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Her Royal Highness, Duchess Marcella Villa

Duchess of the United Island States
Marcella Villa

Marcella Villa, official State Portrait
Personal Info


15 January 1998


Aurora Island Island




George Villa


Shino Nanao-Villa



Sexual Orientation:


Ideology Info

Political Ideology:


Economic Ideology:

Nordic capitalism

[align=center][background-block=#FF69B4][b]2nd Duchess of AHSCA[/b][/background-block][/align]

Assumed Office:

26 December 2016

Preceded by:

Shino Nanao-Villa



Political Party


[align=center][background-block=#FF69B4][b]16th Duchess of Aurora [/b][/background-block][/align]

Assumed Office:

26 December 2016

Preceded by:

Shino Nanao-Villa



Political Party


Marcella Villa is the current reigning Duchess of the United Island States of AHSCA and is the Second Official Duchess of the United Island States of AHSCA and the 16th Duchess of Aurora Island. Born to Shino Nanao-Villa, the First Duchess of the UIS and 15th of Aurora Island, and her father, Mokastana native, George Villa on Aurora Island in December in the end of the Unification War. Marcella was coordinated upon her coming of age with her mother handing down her position and title to her first born daughter, the first in the history of the island and in the young nation. Marcella is currently 21 years of age and is still a lady-in-waiting.

Early Life

Marcella was born and raised in AHSCA on the island and village of Aurora, the capital hub of the nation to her two parents. As a young child Marcella was expected to inherit the position of Duchess from her mother and was raised with that mindset being educated and tutored in politics and government of her nation as well as the world. At age six, Marcella's younger sister, Gisella was born and Marcella welcomed her new baby sister with open arms. Being the oldest, Marcella was expected to be a good role model for her younger sister and the other children they befriended over the years.

Militia to Naval Service

Marcella Villa in Uniform

Given Marcella would be expected to lead not only the nation but the military as well it was expected she would have to enlist. At age 13, the Militia was still the only military organization on the islands and Marcella first enrolled in basic services of police and law enforcement. Under her commanding officer, Major general Aminda of Corona Island, Marcella worked as a equivalent of a "beat cop" patrolling the shores and inland of the islands in the state. All the while Marcella continued being educated by her tutors for more advanced curriculum to prepare her for her eventual ascension.

By age 15, Marcella's work in the Militia had earned her two commendations allowing her to advance in rank to Lieutenant in the Militia. It was also at this time the United Island Defense Forces were being formed, a split from the militia, which had to be both military and police to a separate modernized force for the defense of the nation. With the changes underway, Marcella retired herself from the Militia to join the newly formed naval services. Though she was offered a chance to transfer her rank, Marcella chose to start out as an enlisted Sailor Rank (or Seaman equivalent in some navies).

Marcella's first major training exercise were common aboard the new modern navy vessels built and provided by friends and allies of the UIS but she also split her time as a volunteer instructor for incoming cadets aboard AHSCA's more traditional sail and steamer ships. Before being put onto modern ships, Cadets were given an initial "acclimation voyage" where they would see how they'd stand in long trips out to sea. Knowing her father was prone to severe seasickness, Marcella felt it was best to test her endurance on such a voyage and offered to join the in-training cadets on one or more voyages.

Marcella's first voyage was aboard a wood clipper ship and was plagued by problems. Stormy seas pelted them for days and soon enough more trouble with attempts of pirates hoping to seize the vessel. Marcella was known to be a rock during the worst of it and helping some of the other cadets cope. By the end of the voyage, Marcella felt confident about her continuing service in the Navy until time she'd be ready to take the throne.


Towards the end of her 17th birthday, Marcella was increasingly made aware her mother, Shino would resign and hand over the reign to Marcella. Marcella was first nervous and apprehensive about taking control so soon. Tradition had been the reigning monarch would likely serve until death or disposal of her power but Shino felt her daughter was ready and felt a quick power hand over would ensure stability of AHSCA's still fragile state as a country and of the continuing of the Nanao Dynasty which had ruled since the days of Marcella's maternal grand and great-grandmothers and Shino's mother and grandmother. (even if under the new married name).

On a pleasant evening in AHSCA's dry season, before the National Congress and all State Governors the reigns of power were handed over from mother to daughter. In Marcella's commencement speech, Marcella addressed the history of country from the days of its war for unification and the heroes who died to form the independent state, to the present and how the system of government with it's democratic elements under the stability of a long lasting and consistent ruler made the nation unique and proud. She also addressed the future of the nation from her reign on stating she would be a light for her subjects and protect all that was dear to her as a native, concluding by giving praises to the Goddess of Light and Dark (the ying and yang of AHSCA's religious beliefs).

Current Era

In the three years as Duchess, Marcella has made strives to continue to improve the islands of AHSCA. By allowing more agriculture to be produced, reducing the reliance on imports and has relaxed some of the nation's tax laws to not burden those on small incomes. Under her reign, the Government has been expanded with the additional new "offices" as apart of her cabinet of minister to oversee specific sectors of the nation.

Marcella has expanded the nation's military instituting a selective service draft that randomly draws a person for a period of service in peace time but is compulsory during war time.

International trade and relations has also become increasingly productive under her reign.

But still issues that continue to face the nation remain. Marcella was criticized for the slow response to a slow moving hurricane that drenched the far island of Animalpolis causing massive wide spread flooding and damage. The Island's Premier, Millihorie F. Biscotti stated while she holds her majesty in high regard and honor, the navy just wasn't there. Marcella has agreed the response should have been more efficient and promised greater resources for future storms.

As a nation, AHSCA remains in a tug-a-war between it's place in the world and it's long history as a culture. With more nations recognizing the archipelago, more have said they'd be willing to aide and stimulate the fledgling nation to modernize it. While Marcella has felt some modernization would be good she still stands with the many islanders still believe it's better for their culture and spirituality to remain mostly as is. That's not to say all modern ideas and culture have been rejected by the Duchess or the islanders and Marcella wishes to balance out the two to allow them to flourish as a nation.


As duchess, Marcella holds most of the executive authority of the nation including the powers to grant citizenship, declare war, accept or reject treaties and command the armed forces. She belongs to no political party but presides over the legislative branch daily or weekly to hear current proposals in Congress. If desired, Marcella can issue Royal Decrees, bypassing the legislative process. Marcella has stated she'll use these if needed but hopes to see the legislative branch proceed as normal.

Identifying as a bi-sexual female herself, Marcella has taken a pro-LGBT stance for the islands. Homosexuality hasn't had a tough history in the island mostly being received with just another part of nature and willed by Heaven. Transgendered haven't had as easy of a time as birth is seen as permanent. Persecution has been a problem with some violent confrontation before. Marcella has said she will grant full protection for any person who identifies as another gender and no rights will be abridged while she holds the throne.

Marcella is a lover of the environment and has pledged to maintain AHSCA as eco-friendly as possible, having the nation rely on biodegradable products and maintain nature. Those who have sought to electrically infuse their residences have been required to use wind or solar generated power and much of the government buildings run on that as well. With climate change effecting AHSCA, Marcella has made this a strong priority with the last several hurricanes have been increasingly stronger than in years past.

Marcella has agreed with the long popular "optional education policy" but has pushed to make early primary training compulsory for the first 11 years of a child's life. Marcella though has said she won't issue a mandate by her powers of Royal Decree but rather encourage the legislature to make it happen.

Economically, Marcella leans more socialist than capitalist. She does agree for the small businesses to be self ran and the autonomy of individuals who don't desire a highly planned economy for them but believes strongly in a worker's personal rights and hopes to prevent exploitation.

As a developing nation, we're often vulnerable to the bigger badder sides of wealth who see us as cheap labor and nothing more. AHSCA is best under not an entirely state planned economy but an economy ran by its people.

Marcella believes capitalism does have a place in society and doesn't feel it's inherently a bad or flawed system but is best maintained in a heavy dose of moderation. Marcella doesn't share any ideals with communism even though there is a movement within AHSCA for a communist system.

Personal Life

Marcella identifies as a bi-sexual female and while isn't currently married has had suitors of both sexes before. Marcella was raised to be open spiritually (her mother being spiritual but not belonging to a sect) but does believe and is a follower in the major religion of AHSCA, Madokamisim, specifically the sect that only identifies Madokami as the creator and Goddess of all things in life. She enjoys tea and the weather of AHSCA and remains close to her family.

Public Opinion

At home, Marcella Villa is generally very well liked among the people, with an 89% approval rating overall from her population. Most regard her as kind, humble and soft spoken. A Monarch not obsessed with wealth and power but not overly passive either, knowing when to take a stand as leader and when to allow the deomcratic system work. A poll among the populous ranked her as the most beautiful monarch of the islands.

Her detractors see her as just another tool of oppression to making a truly free society in AHSCA. She's also been described as a remnant from Aurora Island's imperial warring state era (circa 18th-19th century). Pro-educational proponents in the island have criticized her lack of action on creating a stable education system for the islands, citing the lack of formality continues to hold the islands back in progressing beyond the loosely clustered tribal states of the pre-unification era.

Global Opinion





Prime Minister Sun Qinshi

She has a great sense of style! Politics aside, I'd love to have a coffee with her and find out how she does it.

Ilha das tempestades

Chief Valenzuela

As Monarchs go she's not bad. She's been very fair in her dealings with us, we like to show her the same courtesy.


Ortfiné Fredericka "Finé" von Eylstadt

Duchess Villa is kind and fair ruler. She earns the trust of her people with her firmness and sensible ruling style.

Shogunate of the uzumaki empire

Prime Minister Aozora Yoshisada

Negative......She's just too liberal.

Utabian Empire (Republic of the Utabian Islands)

Empress Valeria Asiriel

She seems to be a bit young to be a leader, but she is a fair and just one at that.


Countess Ambrosia Von Carstein

Marcella is an angel. I don't even care if she's a monarch too! I mean, she has enough power to do what she wants to her nation and people but she still believes in their ability to decide for themselves! I've never met a monarch who trusts their own people's intelligence. You're one in a billion and that's a good thing! Just when I thought she couldn't get any better, she's a protector of nature! Lady, I've got a little environmental club running over here and you're welcome to join us anytime!


His Imperial Majesty, Kaiser Dietz von Ferdisburg

I find Frau Villa to be a remarkable, and beautiful, young Duchess of her little island nations. I do wish that we may establish ties with each other sometime in the near future where we can trade resources and valuable minerals and popular spices.


His Brilliancy, Sir Riley Simpson, Supreme General of Vlasdol

Cares deeply about the military of her nation, but shes very young