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The Navthanian War (10th-11th Era)

Navthania War makes monsters of men. Lest we forget.

The Powderkeg of the Triads

Mid 10th Era:
Populargroupia, as a single entity, was no more. Their humiliation by the far inferior Rossronaldoian forces in the early 10th Era's Willlaglandish War led the people of the world to completely doubt their power. The empire crumbled and a hundred independent states rose. With the great juggernaut in the west gone, the Triads: once left impoverished in the central realms would begin their rise to power. The militarization of the central states began.

Mid-Late 10th Era: Navthania and Anjelikland signed a trade agreement and became close allies. To help trade flow, Ketkistan would give up some of her territories to Navthania, giving the fledgeling superpower a border with Anjelikland. This was a time of peace for the Triads. The metropolis of Eefor would become host to the only border between for nations. The city was divided into four quadrants: the northwest belonged to Anirudasia, the northeast was Anjelikian, southeast Ketkistani and southwest Navthanian.

Late 10th Era:
Other Tensions boiled over into the First Triad Civil War (I'll write a separate factbook on this). With the treaty of Angles Los a failure, M.A.N. would go to war with J.A.R. The War was an M.A.N. victory; Teasdale was occupied, but at a cost. Gwiffindor and Navthavia would both become increasingly authoritarian in an effort to combat Raphaelasian Militants. Joduerdor was preoccupied with its own socialist revolution (to become the Joviet Union) and stayed neutral, but its people were disgusted with the way their Raphaelasian comrades had been crushed. The Jovian-Gwifken Cold War was put on hold until after Navthania was defeated (we'll get to that), but some historians feel that it, in fact, started long before Navthania actually invaded Anjelikland.

The Dawn of War

Very Late 10th Era:
Concerned by a number of Navthanian spies in the country, and a number of exports Navthania was trying to force on her people, Anjelikland would embrace protectionism and cut ties with Navthania. This was before Navthania's strong trade with the Main Geographers. Without any trade partners, the Navthanian People were plunged into poverty. To add insult to injury, Ketkistan demanded her territories back. What Navthania lacked in food and money, she made up for in guns, tanks and Patriotism. In the last weeks of the 10th Era, Navthania Would invade Anjelikland.

The Navthkrieg

Early 11th Era:
Navthania conquered Eefor in hours. Ketkistan and Anirudhasia were too concerned with their own alliance to get involved. They naively believed Anjelikland was strong enough to defeat the Navthanians alone. This was a horrible mistake. The Anjelik army would crack under pressure within days and put the Navthanians on a steady march towards Anjelikgrad.

Now it was Navthania's turn to be too cocky. Rather than head straight for the Anjelik Capital, Navthania would preemptively invade Ketkistan. She would also send troops to the Anirudhish border, expecting retaliation from them, but none came. At least not from the government in Anipolis. The Ellenish Empire, previously distracted by her colonialism in Nattersland would join the war with the allies. Navthania had conquered half of Anjelikland and half of Ketkistan, but she stood alone against the might of Ellenasia and her puppets. The Navthanian government sent coups to overthrow the leaders of Charlotteland and Joduerdor, her only potential allies in the region.

Nevertheless, the Navthanians would make it to Anjelikgrad. The great shrine to the guardian angel would be torn down and a barrage of mortars and guns (sabaton reference intended) would almost level the city to the ground. Ellenasia was a puppeteer, used to using other enslaved races to fight her wars: The actual Ellenish army was no match for the well trained Navthanians, who would surround the city and begin attempting to starve the Anjelik people to death. In the year of October, a brutal siege began.

Joviet-Navthanian Relations

The Joviet Union had two reasons to hate Navthania: the vicious besieging of Anjelikgrad and the attempted coup by Navthania in the Joviet capital, Xalkanokii.
Navthania had two reasons to hate the Joviet Union: Joviet supply drops to the Anjelik and the fact that the failed coup instigators had been lined up and shot in Xalkanokii.
Navthania was without doubt much stronger than Joduerdor, but taking into account that Navthania was fighting the Anjelik front, it was unclear who would win a war between them and the countries remained in a state of uneasy peace.

Turning the Tide
With aid dropped in by Gwiffindor, Anirudhasia, Rosinia, the Joviets, Ellenasia and all her allies; the seige of Anjelikgrad was lifted. Navthania had spent all her focus on Anjelikgrad. When the blockade finally disintegrated, those fighting under the Guitar and Longsword found themselves without a front line.

They say those who cant do, teach. This fits Ellenasia perfectly. She had drill sergeants, hundreds of them: and they transformed the Anjelik and Ketkistani people into militias, ready to die for the allied cause. These militias weren't great, but they were better than nothing, and nothing was what the Nathanians had. In a matter of weeks, the allies had taken Eefor and pushed Navthania back to her border.

The Halloween Armistice

This is where the war should have ended. Millions of innocent lives had been lost and a truce had been agreed. Anirudhasia and Ketkistan, often regarded as the power alliance at the centre of the Triad Pact (the Triad Pact has fallen since then, so they cant have been that powerful) were assigned as the neutral peace brokers. Navthania was outraged as Ketkistan had fought with the allies, and Anirudhasia had sold them weapons. In Anjelikgrad, the people had suffered and wanted to inflict pain on those who had hurt them. The far right swept an election in Anjelikland. They believed they had the right to take more land and really punish Navthania. The Navthanians also thought they could still win. The peace lasted less than a week Within days, Navthania had conscripted her entire population and prepared to open up a new theatre of war in the east.

The Charlottish Civil War

The eastern Triad nations have a habit of holding their elections at the same time. AnjeliKIP would win in Anjelikland and in Charlotteland, the previously unheard of pro-Nathanian party "Blue Dawn" would come second, stealing the liberals' majority. The neutral Charlottish government saw this as an affront to democracy as they believed Navthavia herself had rigged the vote. They had the party's leaders arrested and imprisoned. The pro-Nathanians lept up as an armed resistance and the civil war began. Charlotteland made it clear to the triads that they did not to join the allies, but simply fight off the rebels and keep their nation safe. This wish was torn asunder when Anjelikland staged a coup with its own rebels. The centrist faction was destroyed immediately and everyone was forced to pick a side. In a tragic turn of fate, the mostly neutral Charlottish people found themselves destroying their own country as nothing but puppets of the Navthanians and Anjelik. It was in this war that Anjelikland showed she could be just as ruthless as the Nathanians. Any Charlottian who objected to Anjelik rule was lined up and shot, Joviet style, in a grisly symbol of the growing ties between Anjelikgrad and Xalkanokki. Within half a year the war was over in a decisive Anjelik victory. Blue dawn fled to the mountains where they still exist as a guerrilla movement to this day. With her rebels effectively defeated, Navthania's dreams of forcing Anjelikland to fight a war on two fronts was crushed. Taking a confidence boost from this victory, the allies invaded Navthania and reopened the war on the western front.

The Downfall

The allies moved quickly through the Navthanian countryside in one armoured fist of jeeps and tanks. They had massively underestimated the nation which had been at the gates of Anjelikgrad less than a year ago. Navthanian children could fight bravely and better than the hardest allied troops. The Panzer Corps from the Navthkreig and been revitalised and surrounded the Anjelik-led coalition just north of the Nathanian-Joviet border. The defeated allies took camp in the town of Fezitiaval and waited to die. they knew the victorious Navthanians would take no prisoners. Navthania attacked. The allies had nowhere to retreat with their backs up against the neutral Joviet union. Correction: the formerly-neutral Joviet Union. With the Navthanian tanks so close to the border, the Joviets took their chance and joined the allies. With one more nation joining, the battle of Fezitiaval was a decisive Allied victory.

The enraged Navthanians attacked the Joviet Union. They crossed the border and won the battle of Veshoney, but at such a cost that they were now doomed to lose the war.

Joduerdor would then launch its special ability: overthrowing governments. With Joviet help, the Navthanian Workers' Party began a revolution in the name of democracy.

With the Joviets in the war, the theatre of naval warfare was opened. The second most deadly battle of the war, second only to the battle of Anjelikgrad began: The Battle of Halolad. Halolad is an island in the Navthaian sea, which is owned by Joduerdor. Navthanian missiles killed every man, woman and child on the island. Two aircraft carriers sunk that day. Navthania's HMS Oswald and the Joviet RNS Senator are both coral reefs today.

With Navthania's fate sealed, Gwiffindor, the most powerful military in the region, would join the war for the allies with her puppet Anirudhasia. Ellenasia landed her troops on Navthania's beaches. The Navthanian Liberatarian Front and Worker's Party put their contrasting policies aside and tore down the fascist government. Navthania surrendered in the December month of the December year of the 11th Era.

The Aftermath

Navthania's time as a world power had come to an end, but with it went a poisonous authoritarian ideology. Today the country is a proud member of The Main Geographers and one of Joduerdor's closest and most trusted allies. The victors write the history books and of course, the Navthanian war crimes at Anjelikgrad and Halolad must be remembered. But less us not forget the Anjelik treatment of the Charlottian Resistance or the Joviet bayonetting of wounded Navthavians or the civilians killed in the Firestorm the allies unleashed. This was the worst war the triad region would ever see, but sadly not the last. With Navthania out of the way, the Joviet-Gwifken cold war, and it's cruel proxy wars would begin.