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Kyoki Chudoku Detailed Densetsu


The Densetsu are an elite group of tenshi, personally appointed by the Supreme Overlady of All Reality, Aozora Chiyumi. Each Densetsu fulfils several roles. They are responsible for administration of a district, and each additionally perform a specific job as head of a certain aspect of Chudokuren society. In total, there are nine Densetsu. Each of the Densetsu has powerful magical capabilities. Notably, Densetsu are given two names- a single name given given to them directly by Aozora, and a numerical designation invoking the word "Densetsu" and a Japanese number afterwards.




Head Of



Densetsu Ichi


Air Force



Densetsu Ni





Densetsu San





Densetsu Shi





Densetsu Go





Densetsu Roku





Densetsu Nana


Medical Affairs



Densetsu Hachi


Media and Cultural Affairs



Densetsu Kyu




Due to their tenshification, the Densetsu are absolutely loyal to Aozora and her regime, ruling over Kyoki Chudoku and enforcing her iron-fisted rule. Despite this, they are extremely varied in personality. The Densetsu serve as advisors to Aozora, and she will often call upon them to help her make important decisions or determine the optimal path forward. The majority of the time, Densetsu are within their own districts, however they will often move to other locations to perform their duties.

Given Name: Jinsoku
Numerical Designation: Densetsu Ichi

District: Chuo District
Role: Head of the Air Force

Gender: Male
Species: Tenshi
Mental Abnormality: None
Magic: Air and electrical manipulation
Temperament: Loyal, dedicated, hospitable
Weapon of Choice: Dual machetes

Active in Communications: No
Active in Duty: Yes

"In the art of warfare, I once held honour as of the utmost importance. Since then, I have to come to a revelation. Honour is wasted in the field of battle. The duty of a warrior to protect his compatriots, to assail the enemy and to bring victory far exceeds the dubious and nebulous codes of honour I once held so dear. That is certain."

-Jinsoku, Densetsu Ichi of Chuo District, head of the air force

Jinsoku, otherwise known as Densetsu Ichi, rules over Chuo District. He is also in command of the Kyoki Chudoku no Kugun, which is comprised of Kyoki Chudoku's aerial vehicles and is effectively the nation's Air Force. Jinsoku additionally leads the Kawase, an elite group of tenshi capable of flight. He is known for being one of the least exotic Densetsu in terms of personality. However, he is not active in international communications, instead dedicating all of his time to his main duties and combat preparation.

Jinsoku was once a student with a focus on martial arts. Concerned about the seemingly divided nation around him, and rising crime rates, he wished to be able to defend himself. He went so far as to practise combat with a blade, just in case he was attacked. Jinsoku had a fascination with two other things- history, and the sky. He planned to one day become a pilot, however was constantly set back due to lack of funds.

After the revolution started, Jinsoku remained in his home and prepared to send himself if needed. However, he did not expect the Supreme Overlady of All Reality herself to appear. Outmatched, he was bested in their short duel, but his life was not taken. Instead, he was used to test an experimental nekofication serum. In this case, the early variety of the substance failed to take effect.

After being tortured for some time, much of his spirit broken, he was forced into a tenshification vat- another experimental technology at the time- and was the first person to survive the procedure and emerge as tenshi. Now absolutely loyal to Aozora and with the ability to manipulate air (to the extent of sustained flight) and electricity, he was assigned to support her war efforts. He was therefore designed Densetsu Ichi. After some time, Aozora's reign was fully secure.

Jinsoku would go on to manage aerial assaults, and oversee the creation of the Kawase. He would also become the ruler of Chuo District, although Aozora herself would largely handle important matters there due to living within the district. Jinsoku focused all of his effort on the Kyoki Chudoku no Kugun, and despite not being largely active in the international scene, his contributions are vital to Kyoki Chudoku.

Jinsoku is relatively tall, and has perhaps the greatest physical strength of any Densetsu. He has light blue eyes, often described as piercing or vibrant, and bright white hair. He skin tone is relatively normal for a Chudokuren.

His most common attire is a heavily modified Kawasaki armoured suit, which is coloured white. This conceals his face from enemies, although the armour is distinct enough that he is easily recognisable. It also provides combat information and flight data to allow him to perform better in battle. This particular model was intended to be a prototype for an armoured exo-suit project, but the project was abandoned.

Even for tenshi, Jinsoku is extremely devoted. He enjoys combat, although does not revel in the suffering of his enemies, instead seeing their destruction as a duty he must perform. He is a capable strategist, especially when it comes to aerial combat. Jinsoku is also known for his enjoyment of duelling and history. He sees his duty and position as an honour, and the annihilation of criminals and enemies of the state as necessary to maintain order.

The magical capabilities of Jinsoku are focused around the manipulation of air, with the creation of electricity also possible. Jinsoku can maintain sustained flight for a considerable duration with his magic, and can also use it to push people away from him, or pull them towards him. As wel as generating bursts of electricity similar to lightning, he can also asphyxiate his foes if he can maintain enough focus to do so.


Given Name: Sawagi
Numerical Designation: Densetsu Ni

District: Kaigan District
Role: Head of the Navy

Gender: Female
Species: Tenshi
Mental Abnormality: Depression
Magic: Water manipulation
Temperament: Loyal, lonely, desperate
Weapon of Choice: Whip

Active in Communications: Irregularly
Active in Duty: Yes

"I was once almost killed by the waves. I've been lonely ever since. Every now and then, I find a new friend. But then I have to kill them. It's a shame, really. But it must be done. One day, I'll be in charge of all those waves, and then I'll have all the friends I want."

-Sawagi, Densetsu Ni of Kaigan District, head of the navy

Sawagi, given the numerical designation Densetsu Ni, manages Kaigan District. She is also in command of the Kyoki Chudoku no Kantai, which is effectively the nation's navy. Her magic is focused around the manipulation of water. Sawagi is loyal, but often miserable, causing her to be rather cautious. She tries to hide this sadness as much as she can. She is only active in international communications when affairs involving naval security are brought up. Sawagi commands the Iruka, an elite group of amphibious tenshi.

Sawagi used to be a very enthusiastic girl. However, that changed after her father was shot and killed in a robbery. Devastated, she struggled to cope, and her constant sadness only further alienated her from support. Her mother succumbed to severe alcoholism, furthering her misery. She became incredibly desperate for support but could not find any.

As the revolution entered full force, Sawagi and her mother moved to a small coastal town in hopes of escaping the fighting. However, she was not so fortunate, and her mother was killed in a chemical attack. Hopes utterly crushed, Sawagi could no longer handle it and attempted to drown herself.

However, she was taken from the water by Aozora, who was searching for enemies in the area, and was taken to be tenshified. Considering the Supreme Overlady of All Reality to be the one figure who could be trusted to assist her, Sawagi became a loyal supporter of her efforts and was soon designated Densetsu Ni. She was later given control over the Kyoki Chudoku no Kantai and of Kaigan District. Sawagi remained rather depressed, but once again had hope for the future and performed her duties to the best of her abilities.

Sawagi has an average stature for a Chudokuren, with an ordinary skin tone for her district. This skin often glistens as though wet. She has deep blue eyes and hair, with her hair long and flowing.

In terms of attire, she wears a naval captain's uniform and often but not always an accompanying sailor's hat.

Sawagi is known to be depressed, and often insecure about that fact. She enjoys water, finding it relaxing and comforting, and tends to call people "friend" even when actively trying to kill them. Her misery makes her cautious and paranoid of traps, and she is a capable naval commander despite it.

Sawagi can manipulate water. This ranges from simply breathing underwater for a significant duration without problems, to drowning people by forcing nearby water down their throats, to sometimes causing and directing rain. This capability makes Densetsu Ni a dangerous enemy on the coast or near other water sources, but less so in dry terrain.

Given Name: Tensai
Numerical Designation: Densetsu San

District: Isogashi District
Role: Head of Science

Gender: Female
Species: Tenshi
Mental Abnormality: Apathy
Magic: Chemical and molecular manipulation
Temperament: Cold, focused, intelligent
Weapon of Choice: Scalpel

Active in Communications: No
Active in Duty: Yes

"I like science. Science uses logic to determine how the world works. Science makes sense. Science can be used to make things that don't make sense make sense. This makes science very useful. Science can be used for many things. Science can be used to develop new methods of mining, transportation, and combat. This makes science very important. My job is to make sure science is used well."

-Tensai, Densetsu San of Isogashi District, head of science

Tensai, also designated Densetsu San, administrates Isogashi District. She is the nation's head of science, and as such leads research into new technologies, new applications for existing technology, and the effects of various actions on tenshification. Her magical capabilities allow for the manipulation of matter at an atomic and molecular level. Tensai is generally very apathetic and cold, experiencing some excitement only during her experiments. Her focus on research makes her inactive in international communications.

Tensai was originally a rather reclusive and cold individual. She focused heavily on her studies, not pursuing any social relationships and instead focusing on learning more about the world. She developed a keen interest in science, believing it to be the key to understanding the universe. At first, she tended to speak using highly technical language, but gradually change her speech pattern to use simple terms in order to explain things so that her peers would understand her entire thought process better.

Despite bullying, which Tensai was able to resist and tolerate easily due to her cold disposition and knowledge, she eventually graduated from her school in what is now known as Isogashi District. Tensai began her scientific career, and was known for being an isolated yet studious researcher who was capable of easily understanding and explaining processes and technologies.

One day, while departing her workplace, Tensai was captured, and Aozora tenshified her. Due to her intelligence, she was made head of science for Aozora's forces, and eventually came to rule over Isogashi District. Tensai developed or helped develop a wide variety of secret projects in Kyoki Chudoku, ranging from chemical weapons to arcane devices.

Tensai has silver hair, which she keeps short and tied up neatly to prevent it from causing trouble during experiments. She also has golden eyes, and an average skin tone. She is somewhat short in terms of stature.

The vast majority of the time, Tensai wears a lab coat. She will also use water safety gear is needed for her experiments, from safety glasses to gloves to gas masks.

Tensai is often described as cold and apathetic. Her feelings of emotion are extremely muted end deliberately kept hidden. However, she is capable of emotion, and is known to receive enjoyment from furthering her understanding of the universe, such as during her experimentation. Her manner of speech is unusual, alternating between use of technical terms and simplified explanations as she explains her thought processes. She does this in hopes that it will allow people to better understand why she is doing or thinking something. Tensai considers science to be very important, and therefore has a dislike for people who don't consider it so.

The manifestation of Tensai's magic is the ability to manipulate atoms and molecules. This is a highly versatile ability, although it requires intense concentration for large scale alterations. Because of this, it is an ability not used regularly in combat, instead primarily utilised for research purposes.


Given Name: Shinokage
Numerical Designation: Densetsu Shi

District: Yasei District
Role: Head of Intelligence

Gender: Male
Species: Tenshi
Mental Abnormality: Sadism
Magic: Invisibility
Temperament: Determined, pragmatic, cynical
Weapon of Choice: Silenced pistol

Active in Communications: No
Active in Duty: Yes

"Death comes to all eventually. My duty is to speed it up for those who deserve it. I am the demon lurking in the shadows, the monster in the night, the invisible killer. Those who defy the regime will die. They can run, but I will always be one step ahead of them. They can hide, but I will always track them down. They can fight, but they will never see me before they are left bleeding in the streets. Dissent means death."

-Shinokage, Densetsu Shi of Yasei District, head of intelligence

Shinokage, also known as Densetsu Shi, ruled over Yasei District. He is the nation's head of intelligence. His magical capability is invisibility, which he uses to great effect, serving as an assassin to rid the streets of traitors and sabotage conspiracies. A sadist, Shinokage enjoys the suffering and death of his enemies, and utterly despises criminals, though takes a pragmatic approach to most situations and values completing the mission above all else. Shinokage is never involved in international communication, as he is almost always on an operation and values secrecy.

Shinokage was once a somewhat cold but determined boy. He spoke with conviction, but not with volume, and was generally thought of as quiet but ambitious. In secret, he was sadistic, and would torture animals when he could to satisfy his craving for suffering. However, one day he was caught doing this, and sent to mental rehabilitation.

Rather than go through that process, Shinokage decided to run. He fled his home town and ran into the forests, where he struggled to survive. Then, the revolutionary war reached Yasei District, and he was now forced to hide not just from police forces and passersby, but also armed soldiers. Shinokage became an expert at hiding and surviving in the forest.

However, he was eventually captured and tenshified after trying to satisfy his sadism in the open. Aozora Chiyumi tenshified him, and he became able to become invisible at will for notable durations of time. This led to him being used as a spy and an assassin. When the war ended, he became ruler of Yasei District, and began to use his powers and skills to hunt down and eliminate traitors and criminals.

Shinokage has a somewhat dark skin tone. He has short, black hair, and blood red eyes.

He generally wears a simple black hooded jacket, however he will use a variety of clothing to disguise his presence when needed.

Shinokage is remorseless and cares little for life. He will sometimes toy with his quarry for fun, but is usually merciless and pragmatic, trying to complete his assignment as fast as possible. He is sadistic, but gains more satisfaction from outright death than from torment, and he sees his duty as more important than these emotions. Shinokage is the most reclusive of the Densetsu, and generally prefers to lurk in the shadows.

Shinokage's magic gives him the simple yet effective ability to become invisible. He can also silence himself, to prevent enemies from hearing him, and somewhat distort his image to make him seem innocuous. He makes use of these abilities constantly, and has learned how to use each effectively to remain hidden, sneak up on targets and escape undetected.

Given Name: Kiku
Numerical Designation: Densetsu Go

District: Iyana District
Role: Head of Diplomacy

Gender: Female
Species: Tenshi
Mental Abnormality: Sociopathy
Magic: Emotional manipulation
Temperament: Respectful, dedicated, polite
Weapon of Choice: Knife

Active in Communications: Yes
Active in Duty: Yes

"I have the utmost respect for those who dedicate their lives to securing our country and its future. However, the greatest war is the war that is won without firing a single shot. Diplomacy is a science, a battle, and at art form all at once, a delicate balance that must be maintained for the safety of us all. It is therefore my great honour to represent Kyoki Chudoku in the fields and halls of diplomacy."

-Kiku, Densetsu Go of Iyana District, head of diplomacy

Kiku, otherwise called Densetsu Go, is the head of diplomacy of Kyoki Chudoku. Ruling over Iyana District, she is generally regarded as a respectful, polite, and reasonable individual. Despite this, she is in reality sociopathic, and incapable of feeling many emotions on her own. Kiku's magic involves the manipulation of emotions. Due to her status as a diplomat, Kiku is very active in international communications, even substituting for Aozora when the Supreme Overlady of All Reality herself is indisposed.

Kiku was born into a household with two other siblings, and eventually ended up having three younger ones as well. Her parents were rich, but competition between the children was fierce. Kiku struggled to understand emotions at first due to her sociopathy, but gradually began to emulate them convincingly. She became known as a respectful and grateful child who did well at school and could end arguments, however she also began manipulation in secret to achieve her goals.

Able to lie without second thought, act convincingly and understand the thought processes of her peers, Kiku quickly rose through the social ranks. However, the revolutionary war threatened to destroy her home. Kiku considered her options as the conflict drew ever closer to her, and finally made her decision. She approached the revolutionaries in secret, surrendered, and sought out Aozora deliberately. She wished to be a part of the winning side, and desired power.

As such, Aozora tenshified her. Kiku would go on to serve as a valued diplomat in the conflict, and would eventually come to rule over Iyana District. Kiku proved to be essential in Kyoki Chudoku's diplomatic efforts. Additionally, she would often comfort Aozora and attempt to ensure that rage and hatred did not destroy the nation.

Kiku has a relatively normal skin tone. She has light pink hair and deep pink eyes. She is of average stature.

Her clothing is varied, however she will generally wear a formal dress to diplomatic events and a less formal dress when not performing such endeavours.

Kiku is respectful and polite, although she can also be manipulative to her enemies. She is an expert diplomat and a good reader of emotions, and is also excellent and lying and justifying actions due to her sociopathy. Inside, she feels no emotions, however her tenshification makes her loyal to Aozora and therefore she cares for the Supreme Overlady of All Reality and her fellow Densetsu.

Having the ability to manipulate emotions, Kiku generally tries to be subtle with her magic. She generally uses it as more of a nudge in a certain direction that an outright command, as the latter would be suspicious and likely fail to accomplish anything. It is unknown precisely how often she uses this ability on foreign leaders and officials.

Given Name: Kurushimi
Numerical Designation: Densetsu Roku

District: Nogyo District
Role: Head of the Army

Gender: Female
Species: Tenshi/Neko
Mental Abnormality: Masochism
Magic: Pain manipulation
Temperament: Submissive, pain-craving, solemn
Weapon of Choice: Shotgun

Active in Communications: Irregularly
Active in Duty: Yes

"Pain is such a wonderful sensation. Many people just find that it hurts them, or makes them suffer. But I find it blissful. To be overwhelmed with agony, is a feeling that gives me such ecstasy. I can share my pain with you, and you can share your pain with me."

-Kurushimi, Densetsu Roku of Nogyo District, head of the army

Kurushimi, also known as Densetsu Roku, is the head of the army of Kyoki Chudoku. She is in command of Nogyo District. Notably, she is the only Densetsu to be a neko. Kurushimi is known for her masochism, and feels pleasure when experiencing pain. Her magic involves the manipulation of pain. The Densetsu is not overly active in international communications, but she does speak on occasion. She is also known to lead many projects related to Abyss jars. Kurushimi technically commands the Gomon Hito, elite bodyguards of Kyoki Chudoku.

Kurushimi used to be part of a split family. Her masochism was diagnosed at an early age, and caused her father and mother to fight and divorce. Taken care of by her mother, Kurushimi soon realised the enjoyment she derived from hurting herself. However, her mother was trying to make her behave normally, so she was prevented from doing so. It was hoped that her condition could be suppressed and kept hidden.

However, Kurushimi realised that she could hurt herself in ways that seemed accidental. Allowing bullies to injure her, "accidentally" tumbling and falling, mishandling tools, and so on allowed her to have the pain that she craved. One day, though, she went too far and was caught trying to stab herself in the arm. Her mother, furious, dumped her on the street in a fit of rage. With nowhere to go, Kurushimi almost killed herself, hoping to enjoy an agonising death.

Instead, Aozora found her and captured her, forcing her to undergo tenshificstion. Kurushimi gained the ability to control pain. Desiring torment, she allowed Aozora to torture her, and deliberately requested to become a neko so she would get to experienced the blissful agony of the procedure. She would go on to become a capable military commander, eventually ruling Nogyo District and being in charge of Chudokuren ground forces.

Kurushimi is fairly slender. She has dark purple eyes and bluish-black hair, which she generally leaves flowing. She also have neko features (cat ears and tail), which are black and fluffy.

In terms of clothing, Kurushimi generally wears jackets which she leaves open, often not having a actual shirt underneath. This is because she finds this more comfortable, and it allows her to expose herself to pain more easily.

Kurushimi is known for her craving for pain. She generally speaks fairly quietly, but with impact. She is also known for her determination, and her ability to submit and suffer when necessary in order to achieve victory. Kurushimi is known to be capable of defending herself well. The Densetsu enjoys "sharing" pain with her enemies, as she herself enjoys the sensation but her enemies generally dislike being tormented.

Kurushimi's magic revolves around pain. Specifically, she is capable of mitigating, transferring and amplifying pain. This makes her especially dangerous when somebody is being tortured or is in agony nearby, as she can transfer that pain to her enemies. Notably, she herself will often feel residual pain in the process, which to her is a benefit and not a detriment.

Given Name: Naosu
Numerical Designation: Densetsu Nana

District: Shinrin District
Role: Head of Medical Affairs

Gender: Female
Species: Tenshi
Mental Abnormality: Perfectionism
Magic: Healing and disease control
Temperament: Cold, compulsively perfectionistic, intelligent
Weapon of Choice: Forceps

Active in Communications: No
Active in Duty: Yes

"This world is full of flaws. Disease is but one of these imperfections. Defects, mutations, aberrations, all of these must be cured. My ultimate goal, is to eliminate all imperfection, to cleanse the world of detriments and flaws. Through the power of medicine, I will achieve this goal."

-Naosu, Densetsu Nana of Shinrin District, head of medical affairs

Naosu, additionally known by the title of Densetsu Nana, is Kyoki Chudoku's head of medical affairs. Ruling over Shinrin District, she is in command of the nation's bioweapons programs. Naosu is a perfectionist, with elements of obsessive compulsive disorder and a desire to be as hygienic and flawless as possible. Her magic is based upon regenerating cells and tissue, and manipulating disease. Naosu is not generally active in international communications. She is known to serve as a personal physician for Aozora when needed.

Naosu was always a perfectionist, and had several compulsive habits. She was intelligent, dedicated and ambitious. Naosu desired to become a doctor, to help cure the world of diseases. She also wished to eventually expand this to curing other flaws, and to one day help create a flawless world.

Eventually, she would achieve her wish of becoming a physician. She was extremely careful and rarely made mistakes, and her intense dedication was useful. However, she did make some mistakes, and although they were minor, this made her increasingly stressed and agitated. She wished to improve herself, and made every effort to increase her performance, but she could never seem to reach perfection. One day, she performed an operation, and made an error. This resulted in the death of a patient.

Horrified, she was unable to cope with the stress anymore. However, before she could even leave the facility, Aozora arrived, and kidnapped her. Naosu was tenshified, gaining medical magical capabilities. She would go on to cure people of horrible afflictions and treat gruesome wounds. In time, Naosu became ruler of Shinrin District. She also began working on biological weapons, and was as dedicated to perfecting diseases as she was to removing flaws from people. Naosu also became known for healing Aozora after intense duels.

Naosu has rather pale and clear skin, a result of her overly hygienic nature and natural predisposition. She has bright green eyes and hair, which she generally keeps as symmetrical as possible.

Due to her duties, Naosu generally wears a medical uniform, reminiscent of that of a nurse. She almost always wears a surgical mask to protect her from pathogens, and is known to also wear gloves at almost all times for the same reason.

A perfectionist, Naosu dislikes half efforts. To her, every task is worth full dedication and focus. She is also obssessed with improving herself- and often others. Due to her obsessive compulsive disorder, she feels horrible when dirty or "contaminated", and tried to keep herself as clean as possible. She dislikes taking risks, preferring a logical and cautious approach. Naosu sees flaws as diseases to be cured, but despite the insanity of her colleagues, admires them for their ability to turn their unusual traits into benefits rather than problems.

Naosu is capable of regenerating body tissue that technological medicine is unable to. Due to the magical nature of her healing, she is able to help patients recover from tenshi burn, which regular medicine struggles to treat. Naosu is capable of sustaining patients who would otherwise die from fatal organ damage, and she can heal wounds at a faster rate than would naturally occur. She can also control disease to an extent, helping alleviate illness from pathogens, autoimmune conditions and cancers.

Given Name: Gikochinai
Numerical Designation: Densetsu Hachi

District: Sangaku District
Role: Head of Media and Cultural Affairs

Gender: Female
Species: Tenshi
Mental Abnormality: Nymphomania
Magic: Ice magic
Temperament: Hyperactive, excitable, manic
Weapon of Choice: Spear

Active in Communications: Yes
Active in Duty: Yes

"Oh! Meeting people is so much fun! They're all so cute! I even get to have fun with some of them! Not all of them though. But that's fine! I still love all of them! And all of everyone else too!"

-Gikochinai, Densetsu Hachi of Sangaku District, head of media and cultural affairs

Gikochinai, also known as Densetsu Hachi, ruled Sangaku District. She also serves as Kyoki Chudoku's head of media and cultural affairs. Known to be excitable, hyperactive and nymphomanic, Gikochinai quite literally loves everyone she sees. She has access to ice magic capabilities. Densetsu Hachi frequently participates in international communications, and is responsible for Kyoki Chudoku's media warfare campaigns.

Gikochinai was known to possess nymphomanic tendencies from an early age. They did not fully manifest, however, until adolescence. She was often initially seen as a very enthusiastic and slightly awkward girl, however she alienated almost everyone with her obsessions and constant feelings of affection towards everyone, regardless of gender, relationship status, or age.

Eventually, Gikochinai learned to somewhat suppress these desires, and became slightly more accepted. However, it would not last. When puberty arrived, her nymphomania returned with a vengeance, and she was unable to control herself. Eventually, it reached a point she was to be placed in an asylum. She ran away, directly into a war zone.

There, she was captured by Aozora Chiyumi, and tenshified. Her nymphomania became more controlled, and her enthusiasm was used to provide moral support. She also developed animations to humiliate the enemy and encourage patriotism. Gikochinai found herself ruler of Sangaku District and head of media and cultural affairs. She organised celebrations, dveeloped animations, and got to "have fun" with prisoners sent to her as part of Aozora's ironic justice punishment plan.

Gikochinai has vibrant cyan hair, which is generally kept fairly short and curly, although she will style it however needed for cosplays. She also has bright orange eyes.

Densetsu Hachi has many costumes, and cosplays regularly. However, her most ubiquitous outfit is a maid uniform.

Gikochinai is hyperactive and constantly cheeeful. Even when disappointed, she is only downcast for mere seconds before returning to excitement. She is also a nymphomaniac. Specifically, she falls in love at first sight with every single person she sees. This notably includes children, corpses, and even animals when she is reminded of it. She is primarily able to keep her urges satisfied using prisoners. Gikochinai enjoys creating and watching animations, and is known to be an expert at their development.

The magic Gikochinai can use is ice magic. She is capable of freezing water, making areas colder and generating things such as walls of ice and icicle shards. Despite this, she generally just uses her magic to freeze parts of people to inhibit their movement, and she is not overly experienced in its combat use.

Given Name: Hanabi
Numerical Designation: Densetsu Kyu

District: Otoko District
Role: Head of Security

Gender: Female
Species: Tenshi
Mental Abnormality: Superiority complex
Magic: Fire magic
Temperament: Dominant, determined, unyielding
Weapon of Choice: Axe

Active in Communications: No
Active in Duty: Yes

"Traitors and prisoners deserves to be broken. They must have their will shattered, their spirit destroyed, their resistance annihilated. Ensuring that this happens is my duty. Through fear, we prevent idiots committing crimes to begin with. Through suffering, we make sure that those who do pay for it. And through death, we finally get rid of those who are unworthy of the air they breathe."

-Hanabi, Densetsu Kyu of Otoko District, head of security

Hanabi, also recognised as Densetsu Kyu, is Kyoki Chudoku's head of security. She manages Otoko District. She is known for her ability to break prisoners, her unrelenting determination, and her belief in her superiority over her foes. Hanabi uses fire magic in combat and to torment people. She is not overly active in international communications.

Even as a young girl, Hanabi was ambitious and often aggressive. Her hot-headed nature made her a target, so she lessens to defend herself, and eventually became a powerful combatant when unarmed. Usually seen as a delinquent, she was actually quite intelligent, but mosh of her reputation came from her physical strength.

Eventually, Hanabi would struggle to obtain employment, ending up living off of various menial assignments. However, she continued to get into fights, and as such was eventually left with little. One day, a criminal attempted to rob her parents while she was at their home, and she tried to take him on. However, the criminal ended up shooting her father dead, and injuring her. Worse still, the war made it impossible for an ambulance to collect her.

Struggling to move through the streets, she was captured by Aozora's forces and eventually tenshified. Hanabi is known to be the Densetsu that took the longest time to tenshify due to her intense resistance. After emerging, she served as an enforcer, crushing dissent and intimidating the enemy. Eventually, she was placed in charge of Otoko District, where numerous island prisons were constructed. Hanabi became head of security, and helped ensure that traitors were punished as harshly as possible.

Hanabi has red hair, which she keeps short. Her eyes are bright yellow eyes, and she has a slightly darker skin tone than average for Otoko District.

Hanabi has a variety of outfits, generally intended to intimidate the enemy. She will sometimes wear armour playing into battle, but generally sticks to less restrictive outfits when simply dominating or torturing people. Most of her clothing is black.

Hanabi is very firm on demonstrating her superiority over others. She enjoys breaking prisoners, both in body and spirit, and especially likes to exploit their vulnerabilities. This also makes her relatively fast to anger, and she is quick to fight when challenged. Arrogance is a weakness of Hanabi's, although persistent can be a strength. Hanabi has a special hatred for traitors, and intense fury for those who hurt people she cares about.

Hanabi's magic is based around fire. She is capable of conjuring flames, generating intense heat, launching fireballs and filling rooms with smoke. Despite having intense destructive power, her magic can be controlled to simple leave burns or brands, although it has very few utility applications beyond starting fires.