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FACTBOOK (WIP) (Pending ending it and changing to more or less standard model)

Aigania; The Primum Federation of
The Primum Federation of Aigania (Aigania = Ascended Integrated Gestalt of Artificial and Natural Intelligences Archailect) is a Democratic Socialists, gargantuan, cultured, environmentally stunning, genial, efficient and socially progressive nation.

The nation's favourite colour is green (Color Easter Egg, Eco minded choice)

daily referendums, punitive income tax rates, digital currency
Political Freedoms
· only fully-fledged members of MENSA are allowed to vote.
· citizens are remarkably well involved in the political process.
· political candidates recite daily pledges of loyalty to their chosen party.(political parties held primaries albeit limited to their own members)
· politicians accost strangers in the street to ask their problems.
· the nation's politicians are known more for the internet memes they spawn than any of their accomplishments. (No censoring of memes about politicians)
· politicians are forced to wear portable lie detectors at all times.
· a suspicious number of John Smiths are known to donate to Aiganian politicians.
· referenda are held for every conceivable government action.
· passionate nomination battles are often as intense as general elections.
· elections have become procedural nightmares due to voters persistently rejecting candidates.
· an aboriginal talking stick is used for leaders' debates at election time.
· politicians spend more time in courtrooms than in Parliament.
· the parliament building has installed a revolving door. (Strict term limits to curb corruption and entrenchment in power)
· Group hugs break out during floor votes. (Parliament seating in a semicircle with randomized deputies to force them to intermixing across party lines)
· The new 'Who Wants To Be A Politician' election debate auditions are more popular than the debates themselves.

Civil Rights
· the tenet of free speech is held dear.
· anti-government political posters adorn every building like wallpaper.
· violently opinionated speakers can be heard preaching their hateful views on every street corner.
· the government seizes private property for the 'good of the people'.

· government workers are more efficient and more unhappy than ever.
· government officials are held to the highest standard of morality.
· sleep-deprived officials are known to collapse after late night revision for their examinations. (mandatory examinations of technical qualifications for public officials
· the government regularly publishes lengthy reports on its own excessive recordkeeping.
· The government decides its policies by observing the flight of birds. (use of advance chaos theory to set sociodynamic policy)
· the government's giant servers are often used as a tourist trap.
· serial commas clarify the relationship between one's lackeys, the taxpayers, and kinsfolk.
· multiple polls have christened the newly-formed Filibuster Committee as "the least efficient government bureaucracy".
· nobody ever seems to enter or leave the armour-plated flying castle that serves as the seat of government.
· government buildings are being cleansed of anything that might have racist connotations.
· a proud mining community is considering a rebellion after the Capital officially renamed them 'District XII'.

· the government subsidizes everything from particle physics to fabric softeners.
· citizens select which government department gets their income tax Points each year.
· the Finance Ministry posts hourly updates on where taxpayer money is spent.
· foreign investment has dropped to a trickle after laws were passed preventing investors from taking their earnings abroad. (Strict regulation against tax havens)

Foreign Policy
· the government is promoting multicultural values with the new 'Just Be Nice, OK?' initiative.
· the government has declared its commitment to multilateralism.
· the art of conversation has been rediscovered.
· dozens of additional foreign policy specialists have been sent to the country's WA Mission.
· most ambassadors from Aigania retire only a few years after being appointed. (ambassadors are appointed from long time meritocrats members of the diplomatic corps)
· an endless multinational bureaucracy connects the Red Bloc.
· skateboarding is considered a form of diplomacy. (use of sports youth idols as tool of diplomacy)
· autocrats are persona non grata.
· foreign policy often involves bullwhips and leather.

Official Residence and Workplace
· The Cognitive Core Council's iHouse is so intelligent that it manages its own social media accounts.
· trespassers entering the Cognitive Core Council's office are immediately vaporized.

Heads of State
· The Cognitive Core Council has more friends than ever before.
· The Cognitive Core Council affectionately nicknames supporters by number.
· The Cognitive Core Council's speeches are beloved by insomniacs.
· The Cognitive Core Council bores party-goers with healthy tips and sugar-free snacks (Halloween easter egg, Doctor costume choice)
· a recent political speech drew the ire of nerds everywhere after the speaker claimed that Darth Vader was Harry Potter's father.
· late night talk show hosts are having a field day over the Cognitive Core Council's questionably sane new coalition partners.
· The Cognitive Core Council's handshakes with opposition leaders usually lead to thumb wars.(Option of electing as Deputy the Chief of the Opposition)
· The Cognitive Core Council can often be found attempting to coax random citizens' cats down from trees.
· The Cognitive Core Council tells rebellious ministers to "drop and give me twenty".
· it's best to decline if the Cognitive Core Council offers to buy a round of drinks. (use of untraceable poison to deal with government officials in a conspiracy to make a coup d'état against the government)
· the comic book series 'The Cognitive Core Council and the Villainous Corporate Cronies' is a best-seller.
· escalators are avoided at all costs. (National Festival to celebrate the Leader is the naked pride parade to show transparency)

Seat of the Legislature
· nobody ever seems to enter or leave the armour-plated flying castle that serves as Aigania's House of Parliament.

· legislators work 24/7 due to an influx of single-issue bills.
· Members of Parliament operate under a PAYE scheme.
· A-SPAN viewership drops as MPs act their age.
· the Aigania Mental Asylum Party have recently won seats in parliament.

· coalition governments are essential to passing new laws.
· a byzantine web of conspiracies and secret alliances must be navigated any time legislation is voted upon.
· the new coalition government has 99 problems and can't agree on how to fix one.
· the Party has more splits than a yo-yo dieter's trousers.
· political parties are banned from advertising and receiving private donations.

· the people elect the Supreme Court justices directly.
· the number of judges has tripled in recent months. (Tribunals made of a trio of judges)
· court verdicts are predictable to within a hundredth of a percentage point. (Robots Judges)
· extraordinary tribunals try accused financials criminals.
· old folks reminisce about the last time someone was acquitted of a crime. (streamlined witness testimonies)

pith helmet sales

· anniversaries of major historical events pass unnoticed.
· the nation's war memorials are being torn down and replaced with peace gardens.
· the country routinely whitewashes uncomfortable parts of its history.
· citizens can't decide whether to be proud or horrified by the country's colonial history.
· the military has grudgingly released all top secret information in an effort for greater transparency.
· the 'maybe not shock and awe' foreign policy initiative is showing promise.
· colonial citizens are forced to sing the praise of the "Great Aiganian Liberator".

· the government is giving peace a chance.
· the newly revamped army is so eager for action that it has trouble keeping the peace.
· the government is pouring money into 'Operation Enduring Democracy'
· Aigania has been recently classified as an international menace after 'liberating' several nearby territories.
· the armed forces are locked in an expensive and bloody war abroad to stamp out possible terrorists.
· Refugees from other nations are flocking to Aigania's border.
· power to the people comes from the barrel of a gun. (Armed support for overthrown by a Coup d'état friendly socialist regimes)
· The government supplies ragtag bands of resistance fighters in exchange for vague promises of future payment.(Weapons supplies for democratic breakaways from dictatorial regimes)
· The government is hungry to spread communism beyond the nation's borders.(Instigation of communist revolts in capitalist countries trying to enforce an embargo against the nation)

· only AI know why the nation is rapidly increasing its semiconductor stockpile.
· The Cognitive Core Council's iHouse is so intelligent that it manages its own social media accounts.
· trespassers entering the Cognitive Core Council's office are immediately vaporized.
· nobody ever seems to enter or leave the armour-plated flying castle that serves as Aigania's House of Parliament.

· government-run screening operations remove embryos with severe genetic disorders.
· major internet servers have acquired citizenship.
· new vat-grown soldiers are as replaceable as bullets.
· young soldiers are shocked to discover there are no 'safe spaces' on a battlefield.
· human tissue is grown in vats as a delicacy as well as for transplants.

*Civilian Training: Martial Arts and Fitness
· preschoolers practice disarming active shooters before naptime.
· the government helps teach children how to kill a man from six paces.
· Left-wing militias train children how to properly burn down banks.
· children regularly take part in blood sports that result in extreme boo-boos.
· Kids these days know how to throw a proper punch. (People taught how to proper box fight)
· nobody is allowed to stop the local daycare from reading Nietzsche to pre-schoolers.
· explicit slash fiction is repackaged for kindergarten kids as stories about friends cuddling friends.
· students learn how to disarm mines before understanding basic arithmetic.
· Aiganians are unrivalled in obstacle courses. (Mandatory military grade fitness for all)
· The Cognitive Core Council tells rebellious ministers to "drop and give me twenty". (Mandatory time served in the military for ministers)
· sections of the police receive paramilitary training.

*Civilian Equipment
· citizens are permitted to carry concealed handguns.
· tech-mad citizens think that the laser-powered bread-slicer uPhone App is the coolest thing since sliced bread.
· soldiers find that home gadgets and power tools are more effective as improvised weapons than the guns they've been issued. (Plasma technology developed for civilian use).

· much of Aigania's computer network is controlled by a rampant artificial intelligence.
· billion-Point sentient AI killbots roll through the streets dispensing hot dogs and T-shirts. (Sapient Self-Aware AI with full equality of rights; even military ones can retire after serving in the armed forces and have a civilian life)
· 90% of active duty AAF personnel have been laid off and replaced by robot kill-drones.
· warfare increasingly resembles a video game. (semi autonomous stealth bots)
· years of counter-terrorism planning are foiled by small details.(politic of not opening undiscriminated shooting from drones to terrorists if there are the possibility of high civilian casualties)
· Vital intelligence-gathering activities are often put on hold for Call of Honor tournaments. (intensive use of hackers for intelligence gathering)
· vital intelligence-gathering activities are put on hold as agents return home for seduction training and advanced poker instruction.
· hackers post hourly updates on international summits. (Heavy use of video conferences instead of real world summits)
· community-designed sword prostheses are becoming dangerously common. (open source 3D printed prostheses)
· the national security service are a bunch of crooks.(Use of external hackers as a Tiger Team to uncover weakness on the systems).

· military barracks resemble five-star hotels.
· recruitment posters proclaim the army to be both fabulous and fashionable. (LGBT people allowed to serve in the military)
· the military recognizes no difference between male and female soldiers.
· conscripts often volunteer for a second tour of duty so they can get a ticket to next year's Army Revue.

· Following new legislation in Aigania, friendly fire incidents usually result in severe burns. (plasma weapons developed and deployed)
· people find it hard to relate to soldiers because of the dehumanising masks they wear.
· Red Cross demand for body bags is rising while sutures go unused. (weapon development)
· friendly fire incidents usually result in severe burns (plasma weapons developed)
· soldiers are equipped with multi-million Point battlesuits.
· rocket boots and thermal detonators have become standard-issue military gear.

· Aigania's navy has been named the scourge of the seven thousand seas.

· foreign 'investors' have been taking a great interest in the new secret shuttle.
· the military has forsaken terrestrial warfare. (battleship sunken, space battleships developed)
· most of the military's funding goes into researching space-age weaponry.
· billions of Points are being blown on orbital weapons development.
· At the edge of the final frontier space's biggest missile platform is about to unfold.
· hammer and sickle-wielding space marines are such stuff that dreams are made on.
· Citizens are deployed to barren deserts to protect small territorial claims.(soldiers deployed to the moon to protect landing sites)

· The military is recruiting war criminals to join its weapons research teams.
· there is now a private sector based on doomsday devices (Aigania has found 3 easter eggs)

· citizens live in superstitious fear of the mysterious glowing clouds that float over Aigania.
· the nation is committed to nuclear rearmament.
· The Aiganian football team for the Maxxmas ceasefire consists only of Intelligence Corps personnel.
· failed genetic experiments wreak havoc as they roam the countryside. (failed dragons made by bioengineering)
· foreign governments are looking into weaponizing the infamous Aiganian bee.
· Reporters sent to cover suspected UFO visits come back with stories about quilting bees. (Men in Black alike cover up UFO and special projects)
· suspicious glow-in-the-dark wasps remain a source of terror and awe.
The Aiganian football team for the Maxxmas ceasefire consists only of Intelligence Corps personnel.
· the military maintains a fierce arsenal of 'Cure Missiles'. (Cures for bioweapons)
· international organisations everywhere are united in their condemnation of the nation's zombified military (Aigania has found 1 easter eggs)

state-planned economy, rampant corporate plagiarism
· Maintaining economic growth is no laughing matter.
· the words 'private' and 'enterprise' must never appear in the same sentence.
· child labor has been outlawed.
· the nation is ravaged by daily union strikes.
· workers have seized control of the economy.
· the main interest rates change daily based on the latest news story. (Central Bank
policy set by democratic elected representatives)
· CEOs can't hear the term 'Fire Sale' without bursting into tears.
· the mining industry has taken a hit from tighter environmental regulations.
· advertisements read like science journal articles complete with extensive references.
· gambling is outlawed.
· punitive tariffs protect local industry.
· the tax agency is feared more than serial killers and terrorists.
· every product goes through extensive safety-testing by the government.
· the nation's reinforced coffee tables are constructed to survive an atomic blast.
· heavy industry must go to expensive lengths to dispose of waste.
· businesses are forced to bring all work back within the nation's borders.
· manufacturers are sued for almost anything not covered in their catalogue-sized manuals.

· corporate innovation has effectively ended since ideas can no longer be owned. (forbidden patents ... Bullshit!)
· matryoshka dolls resembling nested Death Stars are commonly sold.
· not many kids know Shakespeare's Hamlet but most of them have seen unofficial sequel Hamlet III - The Search For Osric.
· NationStates is now a popular brand of laxatives despite Max Barry's protests. (no copyright)

*Renewable Power:
· scenic mountain valleys are flooded with water as damming projects get underway.
· prime real estate is devoted to wind farms and solar energy generators.
· Aigania has one of the largest offshore wind farms in the world.

*Fossil Fuels:
· wind farms are erected on shuttered oil platforms.
· drills and shovels have been banned as the government cracks down on any means of fracking.

· protesters are up in arms over new nuclear power stations.
· nine out of ten citizens of Aigania answered 'nuclear safety inspector' when asked their occupation.

· electricity company executives pray nightly to Zeus and Thor. (lighting harvesting)
· the government is funding experimental battery technology while the power grid continues to crumble.

· mandatory electronic currency is a boon for credit card companies and government surveillance.
· the masses are surrendering their civil liberties without complaint for the sake of shopping convenience.
· pocket calculators are seen as status symbols for the ostentatiously wealthy.(Mandatory recyling of old electronics)

*Cybernetics and Robotics:
· only AI know why the nation is rapidly increasing its semiconductor stockpile.
· businesses often fire workers in favour of cheaper automatic systems.
· major internet servers have acquired citizenship.
· centuries-old legal documents detailing agnatic-cognatic gavelkind succession are being dusted off again. (ownership of assets is splitted when AI duplicate themselves)

· Citizens know never to accept cookies from strangers.(massive investment in cybersecurity)
· much of Aigania's computer network is controlled by a rampant artificial intelligence.
· cyber-crime and tin-foil hat sales are both increasing at record rates.
· the internet has been placed under government control. (Government build and subsidize Internet)
· The new national anthem passes the Turing Test. (third-generation cloud-based AI.machine-friendly binary pulse barrage that both sounds really funky and has meaningful data within it if you run it as a program.)
· consumption of cat memes has skyrocketed. (Government enhanced Internet access)
· the government spends millions of Points every year prosecuting spammers.
· internet moderator is one of the most popular jobs among the nation's more socially awkward citizens.
· online weather reports are predicting five years of glorious sunshine for Aigania. (trolls controlled)
· The Cognitive Core Council has more friends than ever before. (Leader using Facebook expy)
· the WhoTube comments section has gone strangely quiet.
· educators and parents alike are allowing children to view the internet again after violent videos were purged.
· tourists avoid using the nation's bugged phones and monitored internet.
· citizens know never to accept cookies from strangers. (increased investment and education in cyberdefense)
· the nation leads Lazarus in per capita stalking. (no censorship or restrictions upon people to use social networks)
· where there's a will there is usually a password manager. (A will to deal with the wishes to the deceased of what to do with their digital identities)
· Social networking sites have discussion groups devoted to planning terrorist attacks.(legal extreme privacy and encryption features in computers and smartphones).

· the new iVote app allows representatives to vote on legislation by launching ill-tempered birds and matching candies.
· mobile phone masts are being erected all over the country.
· crowded passenger trains are near-silent save for the soft tap of fingers on touchscreens.
· the combined alert sound of a nation simultaneously receiving a text message is a common cause of hearing damage.
· citizens no longer take selfies with their dead relatives at funerals. (ettiquette training about the use of smartphones)
· people seem disproportionately distraught when told a museum has a phones-off policy. (Parody of Pokemon Go)

· the children of Aigania are often remarked upon for their cheery attitude to extreme violence. (No censorship of violence on video games).
· most Aiganian video games are banned in other countries. (No censorship of nudity or sex on video games)
· the government is a proud sponsor of the National Gaming Association.
· immersive video game experiences are interrupted by incessant disclaimer pop-ups. (Non abusive EULAs)
· Super Barry Brothers is the most popular video game in the nation.
· disgruntled jocks are forced to play tetris for entertainment.

· tourists need only sign on the dotted line to become citizens.
· the government has instituted 'traveller reservations' across the country.
· a new generation of aquariumless hotels are being built under government supervision.
· official Sermon-Free Zones are set-up around the nation's hotels.
· sharks are enjoying their deliveries of canned food.
· stoned tourists don't tend to remember much about their holidays here.
· Maxtopian tourists make expensive pilgrimages to Center to enjoy their national art.
· tourists are forbidden to enter Native Aiganian lands.
· tourists from around the world come to visit the country's famous rainforests.
· sexually-starved male dinosaurs terrorise tourists during weekly breakouts from Mesozoic Park.
· Aiganian tourists are banned from many nations due to their tendency to randomly explode. (problems with the ID chips)
· hordes of tourists are ruining the environment. (Massive promotion of ecotourism)
· Heartfelt sentiments are mercilessly marketed by a million-Point treacle machine.(Tourism promotion diplomacy of micro nations with picturesque culture and landscape)

· morning coffees are no longer the same since the disappearance of newspapers.
· the nation's youth would rather watch paint dry than the news.
· the latest Harry Potter book is a bestseller.
· citizens are bleary-eyed after staying up all night with a good book (Aigania has found 4 easter eggs).
· dictionary sales have hit an all-time high.

· all-natural foods are becoming a major fad.
· carrots are orange, apples are red and food waste is increasing.
· even the nation's brussel sprouts are delicious and nutritious.
· onions have been banned due to their tendency to cause eye irritation.
· the government is engaging in an agricultural trade war with Maxtopia.
· there is an abondance of ackawi and zartschmelzend in every Aiganian grocery store.
· there's a revolutionary culture in the nation's dairies. (workers takeover of the cheese industry)
· Lobster tastes best when it is red. (socialist haute cuisine developed)
· chickens roam the streets freely.
· Center's main city thoroughfare has been blocked by a row of leyland cypresses that mysteriously appeared overnight.
· Aiganian scientists are mixing chewing tobacco with bacon flavouring in an attempt to craft the perfect male snack.
· vats of anabolic steroids are being dumped into the ocean to make Aiganian mussels the biggest in Lazarus.(Development of high intensity shellfish aquaculture)

· the arms industry is strictly regulated.
· the arms industry is backed by government subsidies and harsh anti-protest laws are in place.
· there is now a private sector based on doomsday devices (Aigania has found 3 easter eggs).

· the automotive industry soaks up huge government handouts.
· motorcycle riders are required to wear so much gear they've been nicknamed "Stay Pufts".
· the nationalized auto industry is adept at making durable little cars nobody wants to drive.
· new safety regulations require all cars manufactured in Aigania to be bombproof.
· citizens drive tank-like vehicles with mounted machine guns.
· the government is spending millions on alternative clean-burning fuels.
· when electric cars arrived nobody heard them coming.
· the automobile industry is sitting up and taking notice of the new 24 hour race events... as are the track's sleepless neighbours.
· the Aigania Automotive Racing Series draws millions of spectators annually while those near the tracks complain about the noise.

· Science and Technology: keen interest in outer space, sprawling nuclear power plants, vat-grown people
· Art and Media: smutty television, museums and concert halls, avant-garde cinema

4.1 Educational Framework
· Aigania's educational system is the envy of many and regarded as a pinnacle of academic achievement.
· a National Academy regulates grammar and usage.
· all work and no play has rendered the nation's children somewhat intelligent but also remarkably dull.
· children dream of becoming physicians and physicists.
· Children's bedrooms are often decorated with posters of successful accountants.
· 10-year-olds who struggle with integrating by parts are considered slow learners.
· schools have extensive counseling programs for troubled students.
· troublemakers boast about how many times they have to visit their therapist.
· signatures have been replaced with illegible scribbles. (laptops for all children)
· exam halls are littered with used needles and empty pill bottles. (common and legal use of nootropics)
· Students consistently complain that the wi-fi ate their homework. (universal use of online education)

4.2 School discipline
· kindergartens are full of kids dressed as superheroes and princesses.
· school uniforms are compulsory.
. high school principals regularly send armed truancy patrols to drag problem students to school.
· school teachers check the staff room for hidden webcams before complaining about rebellious students.

4.3 Subjects priorities
· The Cognitive Core Council's office has a newly installed Max-Man arcade game programmed by a 5th-grader.
· teenagers performing appendectomies on their friends has become a popular schoolyard prank. (teaching students of all the possible elective surgeries / biomodifications available)
· it is mandatory to learn evolution in schools.

4.4 Ethics and moral formation
· Children wondering what happens to pets after they die are shown where the compost heap is.(Comprehensive reasoning and critical thinking skills teach children)
· Occam's razor has sliced to pieces any childhood belief in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. Ditto
· nobody is allowed to stop the local daycare from reading Nietzsche to pre-schoolers.
· preschools put children down for naps with milk, cookies, and a gruesome story of vengeance. (realistic tales for children)
· high school boys are required to pass vigorous self-mastery and sensitivity training to graduate.
· children are brainwashed at a young age to accept "love and peace!" as a way of life.
· It is illegal to make racist remarks in public.
· Children seem to be getting better at lying these days. (children recruited and trained for spy infiltration work)

4.5 PE training
· preschoolers practice disarming active shooters before naptime.
· the government helps teach children how to kill a man from six paces.
· Aiganians are unrivalled in obstacle courses. (Mandatory military grade fitness for all)

4.6 Sex Education
· schoolchildren have twice-weekly sex education classes.
· schoolchildren learn an R-rated version of "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes".
· Thomas the Spank Engine is the most popular and controversial children's show in the nation.

4.7 University and Academic system
· the number of students attending university has reached a record high.
· frat-house partying has become the national pastime. (universal college education)
· evenings at university debating societies often end with everyone acknowledging both sides may well be right.(balanced and impartial teaching acknowledging possible bias)
· nuclear physics is the most popular course at university. (nuclear reprocessing)
· the study of medicine is popular throughout Aigania.
· Endocrinology is a rapidly growing field of study.(Intensive research against dwarfism)
· undergrads find their professors' mushroom experiments less psychedelic than expected. (Mycology option)
· scientists earn more grant money for reproducing old experiments than trying anything new. (Extensive science education campaigns against flat-earthers and alike)
· sociologists can charge whatever fee they like as the nation tries to find itself.
· mantis shrimp studies is academia's fastest growing field. (Marine Science Initiative)
· Excited shovel-bearing geeks wander the countryside.
· several universities in Aigania have assembled expensive research teams to explore and study new lands and old ruins (Aigania has found 5 easter eggs).

4.8 Aigania Science Settings
· science centers and state of the art laboratories are ubiquitous.
· no one believes anything until it has been strenuously tested and peer-reviewed.
· grade school teachers mark homework with red "CITATION NEEDED" stamps. (stringent academic research standards)
· every new building project has to undergo a five-year environmental impact study before it can go ahead. (biologist prefrence for Government Science Advisor:)
·tech-mad citizens think that the laser-powered bread-slicer uPhone App is the coolest thing since sliced bread. (Expo option)
· a faint smell of body odour can be detected at several miles distance from the National Science Park. (Science Park priority)

4.9 Climatology reasearch
· the nation's leading climatologists are investigating animal flatulence in efforts to reduce methane emissions.
· government departments are almost broke due to the diversion of their funding to an experimental weather machine.

4.10 Biotech research
· scientists regularly clone human beings for research purposes.
· millions of Points have been thrown into a project to find the cure for Mad Taurus Disease.
· the government is financing an extremely costly war against malaria. (the option to reserch)
· sneezing pedestrians are grabbed by alley-lurking doctors. (light regulation on human experimentation

4.11 Nuclear research
· construction of the Really Big Hadron Collider is underway.
· newly synthesized elements half-lives are a million times shorter than the time it takes to say their names.

4.12 Space exploration
· astronomers are flocking to Aigania to take advantage of its clear night skies.
· the government is spending billions of Points on a fancy space probe to find a planet that may not even exist.
· the government is continually probing the galaxy in search of alien life. (Main space priority exploration)
· the nation's new Mylab space station is notorious for being the loneliest place above the planet.
· there's never enough space in space (Coordination against space debris)
· the ongoing space elevator construction project has elevated the national debt to all new levels. (x2)
· 'To Regulate And Beyond' is the unofficial motto of the Aiganian Space Agency. (regulatory framework for corporate space exploration and explotation of celestial bodies)
· the voyages of obsolete star-trekking satellites on deliberate escape orbits are only just beginning. (previsions for de-orbiting satellites to avoid the production of debris)
· space has been brought down to earth with constellations of cancer cases across (use of nuclear power and pulse nuclear propulsion systems)

4.13 Art and Archeology
· artists are pillars of society.
· nude art is becoming wildly popular.
· The realistic depiction of tentacles is on the core syllabus of most art schools.
· artists from across the nation compete to renovate the restrooms of old government buildings.
· the new 'Things We Stole From Other Countries' exhibition at the National Museum of Antiquities is a hit.
· Maxtopian tourists make expensive pilgrimages to Centrum to enjoy their national art.
· prime commercial land is being swamped with archaeological teams.
· the nation has nearly as many history museums as Aiganians.

4.14 Cinema and Television
· cinemas play art-house movies to ever-shrinking audiences as film critics rule the industry.
· the government has declared that monochrome cinema is the next big thing.
· theatre audiences often need a telescope to see the stage.
· It is mandatory for actors to exit stage left.(Promotion of socialist theatre)
· The government awards prizes to television shows featuring stereotype-breaking minority roles.
· light entertainment shows are light on actual entertainment.
· the mood of raunchy movies is often ruined by the sound of babies crying.(Not age rating of movies)

4.15 Literature
· citizens are bleary-eyed after staying up all night with a good book (Aigania has found 4 easter eggs).
· Books are so highly regarded in Aigania that libraries are often revered as holy shrines.
· libraries are now installed with jacuzzis and mini-bars.
· It is quite common for bar patrons to discuss Wittgenstein over cordials and games of backgammon.
· the latest Harry Potter book is a bestseller.
· people reciting Shakespeare have become a common sight.
· science fiction invariably depicts socialist societies as Utopian.
· libraries are replacing history books and classic novels with technical manuals and trades directories to match the nation's changing demands.

4.16 Music
· conductors wield diamond-encrusted batons to fit in with their freshly gilded surroundings.
· the Aiganian Arts Council pays teenagers to sit through opera performances.
· contestants on Aigania's Got Talent are screened by the government to make sure that they actually have talent.
· teens are voting on which C-List pop star will be next to be evicted from the opera house.
· tuba players are paid to quietly whisper into their instruments.
· raver DJ XStacy holds multiple medical degrees in chillaxing.
· the sanitised and dull music festivals of Aigania are famed for their reasonable volume levels.
· songs in 4/4 time are simply too common for the musical cognoscenti.
· high school band practice is often crashed by technicolor-clad ravers. (music teaching with emphasis in electronics media)
· elevator music has been replaced by thrash metal played at maximum volume.
· most pop videos prominently feature the Aiganian flag.

Aigania's national animal is the Monster Werewolf, which frolics freely in the nation's many lush forests, free-roaming dinosaurs
· the horniness of the great-horned Monster Werewolf is considered a national priority.
· an alabaster statue of an ancient cat-deity takes pride of place in the centre of Center.(promotion of cats over dogs as pets for hygienic reasons)
· the nation's favourite colour is green (Aigania has found 2 easter eggs)
· drunk leprechauns pelt countryside ramblers with gold coins (Aigania has found 8 easter eggs).
· Animal Liberationists are regularly jailed.
· fewer people are bathing as citizens must show ration stamps before they can turn on their faucets.

· several citizens have complained about scientists abducting their pets for experimentation.
· remote-control hang-gliding scarecrows patrol the skies to keep songbirds from leaving the nation's borders.
· undergrads find their professors' mushroom experiments less psychedelic than expected.
· the government keeps introducing new foreign species to combat the previous ones it has introduced.
· sexually-starved male dinosaurs terrorise tourists during weekly breakouts from Mesozoic Park.
· scientists recently cloned the long-extinct feather-bellied Monster Werewolf.
· foreign governments are looking into weaponizing the infamous Aiganian bee.
· suspicious glow-in-the-dark wasps remain a source of terror and awe.
· failed genetic experiments wreak havoc as they roam the countryside.
· the military maintains a fierce arsenal of 'Cure Missiles'.

· glamping Aiganians won't sleep in a tent that doesn't include a Jacuzzi.
· a government program is underway to revitalize Aigania's beaches.
· public footpaths are being slowly eroded by the burgeoning number of ramblers.
· the nation's forests are full of treasure hunters in military-grade survival gear.
· tourists from around the world come to visit the country's famous rainforests.
· The world still seems flat to some people in space. (Promotion of Space Tourism)

· tourists are forbidden to enter Native Aiganian lands.
· a primitive society is being eroded as its youth flock to the modern world.
· Colonials are offended to find a local animal has been re-named the 'Furry Four-Legged Marsupial Monster Werewolf'.

· there's a shortage of swinging hot spots as land development grinds to a halt.
· burning twigs to keep warm while lost in the wild is now a felony.
· suburban backyards are seized by the government and turned into national parks.
· gardeners must genetically test weeds for unique traits before digging them up.

· space shuttles regularly launch rubbish into space.
· the nation's industries are scrambling to switch to biodegradable plastics.

national health service, anti-smoking policies, strictly enforced bedtime

6.1 Public health and Preventive Medicine
· an enormous health awareness programme is underway.
· every week is blindness awareness week.
· excessive wheelchair ramps on government buildings have been compared to theme park attractions.
· pandemics are over and done with by the time it takes to pass the nation's stringent border security.
· people faint regularly as they get stuck with compulsory vaccinations
· most of the nation's wealthy aristocrats are dentists.
· sales of disinfectant wipes have skyrocketed. (Tattoo parlors strict health supervision)
· hospitals are amongst the best-funded in the region.
· organ donation is compulsory.
· fresh food is a thing of the past due to onerous testing standards.
· cricket farmers use magnifying glasses to fit every member of their herd with tiny tracking tags.
· it is illegal to distribute Girl Guide Cookies without an advanced food hygiene diploma.
· builders across Aigania are blocked up with orders for new public loos.
· hundreds of subterranean tunnels are being built as part of "Project Morlock". (Massive upgrade of sewer and sanitation systems)

· government-run screening operations remove embryos with severe genetic disorders.
· hypochondriacs demand treatment for genetic disorders they don't have.

· annulments are on the rise as couples discover their ancestors were born in the same hospitals.
· increasing numbers of children in Aigania have different eye and hair color to their supposed
(eugenic heterosis and exogamy to avoid inbreeding depression)

· Millions of Aiganians are excellent swimmers. (universal national bank sperm)
· Citizens are grown in vats. (biological citizens birthed, grown and improved by genetic engineering)
· too many hyper-intelligent chefs can spoil the allegorical broth. (universal upgrade of intelligence (alpha level) to all the population)
· life expectancy is way down but posthuman perfectionism is way up. (widespread use of nootropics to boost intelligence)
· new vat-grown soldiers are as replaceable as bullets.(biological soldiers designed, improved and produced in a lab)
· scientists regularly clone human beings for research purposes.
· abortions are routinely performed in Aigania's hospitals.
· women across the country are tying the knot.
· the doctor has cold hands. (Complete automation (20 to 1 robots and AI to humans) in hospitals to improve efficiency and eliminate errors)
· Citizens know never to accept cookies from strangers.(massive investment in cybersecurity specially in healthcare)
· euthanasia is legal.

· the government is pouring billions into replacement brains.
· every workday begins with group therapy.
· anyone who so much as frowns risks being referred to a mental health unit.
· any citizen who cries is immediately assigned a psychiatrist.
· clowns are being rounded up and admitted to mental institutions.
· the nation locks people up and tells them they're mad for compassion's sake.
· citizens are encouraged to report friends, family members or co-workers who seem depressed to the government for "counselling".
· counselors have to sign pledges supporting gay rights before they can speak to any patients.
· therapists can always squeeze in another house-call. (sex therapy covered by the national health service)
· Therapists dispense hugs for heroin dealers and cuddles for crackheads.
· schools have extensive counseling programs for troubled students.
· children often leave school with more diagnoses than qualifications.
· children crying over dropped ice creams are offered high doses of experimental antidepressants.
· there is a growing belief that consciousness is a simulated illusion within a computer-generated reality. (Transhuman citizens: Virtual immortality. Sleeving. Backed-up mind-states)

· cotton candy made from genuine cotton cellulose doesn't quite satisfy.
· there has been a series of riots between local cannibals and health food advocates.
· human tissue is grown in vats as a delicacy as well as for transplants.
· meat-eating is frowned upon.
· meat is a luxury afforded only to the wealthy.
· abattoirs are running at full capacity in response to skyrocketing demand.
· machine-peeled candied grapes come in individual packaging for the busy commuter.
· state dairy cow's milk is a shear-thickening fluid that can stop small caliber bullets.
· breast milk is being redistributed from each according to their ability to each according to their need.
· the NHS is snowed under by requests for crisper ciabatta and tenderer tagliatelle. (gluten-
free food subsidized by the government)

· coffee cups have grown in size to accommodate the huge ingredients list.

· doctors prescribe medicines but they rarely dispense hope or compassion.
· pharmacies close down as medicinal drugs are sold freely by the government.
· subsidisation of Big Pharma has stopped many corporate executives from having to sell their second homes.
· Viagra factories are being converted to producing antimalarials for Bigtopian orphans.

· all recreational drugs are legal.
· the government has begun selling heroin and ecstasy to help fund its projects.
· consuming ecstasy is a common rite of passage.
· public intoxication has decreased ever since fraternities were banned.
· banning party poppers has been a real party pooper
· black market eau de toilette is made in bathroom labs across the nation.
· marijuana is legal in the privacy of your own home.
· Maxtopian Grass flags adorn every college dorm room.
· cash-strapped junkies lick rabbits for a cheap high.
· visions of giant pink Tauruses are a common side effect after Aiganians eat their meals.

7. Law & Order
Crime, especially youth-related, is totally unknown, complete lack of prisons
7.1 Judicial System: Courts
· court verdicts are predictable to within a hundredth of a percentage point. (Robots Judges)
· the number of judges has tripled in recent months. (Courts works with a jury of judges)
· long arduous trials are held for the most trivial of offences.
· charged suspects often have to wait years before the courts have room to judge their trial.
· extraordinary tribunals try accused financials criminals.
· old folks reminisce about the last time someone was acquitted of a crime.

7.2 Bar Association
· arbitration is mightier than the sword.
· pushy mums tell their kids to be doctors and engineers but steer them away from being penniless lawyers.
· every street in the nation contains at least three law firms.
· private law firms are unheard of.
· the new hit series "Aigania's Got Trauma" has corporate executives fleeing the country.
· the state is footing the bill for billionaires' lawyers.

7.3 Civil disobedience
· extreme political groups are outlawed.
· rap artists are regularly jailed for promoting extremist groups.
· a fashion designer has been arrested for inciting hatred after claiming redheads couldn't pull off vermillion.
· rioting during the nation's hosting of ORDER caused one million Points of property damage.
· crowds of flag-burning protesters tend to accidentally become crowds of burning protesters.
· recent protests against birds flying too low have resulted in bloodshed.
· cheese has become the new icon of political dissent.
· tourists visit Aigania to mass-moon Aiganian politicians.
· protests are legal but strictly supervised.

7.4 Weapon Ownership
· all guns must be registered.
· citizens are permitted to carry concealed handguns.
· People who have had childhood imaginary friends are told they can't ever be trusted with guns.
· nervous homeowners have been blamed for rising death rates amongst carol singers and locksmiths. (legalization of shooting of traspassers)

7.5 Curfew
· teenagers are severely punished for being out too late.
· the police have been swamped with requests to stay up past bedtime.

7.6 Surveillance
· all telephone traffic is monitored for 'national security reasons'.
· phone taps are frequently carried out by the police.
· tourists avoid using the nation's bugged phones and monitored internet.
· drug deals return to the streets as legions of undercover officers stalk the dark web.
· all major public areas are watched by police surveillance cameras.
· truncheon-mounted cameras record the beating of criminals in dynamic HD detail.
· police drones follow every suspected Peeping Tom.
· mandatory electronic currency is a boon for credit card companies and government surveillance.
· every citizen must submit to DNA testing to be eliminated from police inquiries.
· crime suspects are forced to submit to blood testing.
· fearful citizens watch their every move as does their government. (implanted geolocation device in case it needed for search and rescue operation)
·local mafias have a tough time disposing of dead snitches without catching the attention of recycling authorities.

7.7 The Police Forces
· the police force is on a recruitment drive.
· unpopular cops are fired at a moment's notice by the citizens they police.
· droves of former desperados are applying to join the border police.
· the police force is rumoured to be made up of evil shadows with no souls.
· police officers often conceal their identities to safeguard against public complaints.
· exceptionally healthy police officers can sprint after crooks for hours on end.
· embarrassed police officers wear spandex and carry net guns.
· police officers that upset their bosses get assigned to 24 hour stakeouts of bike sheds.
Police options in case of forbidden cars:
· police officers spend more time on calisthenics than actually catching criminals.

7.8 Framework of Police Operations
· torture is illegal.
· it is illegal for police officers to carry out searches due to strict privacy laws.
· the pursuit of wanted criminals ends at the entrance of the pay'n'spray garage as police refuse to enter any private property.
· frequent fliers are obliged to submit to invasive security procedures by government security.
· the police crack down on tax evaders without mercy.
· Selling your granddad's clothes requires an incredible amount of paperwork. (cross checking of property of second hand dealers with police databases to avoid selling stolen goods)
· a new "thought police" branch is being developed. (Use of developments in neurology to make effective lie detectors for use in interrogations)
· crime has increased substantially since the police concentrated all their efforts on arresting the rich for loitering in their own homes.
· the mob and the police have recently had numerous clashes in the back alleys of Aigania's cities due to the government's steadfast anti-casino stance
· armed police units patrol the roads late at night.
· police spend their Saturday nights breaking up illegal street races.
· the justice of Aigania is considered superior to that of other nations. (international war criminals detained on Aigania soil are prosecuted preferably on Aigania)

7.9 SWAT and Counter Terrorism operations
· worried-looking neonatal nurses are being deployed in place of SWAT teams during dangerous drug busts. (Redundacy in case of strike)
· sections of the police receive paramilitary training.
· the art of conversation has been rediscovered.
· the government seeks peaceful forum with terrorists.
· the "war on terror" doesn't seem to be making Aiganians any less frightened.
· illegal moonshine operations get taken out with laser-guided airstrikes.
· children are terrified that the 'flying police monster' will come to take them away in the night.

7.10 Civil defense
· most citizens in Aigania are abject pyrophobes after extremely graphic pamphlets were mailed nationwide by the government.
· the fire protection service is wholly government-funded.
· the phrase 'spreading like wildfire' is no longer in the public lexicon.
· the national guard is mobilized whenever a mother gets separated from her child at the mall.
· There's a hole in the heart of every Aiganian city. (Communal fallout shelters)

7.11 Penal System
· foreigners with shady pasts are fleeing the country.
· gigantic new prisons are springing up all over the nation.
· the government pours millions of Points into rehabilitation programs annually.
· re-education centers are being added to most prisons.
· criminal rehabilitation takes place in re-education centers.
· sullen teenagers in bright orange 'community payback' onesies can be seen picking litter at the roadside.
· parents are held criminally responsible for their children's crimes.
· drunk drivers are sent to rehabilitation paid for by the government.
· prisoners work-share to cut down rising costs of keeping them in jail.
· condemned prisoners spend hours a day sitting in lotus position looking perplexed.
· convicted murderers are free to walk the streets provided they attend rehabilitation classes.
· the government is denying reports that criminals injected with experimental drugs have turned into monstrous supervillains. (in case of use of death penalty: current status: abolished)
· Trouble-makers are frequently turned in to the government to be 'recycled'.
· weird or unusual crimes merit cruel and unusual punishments.
· dangerous criminals are often 'accidentally' sent on one-way trips to Maxtopia.

9. Public Transport
unlimited-speed roads
10. Social Policy
multi-spousal wedding ceremonies
· the government is purchasing vast amounts of palm oil for plastics production. (domed cities)
· coastal cities are being moved a dozen miles inland to reduce flooding risk.
· the government regularly hires contractors to construct high rise apartments.
· directors of low-budget sci-fi films are flocking to use Center as a backdrop.
· administrative districts are increasingly defined by their taste in housing architecture.
· surrealist houses shaped like mushrooms and volcanoes dominate the wealthiest neighborhoods.
· the new Refuse Hills housing development is under construction. (Priority for urban expansion)

11. Spirituality
national religion is Aiganiaism, irreverence towards religion
12. Welfare
devotion to social welfare

The Federation of Aigania