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Exceptional Maritime Orders I

Exceptional Maritime Orders

Field of Fisheries

  • Developing fisheries sector

  • Accelerate toll boats

  • Accelerate the distribution of credit and capital to fishermen

  • Increasing fishing capacity

  • Improve the quality and quantity of fish and fishery facilities

  • Accelerate licensing of traditional fishermen along with assistance and services

    Field of Maritime Defense

  • Increase the quality of maritime defense

  • Increase patrol and guard by TNI around sea in eustrastan

    Oil and Gas Field

  • Conducting oil and gas exploitation in Natuna Block and Singamarga Block

  • Increase oil production by about 24% and 55% gas by the end of this year

    Tourism and Environment

  • Development plan of Singalaut Marine Reserve

  • Passing the Law on Protection of marine animals

  • Ongoing research on marine ecosystems

  • Reforestation of Mangrove Forest on the beach



    Minister of agriculture, Fisheries, plantation, and tourism , Robert Dennison

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