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Jeltronian International Development Agency

Jeltronian International Development Agency

The Jeltronian International Development Agency (JIDA) is the national government agency which administers foreign aid programs in developing countries. JIDA operates subject to the foreign policy guidance of the Ministry for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. It's programs are authorized and funded by yearly appropriations by the House of Representatives.

JIDA's work in a particular country around an individual country development program managed by a resident office called a "mission." The JIDA mission and its staff are considered as official guests in the country, with a status that is usually defined by a bilateral agreement negotiated and agreed to earlier between the royal government and the host government.

JIDA missions work include consulting with recipient national governments and non-governmental organizations to identify programs that will receive official development assistance from Jeltronia. As part of this process, JIDA missions conduct socioeconomic analysis, discuss projects with host-country leaders, design assistance to those projects, award contracts and grants, administer assistance (including evaluation and reporting), and manage flows of funds.


  • Socioeconomic development

  • Disaster relief

  • Technical cooperation on global issues, including the environment

  • Support for Jeltronian bilateral interests


Immediate former Ambassador to Soracana islands, Former Ambassador to Gaton, Special Envoy to Dahon, Ambassador to Keralia and to Kannadrickium
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