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Constitution of the Exarchal Republic

Constitution of The Exarchal Republic

The nations of The Exarchal Republic henceforth find this document, labelled as the Constitution of The Exarchal Republic, as satisfactory for forming the supreme law and decree of governance in The Exarchal Republic. We find this document to ensure overarching peace, to strike back against despotism, and to create a new union more perfect than that before.

Article 1:

§1a: Every nation of the Exarchal Republic, by being present in this region, realizes that they agree to this document as a virtue of their continued presence here.

§1b: Every nation of the Exarchal Republic realizes the supreme authority of this document as the governing law of the Exarchal Republic.

§1c: Every nation of the Exarchal Republic realizes that no major changes to this document may take place without a majority vote in a specifically designed regional poll.

§1d: The founder may not run for the position of WA Delegate.

§1e: Any nation may suggest polls, however, only nations with Polls authority may approve them and set them to vote. Polls may be removed at the discretion of the Exarch of Dominion, Exarch of State, or the WA Delegate.

§1f: The exarchs and archons may vote to suspend the usual government and appoint a sole ruler for a short period of time to solve specific regional emergencies.

Article 2:

§2a: Every nation, by agreeing to this document by virtue of 1a, realizes that the following article lays out the governmental structure for the Exarchal Republic, and that they are required to follow its proper form.

§2b: Every nation, by agreeing to this document by virtue of 1a, realizes that they may not incite a rebellion in any shape, way, or form without proper justification.

§2c: Every nation realizes that the government of the Exarchal Republic shall consist of two exarchs, two archons, and a WA Delegate

§2d: The Exarch of Dominion shall be a title granted to the founder, whereas the Exarch of State shall be elected in biweekly elections

§2e: The position of Archon-Elector I will be run regularly and elected every two weeks

§2f: The position of Archon-Elector II will be run regularly after AE1 elections and shall be elected every two weeks.

§2g: When the position of Archon-Elector II is not in use, the position of Archon-Elector I will simply be referred to as "Archon-Elector".

§2h: Every nation realizes, as a virtue of 1a, that the calendar system in the Exarchal Republic shall note 2017 A.D. as Year 1 S.F., and each in-game year shall be equivalent to one week.

Article 3:

§3a: Nations, by virtue of 1a, are expected to adhere to the following rules: no inappropriate content, no inappropriate language, no links to inappropriate materials, no excessive amounts of caps, no racial slurs of any type, and no toxicity or flaming. In addition, nations are expected to respect one another and each other’s opinions. Swearing is permitted when not excessive and when not directed at other nations.

§3b: Every nation realizes that the rules listed in 3a are not considered a complete set and can be expanded to include other cases that are not expressly listed, at the discretion of the exarchs and archons.

§3c: Every nation realizes that if they are in violation of 3a, 3b, or Article 5, they can and will incur punishments such as post suppression, poll deletion, ejection, and/or banning.

§3d: Nations are permitted to leave whenever they desire.

§3e: Malicious impersonation of others by using puppet nations is illegal

Article 4:

§4a: Every nation has the right to express their own political, civil, social, religious, and economic beliefs in any medium they choose, provided that said method is not destructive to regional harmony and security

§4b: Every nation has the right to suggest changes to this document via 1c

§4c: Every nation has the right to remove WA Delegates via endorsements as they see fit, provided that the suggested replacement does not destabilize regional security.

§4d: Every nation has the right to run for the positions of Exarch of State, Archon-Elector I & II, and WA Delegate, provided that they meet the necessary qualifications outlined in the Government Positions Dispatch.

§4e: Every nation has the right to not face double jeopardy, with the exception of charges of high treason, cases of which may be reopened by a majority vote in a regional poll.

§4f: Every nation has the right to request an appeal for a trial and be separately tried by the Exarch of Dominion and Archon-Electors I & II.

Article 5:

§5a: All forms of sentient life are given the same rights as humans

§5b: Bribes, in any form, are illegal and may not be used for any type of gain.

§5c: The right of 1c does not apply to Article 5 unless suggesting an additional stipulation to be added.

§5d: One singular nation may not hold an entire continent of Earth land, Australia excluded.

§5e: Puppet nations cannot hold land, hold currency, or vote in serious polls. Puppet nations are permitted to vote in fun polls and hold all other rights of a nation of the Exarchal Republic.

§5f: A nation must have been in the region before an election was started in order to vote in said election.

§5g: Nations cannot recruit new nations or puppets solely to vote for them in an election.

§5h: One, singular, non-puppet nation can only hold an elected office for 3 terms (total of 6 weeks) before being required to step down and not participate in an election for a minimum of 2 terms (4 weeks).

Article 6:

§6a. The purpose of a trial in this region is to convict a nation of committing a crime, crimes will include: Using governmental power to one's own benefit, breaking and/or abusing the constitution, being a jerk, destabilizing the region, repeated offenses of article 3, wiping a nation off the map, and shoplifting.

§6b. The archons and the WA Delegate will form the judiciary committee, which is in charge of all the activity relating to Article 6.5 of the constitution.

§6c. In order to have a trial, one must send a telegram to the WA Delegate, and it must outline the following: Who is being taken to trial, the context for the trial, the charges being made against the defendant, why these charges are justified, and what the desired for the prosecution. The WA Delegate and both exarchs shall use their discretion to reject any baseless trials.

§6d. The WA Delegate then will take the proposal to the rest of the judiciary committee, and they can approve or reject the proposal if there is a unanimous decision, otherwise it goes to public vote for 12 hours, if 1/3 of the voters vote yes, the trial shall commence. Only the WA Delegate is allowed to make the polls regarding trials.

§6e. If the trial goes through, then the defendant(s) and prosecutor(s) must agree upon a time when the trial must take place before the rest of the process can occur. If the defendant(s) misses two of the agreed time in a row, they will be assumed to be guilty. If the prosecutor(s) misses two of the agreed times in a row, the defendant will be let off with no charges. If the judge misses two of the agreed times in a row, they will lose 1/16 of their land.

§6f The judiciary committee has to appoint a judge whom is agreed upon by all of the members(maybe change this) on the committee to be fit for being a judge, they must be able to be present at the time the prosecution and defense agreed upon. The judge may not be a government official or be involved with the conflict. This judge will preside over the trial and carry out the necessary duties for judges. The choice of judge must not be disclosed before the trial, the only exceptions being the judiciary committee and the chosen judge.

§6g. The trial must occur in The Exarchal Region of Justice, through embassies, with the founder of The Exarchal Region of Justice being the bailiff for all trials, there will be an embassy between these two regions.

§6h. Judges can choose the procedure for how they conduct trials, however they must listen to both sides of the argument and the procedure of the trial must make logical sense, they must be under an hour.

§6i. Judges at the end of the trial then declare sentences, there are no restrictions on what a sentence can be and they can also amend the constitution if appropriate, but their sentence must be explained. If the majority of the judiciary committee, greater than one half, think the sentence isn't logical or fair, the judge must rewrite his sentence until there is an agreed upon solution.

§6j. After all of that, the sentence will then go into immediate effect

§6k. If an Archon or WA Delegate is involved in a trial, they will not be allowed to be in the judiciary committee for the trial. If all the of the committee members are taken to trial, then all the responsibilities of the committee fall onto the Exarchs that aren't involved in the trial. If all members of the government are in a trial, the trial will up to the popular vote, with a collective sentence being decided by the general populace.

Article 7:

§7a. To hold land, a nation must be a member of the World Assembly (WA)

§7b. Nations will be excepted from this requirement if: I, they are a frequent poster on the RMB as determined by either Exarch or II, they are a current member of the government.

§7c. All nations who qualify must telegram Prianthe, or the designated deputy cartographer, to be added to the map.

§7d. Nations that are disqualified by 7a or 7b must wait 2 in-game years until being given another chance at qualification

§7e. Nations are only given 1 extra chance by 7d

§7f. Nations may be removed from the map for inactivity or other rule violation (Articles 3 & 5) at the discretion of the current cartographer.

§7g. Only nations who are on the meta map may participate in the regionwide RISK game. Nations that do not participate in the RISK game will not be canonically affected by it in any way, shape, or form.

Prianthe, Exarch of Dominion & Founder
Voryan, 1st Exarch of State
Zenter, Former Archon of Internal Affairs
Tibbs, Former Archon of Foreign Affairs
Berthin, Former Archon of Security


Mar. 6, 5 S.F. -- Added changelog
Mar. 7, 5 S.F. -- Fixed some grammar stuff in Article 2, clarified 2g & 1c to allow for grammar editing
Mar. 8, 5 S.F. -- Added the reworked Article 6, removed XKCD from Article 6
Apr. 14, 10 S.F. -- Added Article 7 & grammar corrections
Apr. 20, 11 S.F. -- Fixed some minor grammar
May. 22, 16 S.F. -- Changed as per the Motion of Dismissal
Sep. 29, 32 S.F. -- Transferred Dispatch authority to the Dept. of Information, rewrote Article 7 to account for changes in the map meta, and added stipulation 2g.
Nov. 15, 39 S.F. -- Updated to include the reforms listed in the most recent reform poll. Added §3e.

The exarchal department of information