cultural, sporting, and business events and displays, with the hosting nation to be decided by a fair bidding process.

Section G - General Goodwill

There shall be established the presumption that signatory nations shall act in a respectful and just manner towards one another, that basic human rights shall be respected in all signatory nations, and that this agreement shall not be interpreted to limit or otherwise abridge international cooperation and harmony.

We, the undersigned nations, having expressed our acceptance of these accords, pledge to uphold them in good faith.

Polar Svalbard
Dragao do Mar
Transnistria state

The Free Lands of Vancouvia