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Grandmaster Dispatch of the Exarchal Republic

The Grandmaster Dispatch of The Exarchal Republic

Welcome to the Grandmaster Dispatch of The Exarchal Republic!
Here, you can find all of our policies, history, polls, and current government officials.

Current Government Officials:
Exarch of Dominion - Prianthe
Exarch of State - Tibbs
WA Delegate: - Voryan
Archon-Elector: - Berthin
Meta-Nation: - The exarchal department of information

Related Regions:
Puppet Storage Region -- Store your puppets here!
Blobfish Tavern -- Our chat region.

Embassy Policy:
If requests are sent, the Exarchal Republic will accept based upon the following criteria:
The region has more than 5 nations
The region has RMB activity within the past 2 weeks
The region allows officers of our region to post interregional updates on their RMB

Regions may be excepted from the latter 2 criteria at the discretion of either Exarch.

Interregional Policy:
The Exarchal Republic maintains a stance of defensive neutrality. We will not conduct an invasion of any other region, however, we will also not spring to the defense of any region, bar our own or our related regions, which are listed in this dispatch.

Polls Policy:
The Exarchal Republic runs a weekly poll on every Monday that is open to all nations. Usually, the poll is part of a series that follows a theme (blobfish, Gordon Ramsay x Guy Fieri, etc.). Prianthe posts the poll message on the RMBs of poll-friendly regions with embassies. Our mailing list may be found below. If your region is on this list, and you wish for it to be taken off, or if you wish for your region to be added, please telegram Prianthe.

Plus our puppet storage and chat regions, but please do not feed or telegram the puppets. They are fragile.

List of Plot-Relevant Polls:

The Blobfish-Fieri Saga: Plot I

Nuclear Tests on the Horizon
Severe lack of imported cheese puffs in blobfish cities cause problems...
Capital Battleship ILS Imperium destroys last of blobfish cheese puff reserves. Also Hiroshima.
Hey Exarchal Republic, I'm Guy Fieri...
Diners, Drive-Ins, and Breakouts
Guy's Grocery Genocide
A Side of Gas, Waiter
The weed gas. It spreads.

NIPR Takeover: Plot I.5
1. Trouble in Icenscar
2. Corrupting Corruption
3. Corruption Corrupted
4. NIPR Has Gone Too Far

The Gordon x Guy Saga: Plot II

4/20 Blaze It
1. Diners, Drive-Ins, and Hell's Kitchen
2. Gordon's Grocery Games
3. Lettuce celebrate!
4. Eggs-actly!
5. A New Relation-sheep

Nuked Kamina City: Plot III

1. Capital Battleship ILS Imperium destroys last of blobfish cheese puff reserves. Also Hiroshima.
2. Nuclear Cleanup
3. Nuked Kamina City
4. A Fishy Situation

Because Zenter is lazy and won't edit his History dispatch anymore, here's a slightly watered-down version of the history of The Exarchal Republic.

The Exarchal Republic is founded - 1 SF
Secessionist movements from Republic of Arbiture, caused by two years' worth of terrible government, result in the founding of The Exarchal Republic. The region is founded by Prianthe, as Exarch of Dominion, with Zenter as Archon of Foreign Affairs, Tibbs as Archon of Internal Affairs, and Berthin as Archon of Security.

The new region created three elected positions: Exarch of State, Archon-Elector I, and Archon-Elector II. The year 11 SF was the first time that all three positions were elected.

The government gets moving - 2 SF
The first elections for Exarch of State are conducted, with Voryan winning. Archon-Elector I elections are run the following week, with Icenscar emerging to take the lead. It is decided that all elections will take place on Fridays, unless a holiday interferes, in which case it will be pushed back to Monday.

New kamina city writes the first edition of the Regional Newspaper: the Exarchal Chronicler, Zenter sets up the electoral process, and Prianthe finishes the Constitution and the first draft of the regional map.

Embassies! Get your embassies here! - 4 SF
The Exarchal Republic exceeds 10 embassies and begins to spread out to the international community. The first recruiting API is set up, although it is later discontinued. The massive influx of new nations from Republic of Arbiture reaches an all-time high at 56 nations.

The Spring "Break" - 6 SF
Communications break down and the region hits a period of inactivity. Several years pass in this manner, and no one knew what anyone was actually doing. The breakdown was attributed to wire-cutting by the Fleet of Blob. Also, a nuclear war happened, but nobody cared.

Diners, Drive-Ins, and Drunk Poll Writers - 9 SF
Someone at the O.C.P. in Prianthe drinks some glue and a new set of polls is born. Featuring the blobfish and everyone's favorite wheelin'-and-dealin' gravy man, Guy Fieri, the new set of polls dealt with the possibility of nuclear strikes against New kamina city. Fieri is arrested and sent to a gulag, only to break out again and lead a campaign with the blobfish to #CarpetBombZenter.

The Region Gets Gassy - 10 SF
After a successful campaign against Zenter, Guy Fieri and his blobfish army seized some land and turned their attention to Berthin. They tried to carpet bomb Berthin's weed farms, but all it did was get him banned from NS for a week (again) and produce a toxic weed gas. The toxic weed gas spread, and the Senate had to pay the blobfish large amounts of cheese puffs in order to get them to help remove the gas.

4/20 BLAZE IT! - 11 SF
The most celebrated holiday in the region arrives, and with it, a new poll. For the first time, Prianthe opened a story-arc poll to nations outside of the region, and allowed nations from some of the region's closest embassies to vote in the poll.

NIPR takeover of Icenscar - 12 SF
A rebellion called NIPR took over Icenscar citing it as an oppressive authoritarian regime. Many of the members of the Regional community headed little attention to NIPR until it was clear that Berthin's weed supply would be threatened. And so the Interregional community aided the effort of taking back Icenscar by sending in botes, with the operation coming to an end in 14 SF

Hippies. Hippies are everywhere! - 15 SF
Firstly, movements within Prianthe and Tibbs call for the dismissal of the permanent Archon positions. This Motion of Dismissal passes, but in the process, Berthin claimed that Zenter invaded him to compensate for the loss of power. Using the regional court system, Berthin tried to take Zenter to trial. The tables were turned, however, when a intelligence operation from Lychgate revealed that Berthin had fabricated most of his evidence.

RIP Hippies - 16 SF
The fallout from Zenter's trial resulted in a political coup in Berthin. Master Hippie Eric Raymond was deposed and replaced with Super Fishy, as the country moved underwater and to the area previously known as the Canary Isles. Berthin still faced punishment from the trial, however, and most of his land was given to neighboring countries. In addition, part of his remaining land was turned into a penal colony and the region denounced his flag as ugly.

Nuked Kamina City - 17 SF
New kamina city got nuked after the nuclear cleanup effort in Hiroshima was attempted to be solved by nuking the radiation until it was gone. Sadly this did not work, and created a sea where Hiroshima used to be. In response to this failure, the nations sent scientists to research the newly formed sea, only to die of mysterious circumstances.

Summer Drought Starts - 18 SF
This marks the start of 13 year long drought that occurs in a 52 year cycle in The Exarchal Republic. Therefore most nations have become inactive and the region has been left on hiatus.

Alive and Kickin'! - 27 SF
The 13 year-long drought that occurs in a 52 year cycle is cut short by 4 years and The Exarchal Republic begins to see signs of activity again. Elections are held, candidates elected, and a new feature is drafted at the O.C.P.

This seems kinda RISKy... - 28 SF
International relations deteriorate rapidly during a friendly game of RISK between world leaders that soon turns into an all-out war. With 16 countries and other territories participating, the new war seems like anybody's game, but is it?

RIP Zenter. Again. - 29 SF
Although most nations were originally conservative and tried to avoid attacking each other, #CarpetBombZenter memes still lingered and Zenter became the first active participant of the war to be eliminated. The RISK War progressed and some countries, such as Voryan, Andialandia, and Prianthe, managed to seize entire continents.

Operation We-Call-It-Marmite-Here - 30 SF
With Andialandia destroyed and Voryan badly overextended, the only remaining powerful states in the war were Prianthe and Icenscar, and they both had a non-aggression pact. The pact was quickly dissolved as solid logic gave way to rumors and conspiracies. A pseudo-alliance of Voryan, Berthin, and Icenscar was made.

Codenamed Operation Vegemite, the conspirators planned to give up their territories to Voryan, thereby creating a superpower on a level that had not been seen before. However, the Central War Tribunal at the O.C.P. still had a word to get in.

Operation Vengeance - 31 SF
The Central War Tribunal determined that Operation Vegemite was against the rules of war set out at the beginning, thereby destroying the main substance of Operation Vegemite. Voryan still managed to gain territory in East Asia, but the shockwaves from the CWT's decision caused a military coup in Icenscar, forcing them to withdraw from the war to deal with problems on the home front.

However, when the High Command in Prianthe heard of this, they quickly planned a counterattack, creating the largest group of armies ever seen at that point. 9 battalions of soldiers waited in Central Africa, and when given the command, they managed to conquer all of Africa.

Wait, I want a continent, too! - 33 SF
Under the imminent threat of an 8 recruitment bonus powering Prianthe, other nations quickly scrambled to secure their own continents. Trumerica took over North America, but also allowed Tibbs to buildup power nearby. In addition, Rothrel, Voryan, and Berthin built up their power and managed to seize continents of varying sizes, all guaranteeing them a bonus.

However, in the process, Father riley was eliminated, and New kamina city became nearly irrelevant. Tibbs, however, managed to survive.

Magellan's Circumnavigation - 34 SF
Under the threat of a 13-troop army from Prianthe, Tibbs was pushed into North America, but Trumerica granted him asylum and allowed Tibbs to move through the continent. However, this left the army from Prianthe without much else to do. In a position to attack, the army moved to conquer Rothrel in South America, eliminating him from the game and further boosting the Prianthean continent collection.

Tibbs, having started in Europe and having reached the Pacific Ocean, was quickly nicknamed "The New Magellan", and Prianthe was petitioned to spare Tibbs and allow him to complete his circumnavigation. Prianthe ignored the petition

You Are Already Dead - 35 SF
Further boosted by the elimination of Rothrel, Prianthe next moved to eliminate Tibbs, who was almost dead anyways. Hiding in the American Pacific Island Group, however, had its benefits, as Prianthe still had to go through Trumerica to eliminate Tibbs.

Rather than wait and accumulate power, Prianthe simply blitzed through Trumerica, destroyed Tibbs, and then moved to eliminate Trumerica. Meanwhile, in Asia, Voryan had destroyed New kamina city, and nearly conquered all of Asia, posing a significant threat to Prianthe, who was busy destroying everything else. All of this chaos led to enough nations being eliminated to trigger the Semi-Finals.

It's the Final Countdown - 36 SF
With everyone but Prianthe, Voryan, and Berthin eliminated, the Finals were imminent. Both Prianthe and Voryan were in good positions to fight, but Berthin was holed up on an island. Rather than prolong his elimination, Berthin instead went on a crusading rampage using power he had accumulated by playing a long, defensive game. Berthin managed to blitz through some of Voryan's territories, but Prianthe was able to stop him in North America.

Later, using an 18-troop bonus, Prianthe pushed back against Berthin with the help of Voryan, resulting in Berthin's elimination. After that, instead of consolidating power, Prianthe took advantage of the situation to initiate a massive invasion of Asia, pushing Voryan out. As the last remnants of Voranian resistance gather, only time knows what awaits the Exarchal Republic next.

Originally Written by the Office of Cartography in Prianthe
Edited by the Department of Journalism in New kamina city
3rd Version revised and edited by the CWT and OCP of Prianthe
Republished by The exarchal department of information

The Exarchal Republic

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