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The Overview of the Socialist Republic of Rodrigostan

The Socialist Republic of Rodrigostan

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The Socialist Republic of Rodrigostan


Coat of arms

Motto: "Rodrigostan rules the wa - err, never mind."


Population: 72,000,000

(Nationstates' figures are poppycock)

Density: 166/km²

Capital: Trujac
Largest City: Trujac

Official Language: Rodrigoslavian

Demonym: Rodrigoslavic

Government: The Socialist Party of Rodrigostan
- General Secretary: Fuerma-Diego Rodríguez
- Head of Supreme Roviot: Joseph Deudós
- Head of Foreign Relations: Tomás Josue

Legislature: Supreme Roviot
- Upper House: Roviot of the Richardtania
- Lower House: Roviot of the Breenic

Land Area: 434,198 km²
Water Area: 11,289 km²
Water %: 2.6

- Highest Point: Mount Rongfrau:
1518 m (4980 ft)
- Lowest Point: Vodyanisty River Delta:
-5.2 m (-17.1 ft) - Sea level

GDP (nominal): $65,254,297,090,174.59
GDP (nominal) per capita: $39,935.31

Currency: Ouros

Time Zone: Primo Cannir Meridian Time +0

Drives on: any part of the road. It's called priority.

Internet TLD: .rod


The Socialist Republic of Rodrigostan - also just referred to as just Rodrigostan - is a socialist nation located in North Insanirvakk. Bordering its northern coastline is the Nesushchestvuyet Sea (known as the Armada Sea by the rest of the world); stretching 970-kilometres along. To the eastern borders is the kingdom of North nohan and the south borders the Great Lake of Trujac as well as Anvilopolis. The strong ally of Sanilgrad is to the west of Rodrigostan. The country covers an area of 434,198 km² and has an estimated population of around 72 million.

Rodrigostan is a redeveloping nation; trying to recover from the damage left by the monarchy and the revolution which overthrew it. The strong GDP of $65.254 trillion and per capita GDP of $40,000 continues to grow as the country develops trade routes with other nations and its tourism industry. Socialist Republic ranked highly on civil rights and employment and is part of many international organisations like the Union of Shoddy Subaverage Republics and the World Assembly.


The name "Rodrigostan" derived from the two kings of the Richardtania-Breenic alliance - King Rodrigo IV and King Stanislav II. They purposely chose a combination of their names so the glory of their conquest which united the nation would forever be remembered. Although the monarchy would eventually be overthrown, the name "Rodrigostan" had become synonymous with the country's identity so the people left it as the nation officially became the Socialist Republic of Rodrigostan.

The standard way to refer to a citizen of Rodrigostan is as a "Rodrigoslav."


Up until into the 4th era, the region was divided up by warring tribes fighting in the conflict known as the Trujac War. Deadly battles were fought over the deity of Lord Adams' resting remains. Blood poured through the land like a flood. This would all change as the two major tribes - the Richardtania and Breenic tribes - formed an alliance to conquer all the other factions and create the Kingdom of Rodrigostan; ending the Trujac War.

Between the 4th and 7th eras, Rodrigostan became a pioneer of memes exports; supplying the world with some of the dankest material to date. Remaining neutral in the First World War allowed for a boom in the economy which filled the country with riches. Glistening beaches and untouched countryside attracted the entire world. Crippled by the aftermath of the global fighting, the world idolised the advanced Rodrigostan; cementing its superpower status. This period would be known as the Golden Age of Rodrigostan.

Disaster struck in the 7th era. As new countries emerged around the globe, trade shifted towards the already powerful Popugrazian Empire; leaving Rodrigostan isolated due to the geographic location of the nation. In a desperate attempt to cling onto power, King Ricardo II tried to invade neighbouring countries; beginning the invasion of The United Isles of Burgessland. The horizon trembled at the sight of over 130 ships marching across the ocean's surface, heading towards (what the fleet thought was) a certain victory. Instead, it was their doom. Unexpected bad weather separated the units allowing Burgessland to counterattack. They sent fireships to deter the Armada and picked off the isolated ships. It was a significant military loss, highlighting to the citizens of Rodrigostan the weaknesses of the King for the first time.

The Second World War saw the Popugrazian Empire's demise; causing rapid changes to the world which the Monarchy of Rodrigostan struggled to adapt to. In desperation to become relevant on a global scale again, they became more corrupt. Consequently, the 10th era saw the Glorious Revolution as the oppressed people had enough and rose up. Inspired by similar events in Joduerdor, they overthrew the monarchy and formed The Socialist Republic of Rodrigostan.

To this day, Rodrigostan has remained fairly neutral; never getting too involved in major battles. Similar ideologies helped establish a strong friendship with Joduerdor. The two nations stood strong and stable together through the many conflicts in the 11th era as well as the G.C.S.E epidemic. The United States of Rodrigostan continues to build new alliances such as the Grandest Alliance and joined the Union of Shoddy Subaverage Republics at the start of the 12th era.

During the 12th era, Rodrigostan was involved in the Dragon Torsi Scandal; where a new division of the Rodrigoslavic military with Jovian backing committed anonymous cyber-attacks on the Union of Shoddy Subaverage Republics to test the power of hacking and to capture Jovian traitors. The attacks caused mass panic until the Rodrigoslavic government revealed themselves as the perpetrators and the rest of the Union were so shocked by the revelation that they couldn’t comprehend putting sanctions on the country.

The current General Secretary, Fuerma-Diego Rodríguez, looks with great ambition towards the future of this great country; hoping to lead us to a new Golden Age...


The total area of Rodrigostan is approximately 434,198 km². 18% of this land is forested and 44% remains as untouched countryside or agricultural land. Despite being fairly northern on a global geographical scale, the country sees fairly good weather, averaging temperatures of 25°C in the summer and -3°C in the winter. Northern Rodrigostan is colder and windy than its southern counterpart which sees the better weather which is a reason for its superior tourism industry.

Typically, Rodrigostan is a low-lying country; renowned for its green, endless plains. Elevation only increases noticeably as you travel to the East towards the mountainous region along the borders with North nohan. The tallest summit there (and of Rodrigostan) is that of Mount Rongfrau at 1518 m (4980 ft). In contrast, the South is very low-lying; its lowest point being at the Vodyanistyy River Delta where it meets the Great Lake of Trujac at -5.2 metres (-17.1 feet).







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