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A Document that Describes Stuff (WIP)

Map by Joduerdor

Riiyaxona, occasionally referred by it's former name 'Louisalvia' by members of the Union of Shoddy Subaverage Republics, is a small nation situated between Sanjugasia, Birkingrad, Nattersland, Jaysingstoke and Joduerdor, lead by its 57th democratically elected leader, Ástbjörn Náttfarisson.

The majority of the landscape in Riiyaxona is woodlands, as the government has enforced policies that prevent the excessive removal of trees. The more densely-forested areas can generally be found at the flatter, lower areas of the country, whereas the majority of the population resides in the mountainous, colder areas. These mountains regularly get snowfall in winter, despite the close location of the country to the equator. Generally speaking, the lower areas of the country are able to exceed 35°C and do not drop below 20°C during the colder months, whereas the mountainous areas tend to be between 20°C and -10°C throughout the year.

Major cities


The city of Logandireykur is the closest city to the equator, situated right next to the Riiyaxona-Jaysingstoke border.

It is also the largest and richest in Riiyaxona, and the lowest-lying. Over half of the city is built amongst a forest, as an expansion to the original ancient settlement site. The strange architecture of the buildings is quite iconic and tends to stand out amongst the smaller, more simply-designed houses.

Although not in a particularly easy location to get to, Logandirekyur is considered a major trading hub for the country, and hosts many international businesses, mostly from Jaysingstoke.


Einhverstaður is a city located in the Stór mountains. It is not as significant as Logandirekyur, and, in fact, is incredibly quiet. It is often considered very much a 'ghost town', as very few people choose to live there due to the cold and the famously slow WiFi. In truth, this actually makes the scenery far more stunning, as few roads have to be built and very little needs to be imported to sustain its residents, meaning that the environment (both physical and audibly) is left almost entirely undisturbed.


The only coastal city in the whole of Riiyaxona, Rústir is very similar to Logandireykur, in the fact that it too is built around a much older central cluster of buildings. Some of the city itself is built off of the beach, and slightly out to sea, linking back with large piers that are withdrawn when they are at risk of being washed away by particularly violent storms. This, obviously, has not been successful every time, as the piers have been destroyed at least four times each, over the hundred years that they have been around for.

Most who visit do not dare to see the part of the city that is off the coast. That section is mostly just housing, with the occasional shop, but mostly those shops are only used by residents. The sea-section is powered through underwater turbines, and a few solar panels, since it is not connected to the same electricity grid as the rest of Rústir.

The parts of Rústir that are on land are very modern, somewhat akin to a smaller version of Tokyo. The few skyscrapers that there are are additionally used to generate wind power, for use both in the building and the area around the building.

The leader of Riiyaxona, Ástbjörn Náttfarisson, apologises for the terrible layout of this document, and assures the public that the person who made this was definitely not just some random guy named Reykdal from the grocery store across the road, but an actual person who knows IT.